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gilshem ironstone:
The character Muradin McInnes, who I know there has been some issues with, has appeared on my LORE page as one of my characters.  I have logged in and out and he is still there.

I just checked this out and I see it too. I have no idea because it is only one of three characters that show up.

LORE: Gilshem Ironstone

Its colateral damage from the ghosting incident of that player character.  
 I don't think there is a way to remove it from your account, but that's more a Dorg or Orth thing to comment on.

It should fix itself the next time LORE saves the characters and detects that person cd key.

I deleted the entry from LORE and tweaked the database debris with the ghosting left-overs.  Muradin should be regenerated properly the next time LORE runs its update.


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