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Wrong Characters under LORE Profile

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That did it.  Thanks, Hellblazer.

No problem

Hiya, when I look at my PC's in the Lore site, I see one that was retired and another that is my wife's. She also has my PC under her profile.

Leshariel is her user name.


When loged into LORE under the username MadHattan looking at my user profile page LORE: Mad Hattan only two of four characters are listed.
 The associated Player Name, "MadHattanSpy" is correct.
 The real issue is that for two of my characters I can not see their information, or manage their parchment folders.

that's a bizz one, if you do a search of Omer then go into yoru page and click on your account name, you will see all the other char associated with those name, but not if you are in the Rasa lore page. Strange.


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