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Leringard Inn ~ Vacancies ~



[SIZE=32]Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18]~ Vacancies ~[/SIZE]
[table=head] Updated| Rent Day| Late Fee
 ~|Freas|A Pound of Flesh[/table]
[table=head] Room #| Price/Monthly| Room Status| Next Rent Due Date| Amount due
101| 750 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
102| 750 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
103| 750 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
104| 750 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
105| 1000 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
106| 1000 True| Occupied| N/A| 0|
107a| 250 True| -Vacant-| N/A| 0
107b| 250 True| Occupied| N/A| 0|
108a| 250 True| Occupied| N/A| 0
108b| 250 True| -Vacant-| N/A| 0[/table]
[SIZE=18]If you need a quick night's stay for low cost, feel free to utilize the cozy common room for only ten True a night.[/SIZE]

If you know you will want to keep the room for an extended period of time, rent can be paid in advance. Rent is due monthly. [SIZE=10]///weekly in real life///[/SIZE]
[SIZE=24]*** Food and Drink are FREE for tenants. ***[/SIZE][/COLOR]


Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern
 Rooms currently available!
 Why should you get a room at the Leringard Inn?
 [*]A bar and tavern with atmosphere: story telling/merchant/party nights.
[*]A fully functional kitchen: FOOD and ALE (need I say more).
[*]Rent Flexibility: Coin is important to help pay for the inn's operational costs, but deals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.[/LIST] Tenants get extra privileges.
 [*]Storage - The rooms come furnished with a variety of containers for your storage needs. If you require anything further, visit with the Steward about installation.
[*]Food and Drink is FREE.
[*]Access to a portal.
[*]A meeting room at your disposal.
[*]A comfortable public/private bath stocked with fresh flowers daily.
[*]Indoor Privy. No more freezing your cheeks off running for the outhouse.
[*]A lounge in the tavern with a fireplace and music box.
[*]Invitation to ALL Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern events.
[*]A place you can bring your 'friend(s)' to after hard days on the battlefield.
[*]Close to a bank and vendors. PLUS, adventurers sell much better merchandise at the Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern during certain events.[/LIST] Now, the only thing keeping you from the inn is directions. Ha! I got that, too.
 [*]Sail to Leringard Docks from the Port Hempstead Docks.
[*]Head East from the docks and business area to Leringard.
[*]The Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern is the first building on the Northern wall.
[*]Building number 121.
[*]Coming from the East Gate? It is the last building on the Northern wall.[/LIST]

**Placed on the notice board next to the front door of the Arms**

--- Quote ---Notice to Current Tenants:

The Rent Chest has moved into the tavern. It is now located behind the bookkeeping desk under Lily's watchful eye.

~Steel, Steward of the Leringard Arms
--- End quote ---


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