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Lalaith Va'lash:
*A small wooden sign with bright silver letters swings in the cold wind of Leringard, clanking lightly against the Inn wall.*

[SIZE=24]*[SIZE=16]*[/SIZE]*Card Emporium*[SIZE=16]*[/SIZE]*[/SIZE]

*As the door opens laughter can be heard from within.  The sound mingling with the music and the warm air from inside. As you enter a smiling patron welcomes you.  Around you there are various gamers absorbed in there games.  As you take a seat you notice a small plaque*

The Leringard Arms Cole Norseman and Derrick Loadson Card Emporium, established this year in 1420 by funds raised through card readings by Gypsy Kali and true gifted from Derrick.  This emporium is built in memory of all friends lost, and to those who believe that life is too short not to enjoy it.  Welcome, Friend. [/COLOR][/center]


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