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Author Topic: Deh Raven //A Halloween treat mentioning Corky, Gisom, and suggestively alluding to Ravemore//  (Read 283 times)


 //If only I had half the wit and wisdom of Edgar Allan Poe! //
Deh Raven by Mangus Crunch
Er wanted to go
In deh blithering snow
To deh pits of er icy cavern 
What Er din' knows
Was deh cold nearly froze
Me fingers as dey clutched me lantern
Along deh way
Corky an me,
An'Gisom was fight'n Goblins.
Dey weren't  afraid
Of me club an' dey blades
So's dey smashed me on me noggin! 
An' some how Er saw him
While Er was er brawl'n
On er tree branch nearby,
Deh Raven!
But Er paid him no mind,
Spend'n me time,
Smash'n dem goblin's skulls in. 
An' Gisom an' me
An' dat dere Corky
Was bust'n dey bones all in!
But den deh cold 
Starts tak'n er hold
An Er quickly git's to freez'n
We was fight'n  some Wargs
Giv'n dem our worst
When suddenly again... Er see's him!
Up in er tree 
As plain as can be
Dat ominous bird
Deh Raven...
But Corky an' Gisom
Was too busy given'm
Wargs er senseless beat'n
Dey was in er hurry
So Er din' worry
No thought to any retreat'n
Den giants we found
An' dey comes around
Bang'n  me head in deh snow
When Er hits deh ground
Er looks around 
An' Er seen him wouldn't yew know?
Dat black bird of night
He gimme er fright
Just er star'n me down
Deh Raven...
Now Lucky for me
Quickly Corky
Done picked me up an' saved me! 
While Gisom was smash'n
Dem giants, Er drank er batch er
Dem potions what Corky gave me!
Den Er see's up ahead
Deep in deh dead
Of deh cold, er icy figure!
He's stand'n dere wait'n
To smash me Orc face in,
With a fistful of clenched icy fingers!
Er thought struck me mind 
While he struck me blind
Dat he had been sent by...
Dat Raven
Er nearly died
We barely survived
When somehow Gisom beat him
An Er was relieved
When Er finally seen
Him lay'n there defeated
We was slow to recover
From dat icy bugger
But after some time we was leav'n
As we left it got colder.
Er looked over me shoulder
To see if Er could see'm,
Deh black winter foul
Who was out on the prowl,
In dat cold, cold place,
Deh Raven...
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*Chuckles* You get a litle
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*Chuckles* You get a litle bit of Halloween XP for that... From "deh Raven."




Aw...  I miss Leanora. Ain’t got no computer no more though. If only I could get it on my iPhone. 
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