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Can't Keep a Good Inn Down...


[INDENT][SIZE=24]Leringard Arms, 1387: Opening Night[/SIZE]

Drake Evermont
Raestra Nevermore
Lil' Miss

[SIZE=24]Leringard Arms, 3rd of the New Year 1459: Opening Night[/SIZE]

Andrew Reid
Lil' Miss

 Many thanks to all that attended and helped give even an empty lot reasons to remember what was and might be...!

[SIZE=10]Let's aim to have a roof before the next year...[/SIZE]

Stewards of New Years Past and Present:

*Derrick Loadson*
Quin Cromwell

Let No One Person Claim Sole Ownership Of An Idea or Community That Survives Through Those That Simply Do What Need Be Done When It Needs Doing[/I]


[SIZE=10]((/Sorry if I OOC forgot anyone. Unintentional.\\))[/SIZE]

[INDENT]A small figure decorated with light scars and shifting tattoos hefts a backpack over her shoulders and crouches down beneath the stars some time after the seven hour gathering was completely dissipated, the items returned from where they came. She unties a small pouch and taps half of its contents of nothing into her palm, then cups her calloused hands around her mouth and blows, a small breeze picking up and left to carry the simple words of the song she leaves behind.

more wood and more stone, impede not the repair!
there's no time for a party beneath frozen sky's stare

just some tables and chairs, along frozen streets
improvised acting and jennara's own treats

but up from the ashes, and into the snow,
we'll sing you down empty, so that you can grow

it may seem like a little, but i know you will see
the road that goes both ways out from the debris

they say you're not much, all exposed to above,
but now you have here

a foundation of love[/COLOR][/I][/INDENT]


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