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--- Quote from: lonnarin ---What I don't get is how tridents and knives are allowed as some of the only weapons, but not unarmed monk specialty.  Where are all these trident and knife producing, underwater forges and how are they more rare than unarmed fighting monastic traditions for a race where all alignments are open?

Why are non-elf druids not allowed to pick up bows when absolutely none of the oaths are broken?  What does it matter if a Wemic picks up a greataxe?  Are sea elf babies who wash up near a monastary of Vorax summarily butchered and eaten 100.100.100% of the time?  This is both fantasy and fiction, after all.  Let the kids create.  It won't kill anybody.
--- End quote ---

Really there are two types of questions here, one legitimate, one not.

The questions that are legitimate are like this one I've quoted, which center around the clarity and self-consistency of the Lore.   Not every writer enjoys them, but every writer is improved by having an editor, and we must provide that editing function for Ed, making sure he thinks things through.

The questions that aren't legitimate are like the one which started this  thread, which can all be paraphrased as: "why don't you spend more time entertaining me"?

I've been a GM longer than some of the younger (or even not so young) people here have been alive.   And I can tell you pretty authoritatively that if you make GMing not entertaining for the GM, pretty soon you won't have one.   People need balance in their lives, especially since this is a pastime, not a job.   So chill out.


--- Quote --- ... but every writer is improved by having an editor...
--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: SteveMaurer ---The questions that aren't legitimate are like the one which started this  thread, which can all be paraphrased as: "why don't you spend more time entertaining me"?
--- End quote ---

I apologize. It was not my insinuation to assume that any of you should entertain me, merely correspond with my language.

From the "entertainment" offered thus far it has been quite enjoyable for neither party to have to be challenged by the ideas which I had assumed were created previously in our Lore. -- Which is why I have posted here (unquestioning as well) to find out if Sea Elves actually do exist in our world. It appears that I have disturbed your soft spots but if you all desire a question for which to answer, please entertain yourselves or not-- which appears to be a fond game for some-- with this one;

"Are Sea Elves intended to be in the Lore while most, if not some, of our game masters do not fully understand or believe in the concepts of their existence as tended to in Layonara?"

For the debate of making it enjoyable for some versus others, once again, I apologize if it has not been as fun as expected for team members but I hope that we can at least feel compelled to make it as harmless as possible for all parties-- This is in regards to the such sentiments as how deep a magical creature (elf) should be allowed to dive into the ocean or whether or not Coral is a plant or other nearly scientific name which is irrelevant to my sense of synonymous phrases. Both of these topics can be taken in account throughout Shindaferio and Boulder's posts with many other things which did not appear essential to submission.

Please do not take offense to my initial post as it was exactly as it says, I am not sure that this race is playable.


I really hate to sound hostile here, but Falreign posted a two sentence observation about the playability of a race, he did not attempt to passive aggressively make some kind of statement.

We (the three sea elf submissions) are personal acquaintances and worked on the subs together. Ink and Falreign have experience approving characters and we understand
A) It is done on a volunteer basis by the GM team
B) It takes time, and GMs do not ignore players maliciously
C) There is work being done on the characters

I'll speak for myself, but when other players make presumptuous observations about what Falreign may or may not be feeling or thinking, it really provokes some irritation.


--- Quote from: SteveMaurer --- "why don't you spend more time entertaining me"?
--- End quote ---

I'm sorry, but we don't appreciate having our minds read.


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