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Mistone: The Sielwood Forest
« on: September 10, 2004, 03:57:00 pm »
The Sielwood Forest’s verdant sprawl is located in central Mistone. The forest is fed by the lakes Ravine and Anon, which are the sources of the Ro and Asare river.  The abundance of water makes this forest especially thick with foliage, and perhaps this is why the Rangers’ Vale is hidden away deep in the Sielwood. Rumors abound that once a year, on a date determined by the phases of the moons, all the rangers in Mistone gather in Aeridin’s grove in the Vale for a meeting.  Opportunities for dungeon-delving abound, with the Watcher’s Tower, Lost Ruins, and Nameless Dungeon overgrown with and shrouded in the forest’s greenery.  Many evil creatures make their homes here, but small enclaves of good creatures like unicorns and pegasi have carved out their own niche in the Sielwood.