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Tonight's Featured Merchants


Lalaith Va'lash:
Merchant’s featured items at The Leilon Arms Tonight:
Aralin’s Enchantments ~ Various weapon enchantment rods up to the third tier, as well as first tier resistances of your choice available. Enchantments and Resistances also made to order.
Enzo’s Adventurers’ goods ~ An assortment of fine items including Exceptional Boots of the Cougar An Electrically enchanted Iron Rapier for those who like that extra spark (1d6 electric) A Frosty Dwarven War Axe, For Dwarves who like their enemies just as cold as their ale (1D8 Cold) Two Mineral Sapphires A finely crafted Adamantium Bastard Sword
Derrick’s Leather and Metal Works ~ An array of finely crafted tailored goods, including lion leather bags. An assortment of metal armours and durable iron weapons. Iron weapons also made to fill orders.
Kali’s Musical Instruments ~ Finely crafted musical instruments including the full array of hickory and Oak instruments and simple mahogany ones. All instruments are tenderly crafted with your musical needs in mind and only made for order.
Our merchants will also have a vast selection of other crafted and found treasures and items, including finely crafted oak and mahogany bows and weapons, magical jewelry, and much more…


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