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Wrong Characters under LORE Profile

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--- Quote from: Anamnesis ---  
 NOT Mine: Viktor Wolf-Friend (needs to be deleted, removed, whatever the powers-that-be need to do to remove said character from my Lore Profile)
--- End quote ---

... My Da's pops up in mine too.... but I thought that was just an accident due to some routr issues we fixed..... but now it's not there.... :\

Script Wrecked:
Alatriel appears under mine.

My characters Sala Stonehill, Ferrit Pandorn, and Aylana Pandorn all show up correctly under Serrisa1, however, I can't see the stats on any of them or send letters from them.
 Forum Name:  Serissa
 Bioware name:  Serissa1

Have you entered the cdkey in the lore settings page?

ahh we need to have the new cd keys in lore dont we
 that explains why i couldnt see anything


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