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Author Topic: Dregar: Drift Lands - Anuroch Desert  (Read 44 times)


Dregar: Drift Lands - Anuroch Desert
« on: September 12, 2004, 01:58:00 pm »
The rain shadow of the Spine Mountains creates this expansive desert. It is so expansive that those desert druids and oasis dwellers have distinguished between three desert zones.  There is the high mesa region, which is home to the Oasis giants. There is the deep valley desert in the northern areas, where scorpions and vipers are said to roam. There are also the dunes and sandstorm deserts, which are whipped into their wild forms by the eastern coastal gusts. There you can find armies of ants and formians, creatures whose sturdy exoskeletons protect them from the blasting sandstorms. These creatures have dwelled in the desert as long as anyone can remember. Their presence is simply natural for those who live in the Drift Lands.  
This desert is nicknamed the Drift Lands for one reason: huge sections of the desert seem to drift around. When they drift, they pull open great chasms and cause deep sinkholes. The shifting and churning desert has swallowed whole villages. The tips of their ruined abodes reach out from the sand as if in a last gasp for recognition. There are a few stable areas, though predictably, they tend to be home for the desert dwellers mentioned above and thus are the most dangerous.