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Trip to the Great Spikes, but not what you think.

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*Posted for all to see*

To any hearty adventurers that wish to test the limits of their skills.

I would like to put together a trip up into the Great Spikes to delve into a little known place.

I will be getting ready to head north over the next few weeks, send word if you would like to join me.

//No date set but I would like to go this weekend. Saturday or Sunday let me know times that work for you if you want to go. This is a deadly trip anyone under 25th level could die just by being in the area :P

Flynn would love to join you, but his time is limited these days.

// Generally evenings at around 7pm Mountain he can be free.

Ell would like to go, in saying that Saturday would be better. As for the time, depends on what works best for you and can go from there.

Lance Stargazer:
*Upon readimg the post Lance shakes his head smiling *

Why not?  - he says to himself - Has been sometime since we do something like this *he gestures to the elf beside him as she brought the notice to his atention *

I'd take you still have that special winter cloak, right? *he smiling gestures to move to finish the market buys*

// I am on vacation all this week still, I'll go back to work on Saturday tough, so any day is good for me for the rest of the weekdays ( Save for Friday for obvious reasons ). Time as well depending on what works better for you.

//ok folks lets try these times:

Wednesday after 7PM PST
Thursday  after 6PM PST
Friday is out
Saturday after 6PM PST (or some time during the day)
Sunday same as Saturday.

NOTE: We need someone with a very high search and/or spot I dont know which one is used for finding hidden doors.


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