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Request: Receipts for LORE letters - ATTN: OneST8 (low priority)


Pen N Popper:
My PC sends out batches of LORE letters. There have been several instances that the recipient has either not gotten the letter or they have gotten the wrong letter under the correct title. This likely due to my own mistake but that is difficult to judge without having a "sent" folder or a receipt.
  I don't have any good ideas for a solution.

Yeah it happens. The letter that was to start my WLDQ didn't get delivered until a few days after it was sent. So not sure if there's some delay possible somewhere.

Talan Va'lash:
You won't receive bird messengers if you are underground or indoors (or on the planes) that may cause what seems like a delay.

Not sure when I can get to this but I will look into it.


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