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The Vakhar (Player run guild)


In the year 1388, inspired by the construction of the temple to Folian S’pae in the Forest of Mists; Aralin Harenya began to gather those he felt shared his vision of fostering and protecting the Forest of Mists, and the other forests throughout Layonara to a Group dedicated to these goals. This group was formed to be a means to those goals, they considered themselves Guardians of the forests.   The Vakhar (or Guardians)   The Vakhar is a group of druids, rangers and a select few clerics of the more nature oriented deities such as Folian S’pae and Katia. The Vakhar was founded in the year 1388 by a group of rangers, druids and clerics dedicated to defending the forest and upholding the balance. The founding principle of the Vakhar is to protect the plants and animals that dwell within the forest. Based out of the Temples of Katia and Folian within the Forest of Mists on Dregar, the members of this group know the forest extremely well, it is a home, refuge and headquarters for them.   The Vakhar are organized into three branches which represent three different specialized jobs. The first branch is the Tauron(or Foresters), this group is made up of rangers who specialize in tracking and guiding groups through the forest. The second branch is the Ostar(or Forest Defenders), this group is comprised of the druids that protect the plants and animals within the group. Their responsibility is shared with the Rangers in the Tauron. The final group is the Amandil en’ I’ Taur (or Clerics of the Forest), the members of this group are the clerics of mainly Folian S’Pae, and Katia. Their job is to provide the rest of the group with spiritual knowledge and guidance, they also provide healing to creatures that inhabit the forest, if it is in the interest of balance.   The leadership of the Vakhar is the Trunk Council composed of the leader from each of the branches. The leader from each group is elected by the other members of their branch. The meetings of the council are open to all members, and members are encouraged, but not required to attend, as the council makes decisions that will affect the entire Group most members attend. The Council also will decide what matters will be dealt with as well as how. A portion of each Council meeting is a time that allows members to bring questions and concerns to the council. The Vakhar are based out of Vale which supplies both a location at the center of the Forest, as well as proximity to both a temple of Katia as well as one of Folian.   For the most part each member is allowed to do what they think is best for the forest. Only at meetings and times of emergency are all members usually present.   Joining is a process that takes a large amount of time and commitment, only those who are dedicated to the forest are allowed to join. New members are first given a test to perform by the branch they wish to join. If they pass this test they will be interviewed by the Council. If the council believes the new member will uphold all their rules as well as protect the balance and the forests, they will become new members able to participate in all councils.   Founding members of the Vakhar:   Aralin Harenya – Leader of the Amandil, Council member, and Administrator of the Vakhar  Cole Etinfall – Leader of the Tauron, and Council Member  Luna Moonchaser – Leader of the Ostar, and Council member  Tha’azail Neverborn – Member of the Amandil  Jacchri Abianca – Member of Tauron  Rodlin Serim – Member of Tauron  
NOTE: This is a player run guild


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