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Prantz Army Officer's Corps - Attn: EdTheKet


The Prantz Army Officer's Corps, should be re-written to reflect the changes introduced by Rael.  I suggest changing the content of the existing page to past tense and then linking to the newer information.

Rael Kingdom Military

--- Quote --- The Prantz Officer Army Corp, once dedicated to the Waylend line, has been renamed the Rael Officer Army Corp and is now a proving ground for any soldier in Lord Rael’s army who wishes to move beyond the enlisted ranks. The training for those who would lead Lord Rael’s forces is said to be horrific and sometimes deadly; certainly, no being that ever completed it alive can be considered the same as before. Absolute unwavering loyalty to Lord Rael (until death) is the prime attribute of the successful Rael Officer Army Corp enlistee.
--- End quote ---

As an interesting side note Jin Lun Lee was/is a member of the old Pranzis Army Officer's Corps. To him the Rael Officer Army Corp isn't the same organisation. I imagine there will be a few ex-officers hiding in the forest of fog and telling war stories to their grand children about the good old days.

Thanks, re-writing it into past tense would work.
And indeed, the Rael Officer Army Corp would not really be considered the same thing by any former member!

I updated the page. When you have a chance, Ed, give it a quick one-two and make sure it works for ya; then I'll move this to "Fixed Bugs."


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