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Seas and Oceans
« on: August 12, 2005, 03:22:00 pm »
The world is awash with water, oceans and seas making up seven-tenths of Layonara. They provide a lifeline between the continents, and merchants and pirates alike, ply their trade on these vast expanses of water.   The seas and oceans teem with life, many creatures inhabit their depths; their diversity is immense, and their numbers and distribution is staggering. Sailors have always told tales of mythical creatures, rising from the depths to pluck the unwary and unsuspecting from the shore and from decks of ships.  Many disappearances have been accounted to these creatures, and with the emergence of the sea elves from the oceans, people are only beginning to realize that there is much about the sea that they do not know, and that some of the sailors’ tales might well be true.  Until recently only limited resources were allocated to oceanographic cartography, and navigation between continents was based on experience and rudimentary navigation. However with the publication of 'The Principles of Stellar navigation for the Seafarer' (a concise work on using the stars for navigation at sea) sea travel became less of a journey of uncertainty, and more of a precise science. Sea journeys can now be taken in relative safety, and boarding a ship at your port of departure, will generally ensure you arrive at your destination; though not always as currents can still bring swift ruin and death.    Even with the publication of this work on navigation, old sailors’ wisdom still holds true: “Only woe will befall those who tread lightly in domains of Mist and Shindaleria.”  Under the Ocean  If the seas and oceans were to be drained of water, much of the landscape you would see would resemble that of what is currently above water. Mountain ranges, canyons and caverns, great volcanoes, vast plains and desert like expanses sand and stone, however the scale would be immense, the mountains higher the canyons deeper and the plains more vast. Once filled with water, the seas and oceans become almost another world, totally alien to the above water dwellers, and there will always remain mystery and lore as to what lurks in it depths.