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New Additions to the Leilon Arms


We have some exciting new additions to the Leilon Arms:

- The paperwork was finally completed with the council of Leilon to become a legitimate business.  As such you will notice a new sign gracing the front of the Leilon Arms.  As part of the city beautification project, the Mayor also had some new shrubbery and flowers planted out front.

- We have hired a permentant Hostess to greet you as you enter the Inn. Please say hello as you pass.

- A fully functional kitchen has been added.  Now we will be able to brew the finest beverages right in the Leilon Arms.  With the addition of the kitchen will come fresh food that will be available piping hot from the kitchen.  Stay tuned for a menu and specials of the week.

// Thank you thank you thank you!!! to the GM team and especially Leanthar for the addons!  You guys totally ROCK!!!


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