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Posted on the brand new door at the newly rebuilt Leringard Arms.


*tacked to the door and various other locations around the building*

--- Quote ---[SIZE=48]To our loyal patrons everywhere:
The Leringard Arms will be hosting a grand reopening party, complete with song, dance, drink, and door prizes.

We'll even be choosing a new Gypsy King and Queen to commemorate the opening.

Be watching for the announcement of the grandest party of the year![/SIZE]

[SIZE=24]Until then, the Arms is closed for further renovation and refurnishing. On the other hand, the Derrick Loadson and Cole Norseman Creature Card Room is fully open and ready for patronage. [/SIZE][/I][/B][/COLOR]
--- End quote ---

//// See here. ////

*a poster is stuck next to the Arms reopening flyer*


Also at the Arms, please do not miss two voices as you have never heard them before; come and witness


Song, dance, and a pretty lady!  Be at the Leringard Arms Grand Re-opening![/FONT]

//// Since my previous post got eaten by the great post-eating demon of 2010, here is the shortened, less flashy (OOC) version with some added details:

The show will happen this Saturday, from 3pm GMT to 9pm GMT. It's a player event, or rather, a series of events all surrounding the Leringard Arms. Also, it's considered to have occurred in the past, during the month of Junar in 1464.

The events are as follows, and they will roughly coordinate with the given time slots:

3pm GMT: The Blue Demon's Triumphant Return - Steel rides into town on horseback. Feel free to throw rotten fruit and/or flowers.
3:30pm GMT: The Leringard Arms Grand Reopening -  Complete with Ribbon cutting and official tour.
4pm GMT: Memorial March to the Shrine at the Twin Dragon Inn - A solemn walk to the Twin Dragon followed by silence and kneeling in meditation at the shrine of those who died in the Leringard Arms fire.
4:30pm GMT: The Risky Raffle - Participants will actually have the opportunity to buy into the raffle throughout the rest of the day. Each ticket is two thousand True, and there will be sixty tickets for sale. Thirty items are up for grabs, and the list is below. Tickets will not be sold until the day of the Grand Opening. You'll be able to review all the items on location.

--- Quote ---1. Three Fine Emeralds //lvl 13 each, lvl 18 in a stack//
2. Styrbjorn's legendary boots of fleetness //lvl 18//
3. Boots of Striding +2 //lvl 9//
4. Geode's Embrace //lvl 24//
5. In Honor of Shadow //lvl 19//
6. Bracers of Dexterity +2 //lvl 9//
7. Storm Armor of the Earth's Children //lvl 14//
8. Armor of Freedom //lvl 23//
9. Squire's Defense //lvl 21//
10. Lost Clan Rune Shield
11. Death's Visor //lvl 21//
12. Golden Circlet //lvl 12//
13. Mithril Shield //lvl 20//
14. Mithril Shield //lvl 20//
15. Ring of the Defenders //lvl 10//
16. Ring of Cat's Grace +3 //lvl 17//
17. Ring of Bull's Strength +3 //lvl 17//
18. Ring of Owl's Wisdom +3 //lvl 17//
19. Ring of Fox's Cunning +3 //lvl 17//
20. Lesser Ring of Power //lvl 13//
21. Lesser Amulet of Health //lvl 9//
22. Darksteel Full Plate //lvl 24//
23. Selian's Love //lvl 15//
24. The Wailing String //lvl 24//
25. Mithril Warhammer //lvl 15//
26. Blade of Reckoning //lvl 19//
27. Ilsare's Fiery Eye //lvl 17//
28. Black Hound Belt //lvl 14//
And two special items donated by the famous duo, Angela Swann and Alantha T'sarren:
29. Elite flight of Fancy //lvl 23//
30. Cloak of Fortification +3 //lvl 20//
--- End quote ---

5pm GMT: Blackwatch Costume Party - dress in your best thug (Blackwatch) impersonation. Actual Blackwatch members are encouraged to join.
5:30pm GMT: The Crowning of the next Gypsy King and Queen -  In memory of the first Gypsy Queen, Hedessa.
6pm GMT: Landrew - A one of a kind performance! Time to put the new dance floor to use.
6:30pm GMT: Leringard Arms Famous Drinking Contest - Paladins encouraged to apply.
7pm to 9pm GMT: General Socializing and Open Stage - Food, drinks, music, dancing, renting rooms, swapping stories, etc, etc.

