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I am trying to rent a room are there any free thanks


Hello Mister/Missus Eli,

As one of the Vice-Stewards of the Arms, I would like to thank you for inquiring with us about housing.  We currently have a number of single rooms for which the rent is 500 Tr a month as well as a one 'double' (meaning for two people) for which the rent is 1000 Tr a Month.  There is also one luxury suite available.  It is smaller then our single rooms but it is located in the upstairs section of the building and is quieter for it, as the first floor rooms are subject to any noise coming from the Tavern itself.  It is also furnished for greater comfort, despite the somewhat limited space.  The rent of this suite is 750 Tr a month.  I can be available to show you around the Arms any time before sun-down, as I am also the Tavern's Conduct Enforcement Officer, aka the Bouncer, and would otherwise be busy.  Feel free to stop by the Arms any time, though on your own.

Tyra Dragonheart,
Vice-Steward and Staff


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