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Skald (bard): The Voices of Mist


[SIZE=16] [/SIZE][SIZE=16]In the far north of Layonara on the island of Krashin, where Mist is respected and revered as a bringer of life and death for the hardy seafarers, a few people stand out from the regular worshippers. They are the Voices of Mist, individuals who offer praise to Mist using their voices as a tempest to wreck havoc amongst their enemies.  [/SIZE]  [SIZE=16]The Voices of Mist have little formal organization, but they recognise in each other something that sets them apart. A reverence for storms, a restless nature or a longing for the sea the touch of Mist takes many forms. Mainly skalds but also bards and others with talented voices are seen amongst them.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Few as they are, these travelling heralds of Mist seldom meet, but when they do the world seems to explode in a tempest games, song and drinking that hits the area in which they are. Then as suddenly as it came the storm departs, for though they are brothers their nature sets their course apart.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]The Voices bring the word of Mist with them wherever they go and tell others of their goddess. They do not preach, but tell tales of how people have overcome all odds, for that is as respected amongst the Voices as it is amongst the priests. They tell tales of the sea, how a storm tears a ship asunder and still men survive where most would have given up, they tell tales of heroes who take up the gauntlet thrown down by fate, whether they fail or not, and they tell dark and brooding tragedies of how cowardice, foolishness or lack of respect for their mistress brought doom upon people. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]They are mostly friendly people who like to talk and have a good time, but as peaceful as they are when in friendly company as violent and loud they are when they enter combat, they are then the fury of Mist as it is said.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Voices travel the land safely knowing they are valued guests, for they bring news and the surest way for a hero to achieve fame is to have a Voice sing his praise. Thus the path to immortality often crosses that of a Voice. Down south they are not so lucky for the southlanders hold little regard for tradition, honour and hospitality – or so the Krashinites say.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Organization [/SIZE][SIZE=16]The Voices have no real structure within them. They are free souls who walk the lands often without meeting others of their order. Even thought they are not part of the Church, they all answer to the Church of Mist and her priests should they call, for these are the closest to their goddess. Though they rarely meet, they know of most, for the temple and land bring word of their brothers. Lacking hierarchy common decisions are made in view of the respect they command among each other. Voices often get nicknames, but though not forgotten they are quickly replaced by new, the change in names reflecting their chaotic nature.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Becoming a Voice of Mist [/SIZE][SIZE=16]The Voices are most often trained by other Voices, but some are also trained in other ways and then becomes voices later on.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]When a Voice comes to a settlement he will be open to take an apprentice if anyone with suitable talent and dedication approaches and asks. The Voice will never ask anyone to be his apprentice, for it is a step into another world which one should seek out of ones own will and not because one feel obliged to accept an offer. If a Voice takes an apprentice they will travel together for several years until the Voice thinks the apprentice skilled enough in combat and singing to manage on his own. They then travel to a temple of Mist where they new Voice is set before a panel of two priests and a Voice who questions the applicant about Mist and her ways, and he performs a song of his own making in praise to Mist before them. If the priests deem the answers good and the hymn appropriate they will then bestow the title of Voice of Mist upon the applicant, which is now a full member of the order and has a right to take on apprentices of his own. Such an event as this is always celebrated amongst the Voices for they have gained a new brother, and those who can will always try to attend the festivities.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Others are discovered when they already know they way of combat and song and are then brought before the priests for the questioning. There is no need for these to spend time with another Voice for if they carry Mist in their hearts and know how to get by in life then they can fulfil their duties. Of course these people are never asked to become a Voice; it is something they must seek for themselves, for that shows their dedication to becoming one of Mists heralds.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Origin  [/SIZE][SIZE=16]Little is known of how the Voices started, but tales told amongst the Voices tell of a master skald called Agmundr who met a beautiful woman one day when walking at the seaside. She was sitting in the surf praying feverishly to Mist to avenge the death of her sister Kitta. Agmundr spoke to the woman who was in fact a priest of Mist named Hrafnhildr, and she told him that her sister had been killed their third sister Stynfridr. She knew this for so the ocean had whispered to her when she had prayed for Kitta. She should have been married this very day, but alas as she was dead. Stynfridr was the one who should now be married to a strong and rich family. Agmundr felt his blood boil over this and started to walk towards the home of the sisters. Hrafnhilr followed him and soon they were her home.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Everything was ready for the wedding and when the families gathered saw the skald approaching they were filled with joy for now they would surely have a grand feast. Then they saw Hrafnhildr behind Agmundr and as the skald boomed out across the courtyard “Where is Stynfridr?” Everyone gathered fell silent and after a while Stynfridr stepped forward and told who she was. “why do you seek me skald?” she asked “are you here to congratulate me on my wedding day?” Agmundr looked her in the eye, and as he did he told what the ocean had whispered to Hrafnhildr, he told that the Lady Doom had come and explained it, and now he was here to set it straight. Stynfridr burst into tears for every word he said was true and as tears flowed down her cheeks so everyone else saw the truth in the skalds words. That night it was not marriage that was held on the farm, but an execution. Stynfridr was burned alive for her crimes and as there were nothing left but smoldering ashes Agmundr and Hrafnhildr left the farm.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Agmundr and Hrafnhildr then travelled together telling tales and praising Mist for their revenge. After a year Hrafnhildr gave birth to a son, whom they decided should be named Hafleikr - meaning sea war in the old tongue - for he was born from the union of the sea and war. They continued their travels until they arrived upon a temple of Mist. Hrafnhildr felt the calling of her goddess so strong that she could not go on. She had to pray at the temple and offer her respects as long as the Lady of the Sea wanted it. Agmundr could not stay in one place for so long and Hrafnhildr knew this. They parted with few words as each knew what the other wished. Agmundr took Hafleikr with him to teach him the way of the skalds for he already had a strong voice. He would teach him to sing, but he would also teach him of the Lady of the Sea.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]And so they parted, Hrafnhildr stayed at the temple for many years while Agmundr and Hafleikr travelled Krashin and spoke tales of many things, but one thing was always in them. Their goddess Mist, for they felt as if they were one of hers in both mind and body.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Agmundr and Hafleikr were the first Voices of Mist, and they taught what they knew to others that were talented with their voices and worshipped Mist as they did. Only a few did they meet, and still to this day it is seldom to find someone suited to be a voice in both body and spirit.  [/SIZE][SIZE=16]  [/SIZE][SIZE=16]Notes:[/SIZE][/b][SIZE=16] Can be joined via CDQ Class: Skald (or bard and the CDQ leads to the taking of the first skald level) Skills: Perform and lore of 12  Feats: None required (toughness implicit due to skald), but further toughness, con boosting or other "tough/hardy" feats are strongly recommened [/SIZE]


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