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Correct Spelling?


Within the Rofirein sections (on LORE and elsewhere), are various spellings of a particular rank/position.  On some pages, like the Hierarchy, the word is spelled "Justiciar."  On others, like the Sects page, it is spelled "Justicar."  And then "Justicer" is around here and there on the forums.

I'm also not sure how any but the last should be pronounced.  "Justiciar" looks like just-iss-ee-ar or just-iss-ee-ur, which my mouth thinks is one too many syllables, heh.  "Justicar" looks like just-i-kar, which my brain thinks is silly, though I could see just-i-sar but would be left asking why not just spell it "Justicer" in that case.

Anyway, can the definitive spelling be determined and corrected on LORE, and can we know the proper pronunciation, please?

Script Wrecked:
Justiciar : juh-stish-ee-er : high judicial officer
Justicer : juhs-tuh-ser : judge or magistrate
Justicar : juhs-ti-kar : like droideka, but with swords and righteousnessness


--- Quote from: Script Wrecked ---Justiciar : juh-stish-ee-er
--- End quote ---

Worse than I thought...


I also noticed it spelled "justiciar" and "justicar" in one paragraph on the Knights of the Wyrm page, heh.

"Justiciar : juh-stish-ee-er : high judicial officer"

This is how it's supposed to be spelled for the Rofi Hierarchy. I'll need to go through and fix all the "Justicars" misspellings. I thought I'd caught them all, but apparently not.

And this time I beat Gulnyr to it ;) as I had a discussion with Leanthar about it earlier this week after Rofirein went up on LORE.
We decided to indeed go with justiciar. It's because of the fact that before the events that made the faiths of Toran and Rofirein to move away, we had the "justicar" organization within the Toranite church so we could go both ways.

We're going with "justiciar" though!


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