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Tegan Tempest and Wren Thendor declare!


[SIZE=18]To all our friends, comrades in arms, families we have known, drinking  buddies, traveling companions, young and old please come a share a  special day with us.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18]Tegan Tempest and Wren Thendor are to be wed![/SIZE][/B]
  [SIZE=16]We invite all who have known us over the years and all that call  themselves adventures to join us in the town hall of Hlint. Come to  celebrate this day with us.
 There will of course be food, drink, music played, and tales told.[/SIZE][SIZE=16] [/SIZE][SIZE=16]
 As you all are aware the cult war has ravaged the homes and lives of  many peoples of the world. There are many in need of food, housing,  healing, and hope. Tegan and Wren ask that, instead of wedding gifts,  all that attend please bring donations to help those in need. There will  be someone to collect donations. [/SIZE] [SIZE=16]

gilshem ironstone:
Gel'larian sees the notice and nods, a serious look on his face.

I suppose I will have to ask Zari to make me a new suit... Something I can dance in...

Bear stares at the notice for a long time then mutters
"Did Tegan loose a bet?"

//I'd like to attend but folks comming into town that day so may not be able to :(

*squirrels begin annoying chasing after people to get them to go to teh hlint and the wedding of the year!

//see ya in a couple of hours!!! :p


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