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The 1rst Annual Demon Card Emporium Tournament


Lance Stargazer:
[SIZE=24]The Leringard Demon Card Emporium proudly presents :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18]The 1rst Annual Demon Card Emporium Tournament[/SIZE]

Want to test yourself against the best players of the world? Always wanted to show how good you are on Demon Cards and wanted to make a living of it?

This is your chance, sign up below and test your skill in the most addictive game ever. The rules are simple,

-There will be played on single elimination Matches, the places will be decided randomly.

-The deck will be made on 20 cards, The administration will give the magic generators and the rest of the cards will be picked from the pool on a Booster draft format. ( this is each player will pick cards on turns from a common pool of cards set by the administration and gotten from expansion packs ).

- The entry fee is of 1000 trues.

- The first place will earn 10000 trues, and one of the four legendary cards, and the title of Champion of the tournament

- The second place will earn 2000 trues and two booster expansion packs for his own use.

- Players will be allowed to keep the cards gotten on the pickings.

Come show the world your talent for cards,

[SIZE=10]// The prizes above mentioned is just when at least 4 demon card players come to the tournament, otherwise the prizes will be adjusted acording to the attendance. [/SIZE]

Lance Stargazer:
*As the time for the great tournament comes , the streets on Leringard are growing with expectations, People gathers to see the names of those inscribed already on the tournament.*

// For clarification. Withnesses are allowed if you want to come, and learn of the game or just for cheering for your favorite competitor.

Lance Stargazer:
*As the days comes and goes, under a times of Dragon attacks and threatening fires on the most remote lands, there is still some people who can celebrate , Leringard is throwing a party and celebrating Ozok Arnik, their card Champion this year, In one of the most closed and exciting tournaments ever lived, the city stay partying for the whole week *


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