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Author Topic: New type of recurring quests based on the cnr quests.  (Read 75 times)


New type of recurring quests based on the cnr quests.
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:37:01 pm »
I have an idea that might help with the current state of lw gm quest run at the moment.

It's actually 3 ideas that stems from one.

This is based on the cnr quest that we have now.

1rst. Realm Factions
I think I red in the past that there was some ideas about having factions by realm that would give certain perks to players.
never saw that happened, might have been somewhere else too but anyways

Realm Quest factions that works the same way as crn. Randomly generated, but by realms. Like Alindor, Dregar.. etc
these quests would not be so much as cnr brought, but more like bounty hunters quests.
-Soloable or able to be made in groups
-They would provide the ability to either bring the target dead or alive
-would have to be a point in combat where the npc after a roll decides if he wants to surrender or not, and that the pc decides to let the npc live to bring him alive.
-the targets would be in the specific realm, but from time to time could be prime targets in an other realm, offering more challenge and more reward.
-these quest could be done by any toon, no matter what their class or alignment are.
-The more points in a faction you have, the more it affects the other factions also, so there would have to be some player thoughts on who they would rather align themselves with.
-Rewards would be monetary based and xp based, but also offer temporary discounts in said realm and the opposite is true, the more aligned against a realm you are, the higher the prices can become temporarily.
-after a certain amount of notoriety, it could lead to some valuable items being handed. (for higher level toons).
-These quests could be handed by the courts/castle lords and/or temples.

And for the second you have the more unsavory types, that would be geared more for Rogues, assassin and cn/ln/ne aligned characters. There are already a tone of houses that are not purchasable in the major cities, and some new maps could be done specifically for these quests.
-soloable or in groups
-heavy penalty in alignment if made with a non aligned character
-could have all of the characteristics of the bounty hunter quests series, but instead of miscreants it would be geared toward good aligned ncp's for some, or as revenge on parties of an other faction.
-could have three different lawless factions that one would be steered towards, and if high in that factions, could see randomly generated attacks upon the characters from spawned npc's when walking the land of an opposite faction.
-would entail kidnapping or assassinations jobs. Hence the drop in alignment if anything in the lawful neutral/good, TN and good alignment.
-could also be quests about stealing certain objects for the faction.
-possibility of quests becoming a temporary loan shark fixers, either through intimidation or simply by disposing of the target and then taking what was due (or less that was due, but again like racketeering it's more about letting others know not to fall behind on payments)
-and the likes.
-those jobs would be handed by black market operative, in certain well hidden areas that would need to be discovered, or made available once a toon reaches a certain level/skill level that would enable the first quest, to find the intended factions hold out.

the third is the opposite of the second one.
-soloable or in groups.
-automatically generated quests that does not require killing.
-based on providing support to towns or person
-providing healing supplies or crafted food.
-providing healing actions from classes that could do them.
-providing healing through alchemy for npc's being poisoned or sick (through some specific recipes already ingame).
-could have some generated escort quest.
-these would give again, hard penalties for any evilly aligned toons.

The base system is already implemented with the CNR quest. It would be something to expand upon it to give more different and flavorful options based on the type of characters you have.

Ideas? Takers? add to it if you feel it has merits.
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