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Wrong Characters under LORE Profile

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Post in this thread if a character that does not belong to you shows up in your LORE list of characters.

Pen N Popper:
LORE: Pen N Popper
Not mine:  Relyt  Lockhart

LORE: cbnicholson
Not mine: scottie tormick

Also..none of my other characters show in lore messaging system, ergo, I can't send bird messages.

Should show
LORE: Benjamin Poetr
LORE: Chestnut Tanglethorn
LORE: Daniel Min Poetr Retired, soon to be deleted.
LORE: Be'min -'min

Lore User Name: Anamnesis
 My Characters:  Elohanna Dawnstar
                       Amireana Mandrine
                       Jewel Magnius
 NOT Mine: Viktor Wolf-Friend (needs to be deleted, removed, whatever the powers-that-be need to do to remove said character from my Lore Profile)
 Thank you!

These should all be handled.


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