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Ilsaran sculptures destroyed in bizarre attack


*Authorities are unable to explain why one of the large fountains in Leringard that had carved around its edge many images or animals and creatures made by Ilsaran artists suddenly came alive and attacked passers by. Spectators state that the rocks themselves peeled away from the main body of the fountains walls and came alive! Local militia quickly dealt with the rampant animals but are unable to explain what happened. They are investigating eyewitness accounts of a person near the fountain just before the event happened.*

*Ranéwin hearing the news goes to check out what happened, also trying to find those that saw the event unfold to have a few words with them*

*Some may noticed that a man with red eyes is also trying to get some facts about the event.*

Authorities in Leringard have suddenly released information that they have a description of a pair considered to be highly suspicious. The man is of average height, well dressed with a well manicured beard and moustache. He speaks as if he has been well educated. The woman accompanying him is said to be young with blondish hair and a lovely voice. Both may be accompanied by a number of mercenary guards.

Anyone seeing a group matching this description are to forward their details to Leringard authorities. People are advised not to approach this group.

Authorities have also revealed that the couple have claimed to be bringing Ilsares retribution to those who refuse to admire art.

Ilsaran followers have come forth to deny the claims but in light of the recent events across most of the major cities in Mistone their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. All artisans, actors etc working in the city have been warned not to leave until further investigation gets to the bottom of the matter. Ilsaran visitors and followers to Leringard are being treated with suspicion.


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