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Leringard Arms Open-Air Celebration


A poster appears first around Leringard.

Jenra of 1459
[SIZE=24]Leringard Arms Inn and Taven Open for Business![/SIZE]
[SIZE=18]Food Sold, Drinks [strike]on Tap[/strike] Available!
Scenic Views!
Open 'Til Everybody Goes Home!
Limited Merchant Space On Account of the Rubble, Har![/SIZE]

Years Without Being Burned Down: [strike]72[/strike] 0

Derrick Loadson
Quin Cromwell
Founders of the Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern[/FONT]

[SIZE=10]A stylized drawing is sketched under the names of a lily winding around the meeting of two crossed longswords.

Edit: *Points Down* Similar in theme to what was posted, only a drawing and not a seal, and the lily is around the two swords.[/SIZE]


[INDENT]As a howl of wind raced down the frozen streets of Leringard, a dark figure adorned in blackened armor studded with bloodied spikes and a deep cowl hiding its features stalked towards where the Arms should yet stand. Though small in stature it managed an aura of menace without so much as drawing the twin longswords.

Before it had completely made the journey came the furious bellow, a perhaps once-feminine voice made low and harsh with mimicry (and maybe, bardic ability), that echoed with the clashing storm of boots hitting the cobble,



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