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Light in the Sky


Sailors everywhere on the Sea of Mists have docked in ports in southern Dreger, western Alindor and Tilmar and Corsain talking about a wondrous light that appeared in the skies one night high in the sky.

Varying stories as to the meaning of the light including wild and outrageous ones are being spread but all reports indicate the light blazed for at least an hour before it suddenly collapsed into a single bright line of light then winked out of existance.

The sailors report that about an hour after the light disappeared a fierce windstorm struck the Sea of Mists that abated after an hour.

Script Wrecked:
*Argali gets a bad feeling about this*

Within a few days of these reports flooding in there is a violent storm that lashed the Sea of Mists. From that storm a number of ships are now reported missing.  A single ship has returned to Lor immediately after the storm, battered and badly damaged the Raven Trade Guild ship docked in Lor for repairs.

Observers report seeing several notable personages leave the ship who appeared weary, grim and gave the onlookers a great sense of foreboding, the sense that something terrible has happened was gravely evident.


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