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Author Topic: Crafthall persistent chests  (Read 292 times)


Crafthall persistent chests
« on: September 29, 2016, 06:31:15 pm »
Speaking for myself, since I don't know how crafting goes for others, I've noticed that when I craft I typically have some leftover materials I really don't want to take with me when I'm finished, sometimes its cnr resources, or byproducts, or things like extra flasks or molds.  Likewise tools, not an issue for someone strong - but we noodley-armed magic types and anyone else not hulked out probably tend to throw away tools after crafting because every 0.5 or 1 pound item adds up fast.  We can't leave the extra things in the craft stations, but throwing them away seems unrealistic to me.  We can't even usually sell them to the local pawner, since their services are (I think) level-locked, and my surplus craft items that sell for 1 gold are "too rich for their blood."   :/ So I wanted to suggest putting in a pair of chests in craft halls, or even just one.. but I was thinking one for tools-only, one for anything else.  Then we can leave these things behind where they might be useful to someone, not throwing them away unrealistically, or a character can use them further themselves when they come back if nobody else has.As far as it goes, I'd also recommend turning off the by-product of tanning (glass vials).  Dunno about others but I'm generally not set to go make essences right after working with leather, and it doesn't match the other bottles - oils (not tanning, polishing, nor enchanting) don't leave bottles behind.
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I think it's glass vials in general, not just tanning.  I get them back too after using essences to make potions.


The Chest idea could easily
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The Chest idea could easily get exploited, although leaving items in work benches can be just as easily exploited as well considering the amount of flow of persons through most craft areas nowadays.

As for Vials returned I like getting them back especially when I craft 50+ enchanting oils at a time.

As for noodley-armed.. all things can be solved with magic.

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