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Mist Hierarchy Update
« on: July 26, 2016, 05:39:44 pm »
Yashilla is dead (or at least presumed dead as she was bound, but no longer Tide at any rate), and Hardragh is, to my knowledge, still the Tide of the North. I have some knowledge of the events and politics plus the forum fragments, but I'm very hesitant to write a suggestion for him without more... I don't mind doing this if there is no one else, but it would be helpful to have a quest writeup... I like that Yash has a place in the old writeup, because the Carocsa stuff especially is a cool part of history that I think newer people don't even necessarily realize occurred IG, but Hardragh has supplanted her. I think part of her bio can be swallowed by his so there's still a hat tipped to what had gone before. Edit - I think the above definitely needs changing, but a potential suggestion for addition might also be Jaelle's role, even if her role doesn't fall strictly within the pages already established. I think maybe something for the "regalia" of the goddess in general might serve, leading to Jaelle's part in its latest saga? PS I added at least placeholders for both of these things in my alternate timeline


Dually noted and will add it
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2016, 12:25:24 am »

Dually noted and will add it to the to-do list. I believe that will require getting through some quest write ups so likely to take some time (a lot unfortunately). I just wanted to comment and let it be known it is officially on the list.




Realized I never revisited
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Realized I never revisited this after getting a red pen. Have not yet started a potential section for the Regalia (eg the Flail).

New text:

Like many before him, Hardragh son of Lunviq is a polarizing figure in the Mistral. Born to a community of hunters at the feet of the High Reaches, the current Tide of the North is no priest, but a Voice with a wry smirk and shattering bellow. Dismissed by some as weak (as one bound to the Stones, he had died and lived many times, and his ties to the gypsy of Leringard through their child net cool stares and accusations of dependency) and by others as a pawn for the dragon Snowtooth, Hardragh proved himself a canny player of a game that upended the board. 
He reclaimed the Sword of Kings, enraged several devotees of Mist both low and high by forging a pact with Knad'radoniad that sheltered him, for a time, from attack -- and traveled the northlands preaching the dragon as master and Lady Doom as mistress. He arranged favors with the Stormbringers, rescued the Tide of the Southwest from Pyrtechonites, eliminated those that had stood against him in early days, and ended the power of Yashilla as Tide of the North.
Unlike her predecessor, Meghanna, who was driven into obscurity in her failed bid for Tempest, Yashilla -- who had once sacrificed Carocsa, an avatar of Shindaleria -- was devoured by a dragon. Once Dragoncalled herself, it's unknown if some distant stone ever called her back from Snowtooth's belly, or if that death was one too many. 
For now, Hardragh's cunning throws of dice seem to grant him favor from Mist. However, the Tempest, her allies, and no small number of others in the Mistral look darkly upon him and his service to Snowtooth, even going so far as to lay at his feet the blame for a decline in the power of the faith.

Old text, for posterity: 

Yashilla's story of ascension into the hierarchy of the church begins with her leaving her father's merchant ship at a young age. The start of her days as one of Mist's clerics found her young and eager to impress. In her early days, she often sought to bring the good of Mist's powers to the lands of Layonara. An older and wiser Yashilla has taken to focusing herself on the path of her faith. She often seeks the answer to what it means to be more in tune with Mist. The hierarchy of the faith is full of competition and strife. Yashilla was still fairly new to the faith when her first challenge came. Her test of faith was to choose between her impressions of what the faithful of Mist should exemplify and the good she personally chose to portray and what it means to actually serve the faith. Yashilla was forced to decide between her sense of morals and the Mistral. She chose faith'at great cost. After her part in the death of Carocsa, supposed avatar of Shindaleria, Yashilla held a unique position in the church. Her status with the Tempest and Mist had been elevated.
When time had advanced along with Yashilla's own personal talents, the Tempest called her to finish what she had started. Her next task would set her place in the faith amongst the Tides. The war between Shindaleria and Mist has always raged, and a then-unknown falsehood spurred the Tempest to strike out at the underwater temples of Shildelaria and lay to waste any claims to the sea that the Mother Ocean had. It was the former Tide of the North, Meghanna, who gave the false sense of security to the Tempest to strike out against Shindaleria's followers beneath the waters. Yashilla's role was to serve as a general, scout out a tactical plan, amass an army, and lead the march against Shindaleria's faith. The assault was a miserable failure. Yashilla's capacity to focus on the task at hand was always distracted by her concern with Meghanna's ulterior motives. Meghanna's ambitions were not well hidden and Yashilla found herself forced to make a decision' whether to continue to march ahead and let the hierarchy of Mist's faith take on new leadership or preserve the current leadership at the cost of a successful assault and potential crippling blow to Shindaleria's faith. Yashilla chose to preserve the current Tempest in power and exposed Meghanna. Meghanna was driven off and, with a vacancy amongst the Tides, Yashilla has been given the role of the Tide of the North.