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Another free week coming up! 
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Another free week coming up!  Just aced my midterms and my lowest grade is a 95.    I don't want to conflict witht he Thursday event, so Let's shoot for an open slot around Monday, Teusday or Wednesday of this upcoming week 8-11pm EST.  How's your avaliability for those?


Dorax Windsmith

Congrats on the
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Congrats on the midterms! 

Tuesday would work best for "Mes".



Tues or Weds.
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Tues or Weds.



Probably tues is the best for
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Probably tues is the best for me



Mercenary Guild Leader
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Mercenary Guild Leader Kidnapped!

Sly Silverstone, the venerable leader of the Mistone-based mercenary guild "The Silver Fists" has been abducted late last night.   From the looks of the carnage, his men fought valiantly but to no avail.  A massive, hulking, armor-clad monster which reeked of rotting flesh was spotted fleeing the scene with a large wooden coffin hoisted on its back, with screams emanating from inside.  The beast then lept into the waters of the bay, neither resurfacing.  Sir Donnel investigates the scene presently.



The Revenant is no more!  A
« Reply #25 on: October 22, 2014, 05:50:08 am »

The Revenant is no more!  A group of daring adventurers ventured to his hidden lair under the depths of the bay to find a most macabre scene.  A dreaded temple of burning skulls led in congregation by the hooded figure identified as Mortissar Bael, (formerly known as Mort Tallytee) has been buried under the rubble and submerged by the ocean.  Unfortunately the leader of the temple escaped his fate and fled presumably to the city of Arnax.  Meanwhile, the group managed to dismantle the armored flesh golem monster and cunningly disguised the largest among them as the beast itself.  Making their way past his guards, they confronted its creator, the Revenant and dealt it a mortal blow, taking the head from his shoulders.  The kidnapping victim Sly Silverstone was taken into custody as some revelations about his criminal doings were unearthed and reported to Sir Donnel, who has taken the mercenary villain into custody.