That's all for now. Post if you have any questions. See you there! /////

After the Landrew show, Andrew (sans turquoise silk and strappy sandals and back in his red velvet coat) sings one more song for the near-capacity audience around the stage.

He notes the history of the room as intro, and sings in a baritone instead of his usual tenor.

So many not among us now as we stand in celebration
Lives passed on to pastures green, gods or Mother's claim
Too many fallen friends to count but I'll toast some in narration
Bow your head or drink or jeer, but remember all the same.

To Ta'karsh Blacklung, Dorand's Hammer, Baron of distant Lyn
To Michaelis Draego*, Redeemer, the Hand of Virtue's Champion

To Freldo Jabutica, a fellow of jest, first among us fools
To Rurik Kessel, long remembered, destroyer of Bloodpools

To Athus Dephillie, Aeridin's own, working miracles in healing light
To Dorax Windsmith, proud Voraxian, who never left a fight

To Melanna Jin'Daern, wild at heart, friend to Haven ogre
To Lueanne Lightfinger of fiery hair and silent shadow blur

To Quintayne Rosewyne, Rofirinite, conspiring against Bloodstone
To Kasha Rosewyne, Quintayne's sword, who gave his heart a home

To Ayla Bineau, beauty in song, the tamer of Corash
To Hedessa Tanario, Gypsy Queen, as kind as she was brash

To Tha'Azail Neverborn and his 'hammer, a Vakhar now at rest
To Owen Lo'kier the dark elf bard and the Hat that he loved best

To Gotak Gunger, mad battle dwarf, may he always swing for the knees
To Brisbane, Layo's mother bear, somewhere beneath the trees

To Varka Cleavesson, Rael's challenger, the Warlord of Bloody Gate
To Daren Valhaikor, a crooked man who learned to walk life straight

To Voon Loom, Beryl's cleric, at rest in a Stone plot
To Ozymandius, forever wandering, did he make it up - or not?

To Barion Firesteed, absurdly strong, always quick to lend a hand
To Pyrran Rahth of the conch necklace and rapier to command

To Yar D'Ydnar, divine champion, proudly Crimson Shield
To Axodeth Stonecutter sparring now in Vorax's battlefield
To Remiel, once Toran's first, there when Bloodstone fell
To Sonya Darsus, sorceress, a founding dark Angel

To Tariana Poetr, Golden Paladin, her swordplay was her art
To Daneal Poetr, another of the Gold and a Knight in his heart
To DurThak Shadowolf, spooky tiefling with long tail and orange skin
To Bruenor Wildbeard that old Kuldjargh, a darned fine specimen of the kin!

To Cole Norseman, freeblade mercenary, who took pay from coin to kiss
To Addison Scarlace, his love and wife, whose katana rarely missed

To Abiorn Rukrym, gnome sorcerer, at war with the Black Mages
To Godim Harjumaa, that old wizard, always lost in dusty pages

To Yashilla Menneseph, blonde and blue, Mist's wild Tidal power
To Rufus Coldfinger, black and grey, in his tall and lonely tower
To Quin, whose voice and heart still echo in this saloon
To Kali the singing gypsy elf, always telling a fortune

To Ben Poetr, guild captain, friend, his crooked smile we all miss
And to Derrick Loadson, who loved a party enough to give us -- this!

We may not know all the names or faces of the ones who lived back then
But their stories weave through ours and we'd best be giving them their due
Let the deeds be sung of heroes lost, those gone but not forgotten
You never know, when next we meet, we might raise a glass - to you.

To Absent Friends.

*//Not all individuals are deceased, but at the time it was written all characters named were no longer active (to clear up confusion).  This song is for all who no longer join us, soul mother or not.  Thank you to those who helped me research these names, you know who you are.  Apologies to anyone who was missed, either due to perming recently or because their name did not come to light.


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