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Path of Elemental Balance


[SIZE=18]The Path of Elemental Balance[/SIZE]
  This group of worshipers focuses their skills on the mastery of the elements. Four distinct groups work towards this goal by feeding off of each other. They attain balance through their elemental manipulations. Fire balances with water. Air with Earth. Through these opposing forces, a balance is maintained and strengthened. There is never any one element that has an upper hand. Purity of mind, body, and purpose.  The monastery is located on Rilara at the foot of the Ledros Mountains and the shore of Io Lake. Part of it is carved into the very mountain. All four Elements are represented, adhering to the purity of Elemental balance. Water from the lake. Earth in the mountain. Fire is deep under the mountains to the magma that formed them. Air surrounds all.  Followers of the Path come from diverse faiths with no single faith being predominantly represented. At any given time, a Katian can be seen as well as an Aeridinite for example. While each Element has its own monastic following, there are several on the Path that follow the priestly and druidic ways. There is an even smaller group of followers who have merged the ways of the priest and the way of the monk into the ultimate representation of their faith and their Element.
  The Order of the Flame  Their primary focus is on strength; the stronger the flame the better. Followers of the flame are typically self-centered and are considered arrogant at times. They have the utmost confidence in their strength and ability and often act on impulse. They are always willing to show just how capable they are.  Requirements:  Minimum STR of 13 Feats: Power Attack (needs to be taken ASAP), Improved Power Attack, Cleave (needs to be taken ASAP), Great Cleave, Improved Critical, Overwhelming Critical, Devastating Critical, Thug, Resist Fire (Must be taken before Level 20) Skills: Intimidate, Discipline  Weapons: No preference but will only use Fire enchantments. Ranged weapons are rare.  
  The Water of Life  Their primary focus is wisdom. Water is life and wisdom flows from life. These followers are philosophical in nature and demeanor. They focus their energy on the balance and how to maintain it and think their actions through. Like the calm meandering brooks making their way to sea, and the endless rhythm of waves breaking on the shore, they never act on impulse.  They are often seen meditating by a lake or stream and sought out for their advice. However, the advice they give is not always as straight-forward as is hoped for.  Requirements:  Minimum WIS of 13 Feats: Dodge (must be taken ASAP), Expertise (must be taken ASAP), Mobility, Lightning Reflexes, Resist Cold (has to be taken before Level 20), Alertness  Skills: Parry, Lore, Gather Information  Weapons: Staff or none. Ranged weapons would be sling only since it is a bludgeoning weapon. Enchantments of Cold only.
  The Way of the Wind  Their primary focus is on Dexterity. These followers are adept at weaving in and out of battle, striking and retreating, much like the blowing of the wind. As air and wind cannot be seen, they also try to be whispers in the air, staying hidden until they strike. They believe there is not one path one can take, but many. They are often guarded in their interaction with others and keep to themselves.  Requirements:  Minimum DEX of 13 Feats: Expertise, Improved Expertise, Dodge (needs to be taken ASAP), Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Called Shot, Improved Initiative (needs to be taken ASAP), Lightning Reflexes, Resist Electricity (Has to be taken once before lvl 20) Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Tumble  Weapons: No preference but if any are used, it would be a smaller weapon. Ranged weapons are commonly used. They will only use Electric enchantments.
  The Foundations of the Earth  Their primary focus is on Constitution. These are the followers that will stand in the way of anything, inflexible like mountains, approaching things head on. They are hardy and resilient and once set on a path they will not be turned easily. The balance is built upon the Foundations of Earth. These followers are very forthcoming and giving of their time and attention. They are protectors by nature.  Requirements:  Minimum CON of 13 Feats: Toughness (Needs to be taken ASAP), Power Attack, Improved Power Attack , Cleave , Resist Energy (any), Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Luck of the Heroes (optional, can only be taken at first level but fits the Earth) Skills: Heal, Discipline, Parry Weapons: None. They prefer to do everything with their hands. Gloves are acceptable.Foundations of the Earth prefer to enhance their gloves with silver or titanium  
Notes: The Path of Elemental balance can either be joined via CDQ, or characters can start out as members upon character creation. If a character joins upon character creation, they need to take certain feats to stay in line with their chosen path.  The feats mentioned above are feats players are expected to take when members of this order. It is not needed to have all these feats prior to joining.  


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