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Stealth Restocking

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Visiting the Leringard Inn to flirt - harmlessly! - with Lily and scout out a time for a future LAndrew show, Andrew carts with him a selection of Sebair's latest offerings, having filled the Buckle with his Xeenite brewer's steadily increasing talents.  He includes a number of bottles of Sebair's Black Knight.

Steel is out and the inn is quiet at just before noon.  Bored...a very dangerous thing for a bard to be...he strolls into the kitchen as if he belongs there and pokes around, checking stock and inventory, tsking or nodding as he opens the drawers and cabinet doors.  A wicked little smile quirks when he finds some special recipe cards stuffed behind empty bottles on a shelf and he takes note of the contents before putting them carefully, precisely back.

Being as he is there and bored, he shuffles inventory around and stocks the front bar from what is ready in the back.  Sebair happens in during this time and a conversation on crazy elven women ensues, one that lifts the bard's spirits.  Inserting one's self into a discussion of men between Calylith and Zari?  Oh, Sebair, my friend.  He has to mention that Zari LIKES him and still fireballs him if he doesn't move fast enough.  Well, the redhead is young.  He'll learn.  Or die trying.

It is not without a grin that he sets Sebair loose in the Arms kitchen to make wine and Blue Sword Swill, both sadly represented in Steel's liquor cabinets right now, and not without a bigger grin that he flippantly says before leaving; "If a seven-foot-tall blue-skinned man with red hair and horns comes in and asks what the hells you are doing in his kitchen, blame me- I'm leaving in a few minutes anyway".

Sometimes, it's just plain fun to be him.

Sebair works in the kitchen for a while and takes a few days of rest somewhere near Leringard. Where he does not say, but he returns eventually to tap the brews into bottles which he places on the shelves.

"There should be Xeenite or whatever red for the next few hours and a bit of that blue sword swill thingy that people love for some reason. Hopefully they will like it and order even more!"

Sebair looks to the lady at the door and grins

"Tell mister Steel or whoever keeps stock that they are all out of hops and grapes now!"

It is a clear night when the bard enters the Leringard Arms carrying a box roughly three bottles by three bottles square.  A brilliant smile to Lily and he heads for the bar.  The box is set carefully onto the marble counter, wrapped in a jaunty bow - blood red, of course - and slid onto the top of the bar cabinet with a grunt.

Written on a piece of parchment attached the box, in neat italic script, is only: "From the Buckle with Love".

He tidies the counter tops before he leaves.

As Finn makes his regular rounds around the inn's he notices the crate on the bar cabinet, with his new found reading skills, yet still barely making things out, he reads the notes and decides it's best to take the crates and leaves it in Steel's office.

"Wouldn't want anyone ta drink it without steel taking a wiff a it foirst"

"Hello Milady Lily, is the blue man here?  No?  Do you mind if I play with the bar cabinet some?  Splendid!"  The bottles are bloody heavy, even with the cart he's using to pull it.  He doesn't look at the room, he's not here to chat - serious business this.  A funnel is pilfered from the back room, a towel, a song, and a crate of some extremely old liquor.

Bit by bit the flagging stock is built up between notes and stanzas with a chide here or a smile there - "Out of Dwarf's Head, Steel? Tsk."  He notes Dwarf's Head Ale on a list with Sebair's name at the top, and a few others that the Arms has run dry of; Cherry River Lambic, Dead Orc Porter, Green Forest Draft, and Red Crow Cream Ale.  A crate of Xeenite Red old enough to have a hand-written date from the previous century are unloaded into the cabinets, little red bows on each one, while Red Coat sings.


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