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Prestige Class (PrC) Resubmissions


Hi LORE Team,

As per this thread.
Please update LORE: Character Submission.

With the text from the character submission thread.  I have copied and pasted it below.

--- Quote ---
Prestige Class (PrC) resubmissions –
PrC submissions are changing as follows:
[*]Weaponmaster, Duelist, Undead Hunter and Battlerager can be approved on initial submission, providing the application supports the extra class (again, not asking much but a few lines added in for the note of RP.)
[*]Bear Warrior, Skald, Arcane Archer, Spellsword and Sacred Fist require an updated biography submission and either a well kept CDT for a minimum of two (2) weeks (explaining the how and the why) or a CDQ.
[*]Shifter and Shadow Dancer require an updated biography and at least one CDQ.
[*]Mistone Alliance Scout, Dwarven Defender, Champions, Palemaster and Assassin are a multi step process that require an updated biography, a well tended development thread and either a WLDQ or one or more CDQs, depending on the character.
[*]Red Dragon Disciple remains WLDQ only.
Please make sure you carefully read the class information on your desired PrC so that you may quicken the approval process.

--- End quote ---

The LORE team is aware of this issue. More specifically milty is aware these changes are needed. As I stated in the other post, the fault was mine and I am not LORE-able. Milty now has the needed information but his plate of things to do is very, very full. He will get to it as soon as he is able.



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