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It can be said that in the history of Xantril there are two moments that both devastated all foundations and became the cornerstones for the twisted continent that emerged.

The first was the Cataclysm. At this point in time, Xantril was still called Belinara, the name it received approximately 384 years earlier. The Cataclysm tore Belinara away from Dregar and sent it drifting east for many dark ages of relative isolation.

The second was the arrival of the Prince of Demons, Xandrial, and his merciless minions. There are many tales of Xandrial’s arrival upon Layonara. Some believe that Xandrial was the first demon that forced its way through the gate made by the foolish experiments of Oriax on the continent of Mistone. Some believe that Xandrial was called by one of the most concentrated efforts of Dark Elf faith and magic to torment the surface dwellers. Some believe that Xandrial was summoned forth by Bloodstone or Milara to serve their vile purposes.

Whatever the truth, ever since his arrival, Belinara is now called Xantril, and belongs to the Prince of Demons. All who lived on this continent prior to his arrival either quickly bent to Xandrial’s will, were tortured and died in dances of demonic desire, or now live an inescapable nightmare to further pleasure the demons. This is what we know of Xantril, and we know it because Xandrial wants all of Layonara to know it.
  A map of Xantril can be found here.