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The Dragon Isles
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The Dragon Isles
  The Dragon Isles are the islands that lie in between Mistone and Rilara. They’re called Caesin, Enderal, Aryte, Girrac and Veapra. Despite the fact that these islands are rather large, comparable in size to, for example, Calishan which is part of the Kingdom of Roldem, none of the Isles have been settled by the ‘normal’ races of Layonara.
  This does not mean that it has not been tried, as it would be quite convenient to have a safe harbor town on one of the isles, but all attempts to start one have failed, probably because of the peculiar inhabitants the Isles are rumored to have. Arcanists from Spellgard have come to the conclusion that for some reason, the Dragon Isles are more ‘magical’ then other parts of Layonara, the reason why of course, is still under investigation.
  Directly south of Fort Velensk on Mistone lies Caesin, a very foresty island. For many a year, the shipyards of Fort Velensk have eyed the lush green forests of Caesin as a splendid resource for timber to build ships with.
  However, expeditions to gather wood from this island were either never heard from again, or only a few of those who ventured there returned. Rumors of angry trees, walking mushrooms and moving mounds of earth were told by the survivors, truth or not, Fort Velensk has given up on it’s ambition of becoming a major shipwright city.
  East of Caesin, at the edge of the Broken Corals, lies the swampy Isle of Enderal, it’s silthy marsh rising up out of the sea. Very little, apart from its name on decaying old maps, is known of Enderal. Some of these old maps, however, show scaly creatures with multiple heads.
  Few visit Enderal these days, with the Broken Corals to the north, where sirens lure the unprepared sailor to his death, the Forsaken Islands to the northeast, where certain undeath awaits, the Serpent Isles to the southeast, Aryte to the south and Casein to the west, Enderal is one of the hardest Isles to reach.
  Aryte got its name from the Aryte mountains which cover the largest part of the island. Large, edged mountains rise up from the sea and the fishermen from Lannisport know that when they see the Aryte mountains on the horizon that they’ve come too close. According to the tales of these fishermen, coming to close to the Arytes will bring certain doom, as harpies will swoop down from the mountains to carry away ignorant sailors. What lives on the rest of Aryte is unkown, rumors abound, from flying horses to minotaurs, from slaadi to unicorns.
  Girrac’s a hilly island to the west or Aryte. It has a few foothills and some plains and looks somewhat uninteresting from the sea. However, appearances in this case are most certainly deceiving. Shapes can be seen flying above the island, some say they’re griffons, some say manticores, others say drakes. Those who went to find out have probably found out, but none have returned to tell a tale.
  Veapra is the southwestern most island of the Isles. The largest part of it is green grasslands which has been dubbed the Sea of Grass, by bypassing trade-vessels. Centaurs have been sighted by these vessels, but attempts to trade with the centaur tribe, or tribes, of the Sea of Grass have all been unsuccessful.