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Essrantor's Veil

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In the watch tower near Castle Mask, a high elf is seen scribing.

It appears he is copying sets of scribbled notes and various poems. He is consolidating them into one volume.

Once he accomplishes this, he begins coping the new volume he has written.

//I ask for a new forum to be created for this follow up of this quest line please.


/// Could you be more specific as to why a whole new forum is needed? What followup do you intend to pursue that requires a forum? Thanks!

Through a side quest, my PC found out about Elphone the Bard of Willows Weep. I requested a CDQ and discovered his lair. That was the place the hammer that destroyed one of the three pillars was found.

Elphone's notes were never taken and I recovered them. The recent "druid meeting" Mixafix ran last weekend, was a lead into PC's getting more serious about destroying the two remaining pillars. I shared what I had found and a deeper discussion of those notes took place.

As it stands now, the notes lead to more riddles.  We travelled to several libraries and gathered more volumes of lore, stories and poetry.

I asked Mixafix about creating a forum to post the various notes and he suggested I do it here.

/// Awesome. As it turns out, there are some other situations from that series that need a bit of resolving with regard to the Misted Village bandits, so I may jump in and include a section for the Misted Village. ///

Destruction of the remaining pillars! >:) Maybe you should call out of retirement two old GMs for this one :P

The original series was a blast :) there is a ton of great information out there on it. Chongo had some very deep lore surrounding it all and there was great PC participation.

It took a lot of organization but I believe that once we got started we ran more then 60 hours of quests in 11 sessions in, I think, 6 or 7 days. It took the combined effort of more then 8 GMs. It was truly an amazing event.


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