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The Serpent Isles
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The Serpent Isles
  East of the Dragon Isles are the Serpent Isles. According to legend, the Serpent Isles were made by the slapping of the tail of a dragon god when leaving the world, however, others state that if looked at them from a map, this group of islands looks like a claw, so it was made by a claw and not a tail. The arguments for it being a claw are easily set aside, because if it would have been a claw, the isles would have been deeper areas of the sea, not isles. Some argue that the Serpent Isles are part of the Dragon Isles, others argue that they should be considered a different archipelago.  Some state that only the group of islands east of Aryte should be called the Serpent Isles and that the island of Achee’ak, which lies north of this group and east of Enderal should be considered part of the Dragon Isles.
  In any case, nobody ever bothered to give the smallest of these Isles individual names, or if somebody did, they’ve long since been forgotten. The four largest Isles in the group south of Achee’ak do have names. The southern most, closest to Rilara, is Daraghan The three larger isles north of Daraghan are, from west to east, Keajo, Qualent and Deigo.
  Achee’ak Achee’ak is the northernmost of the Serpent Isles and lies east of Enderal. It’s totally covered by a lush, swampy forest. Achee’ak is rumored to have gotten its name from the strange race that is rumored to live in these forests, the Achee’ak. Supposedly, the Achee’ak are some strange combination of flying insects and pixies, and having a collective consciousness, akin to a hive-mind. They’re fiercely protective of their habitat, and do not welcome unwanted visitors.
  Daraghan Largest of the Serpent Isles, Daraghan is somewhat of a mystery. Ancient texts refer to this island as a place where the barriers that separate the planes are thinner than on other places. Daraghan is also a place of great natural beauty, lush groves and sparkling waterfalls abound.
  Keajo and Deigo Keajo and Deigo are east and west of of the Ilse of Qualent. They’re of similar size and also their vegetation is strikingly similar, forests that border on being called jungles. The only difference seems to be that the creatures that live on Deigo seem to be inherently hostile and wicked, while those on Keajo are peaceful and good.
  Qualent Qualent isn’t remarkable at first glance, but then again, rarely do people get a second glance, as it is somewhat hard to reach with all the shallows and tiny islets on all its sides. Of all the isles in the Serpent Isles, this seems to be the only one that actually has serpents on it.