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Devastating Critical STR Requirement


Oops, just saw the link to this board right after I PMed Ed about this. Sorry Ed.

Anyways, was looking thought the feats on Lore and when I saw [LORE]Devastating Critical[/LORE]. it seemed quite strange that the strength requirement was 30 so I checked it in game by creating a character in the original NWN module with the Debug mode and see how high I could raise his strength through leveling. Starting at 16 strength and putting points in nothing but strength (No epic strength involved) it maxed at 26 strength. Gaining Devastating Critical at only 25 strength. 5 points less than it stats in Lore.

Just thought I'd point that out. Though personnely I tend to have my ability scores a bit more balanced. Especially when I'm wanting or needing more than one ability to be high so I never really see any score going higher than 20.

Question though... are there any sorta boosts to ability scores or anything as a CDQ reward?

gilshem ironstone:
You can also gain strength through the [lore]Great Strength[/lore] feat. This feat was made intentionally difficult to attain, and if you want to understand more there are a few threads you can pull up with a simple search.

so the Req was increased in Layo? If not the the one in Lore needs fixed.

Also I tend to forgo the Great ability feats unless I cant think of anything else to get.

The requirement is, in fact, increased in Layonara.


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