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Orc Band request a time slot

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*note slipped under the door in badly written letters*
  Can orcs come to Tavern on Friday night? We have good band and storyteller.
  Jacchri (but looks like an orc)

Lalaith Va'lash:
*Kali picks up the note from the floor and shakes her head*  Must have not seen the mailbox..  Now whats this.. an orc band hm?
  *giggles* "Well.. I have seen stranger things..   Maybe we will put them after the drinking competition, so that the crowd is "ready" for them .." *smiles playfully*
  "Better see if they can perform at that time ...
  or .. if they perform before.. they can all participate in the competition..
  Better just see what they are availble for"
  *Kali pulls out a piece of paper and begins to write a note to the band*
  Jacchri and band.
  The Leilon Arms in and Tavern would be happy to have you as our special guests on the evening of our next opening.  Please contact me so we can discuss a time for your performance.
    *Kali giggles to herself as she hands the letter off to the post man* An orc band.. really THIS should be interesting...

*Jacchri sees the postman walking in circles asking people if they had seen Jacchri* *Jacchri steps out of the shadows and walks to the postman*
  Jacchri: I am Jacchri, Mr Vale.
  *the postman shakes his head*
  Postman: No you are not, I remember Jacchri, he was a half-elf of the woods... Jacchri: Trust me I am Jacchri, even though I dont like or sound like him.... Postman: No, you are an orc.....*looks around for the town guard* Jacchri: *gets frustated* give me that letter now....or!!! Postman: *gets a big fright, steps back, drops the letter and runs calling for the guard*
  *Jacchri quickly picks the letter up and disappears into the shadows again*
  *When safely away he reads the letter and smiles* ....special
  *he quickly writes a new note to Kali and puts it into the mailbox this time*
  Lady Kali
  Thank you for accepting us. We will be there, just hope no-one wants to kill us.
  //Will check with the others, but I think shortly after you open 11PM BST (10PM GMT, 3PM PST) would be suitable

*after seeing the note in the Wild Surge Inn, Jacchri quickly goes to the Leilon Inn and leaves another message in the mailbox*
  Lady Kali
  I hereby regret to inform you, that the orc band will not be able to entertain you and your customers, as our lives are being threatened and it is best we go into hiding.
  Please keep any knowledge regarding this matter to yourself and destroy all the letter that I have send to you.
  Regards Jacchri

*Derrick looks over Kali's shoulder as she reads the note and his jaw tightens.

Kali...  you write back an tell em that as long as he is in the Leilon arms no one will bother him or his band. . .  if they do... They answer ta me.  This here Inn is fer everybody...  even Turor...  an he smells worse an any orc I ever seen.


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