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Here it goes!  Slated to start this one around 10PM EST this Wednesday or Friday evening, 2/6/13 or 2/8/13, whichever Sehky and crew deems appropriate.  This forum will serve as the rumors board and RP correspondences for the quest.  The theme will be decidedly Ilsarian, goodly in nature and involve vampires of the Broken Halls.  Let us begin with gauging what day you folks prefer!  Please also note that as this is Sehky's CDQ, he has the final say on who he wants to invite, and that there will not be standard Quest XP rewards given per CDQ policy.  This will not preclude us from having an awesome adventure and making an impact on the world, however!

As SehKy has put out a general invitation to the Angels Guild and there's mention of vampires.  Excellent fodder for the fury of the dragon methinks!  Daniel will attempt an appearance at the beginning and go from there.  Wednesday night I will have to log after an hour, but I'll do some red bulls and stay up Friday if he's wanted.  Anrilln aey, omealwa.;)

If it's 10pm, either day works for me!

Lana would like to come along, if it's Friday.  I'm not feeling well enough to stay up late today.

psst..Serissa, the quest is tomorrow night.


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