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Name of Character: Gormungard Boulderanvil
 Bioware: Chazzler
Name of GM Witness: n/a
Date of Occurrence: Since creation + after name change to without umlaut
Description of Occurrence:
Well, Gormungard LORE information keeps on showing that there is no, nada information about him even after the name change.
Then again, if I type in the search bar "gOrmungard Boulderanvil", I get a search result for gÖrmungard Boulderanvil, yeah, with the umlaut. Which shows the character pages level 1 and 20, two of them in total, which was the case before the name change.
I have been logged into LORE in my LORE account, and have played him occasionally as well, alas, no change :p

Any insight on this?

I'll try deleting the profile, which will destroy the historical information but should also allow the character page to be rebuilt properly....I hope.

Logging Görm in at some point to test how LORE proceeds, heh heh.

Hi, just wanted to ask, that when does LORE update itself? Does it do so on a regular interval? And if so, when is the next time and should this have fixed itself if LORE has updated itself already?


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