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Under the [lore]Goblin[/lore] page, one of the goblin race's languages listed is Hobgoblin, however, I was told that this language does not exist as an ear (not sure if I've ever even seen a hobgoblin either IG!).

So I recommend removing it from LORE to speed up character approvals and for consistency

Not all languages used in game have ears for them it's true. It may perhaps be better just to notate that they are RP only where applicable rather then removing lore from LORE.


Hobgoblin does not exist as a mechanical language ear, that does not mean that characters can not learn the language for role-play purposes.

edit: Ninja'd by Row!

Don't think I've ever actually seen a hobgoblin in Layo...

Me neither, at least I have never ever seen a regular spawn of them. Yet there are blueprints for them, although... I do recall a GM quest where there was a band of hobgoblins in a room... Maybe.


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