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11 Silk @ 57
28 Aloe @ 29
33 eggs @ 85

Total - 4244


Walking stick of the Heirophant - 1500
Lesser Mage Robes - 2750

Total - 4250

Placed 431 trues in the true chest 425 + 6 to cover the amount I was short

K. Malvaunt

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Alazira!
« on: November 30, 2011, 07:05:41 pm »
Happy Birthday!!!!

General Discussion / Re: A Very Special Birthday
« on: November 09, 2011, 06:36:18 pm »
Happy B'Day :)

General Discussion / Re: Evil Rollcall?
« on: October 23, 2011, 01:25:15 pm »
My 9th Lvl Wizard (Specialist Necromancer) Kalarr would love to hang with some like minded folk, or at least people who won't try and lynch him if he tries his hand at raising the undead ;)

Roleplaying / Re: Kudos for great roleplay
« on: October 22, 2011, 03:00:19 pm »
A big thank you to Ni'Haer / Gelooo for giving Kalarr a proper good fright last night, scaring him half to death and driving him crazy with curiousity at the same time :)

**A Bloody invitation**

The dragon isles, always a mystery to me, as such I have spent a lot of time, travelling there, seeking to find the answers to the questions I have regarding them.  This last night I was on the isle of Caesin, a skirmish with the ruined, broken ones who inhabit the woods there, tough they may be, but little match for my skill.  I think it was in these woods that first I heard it, a rustling sound off in the woods behind me.  I checked, but could see nothing, so thinking myself mistaken I moved further in to the hills in the center of the isle.  Another skirmish, this time with the mushroom folk, again easy prey to my skills.  This time I heard the sound again, accompanied by a chittering sound, thinking it best I began to shield myself with protections, and to be ready should what I heard out there prove hostile.

A creaure, formed from the shadows in front of me, I had felt its presence, and ordered it to show itself.  Terrible to behold, formed of shadows, broad shouldered, with horns and a skull face.  I should have fled, yet I did not, I stood before it, ready should I need to be, but driven by a desire to find out its purpose in following me, for had it truly been there to harm me, well there were opportunities before now which I would have seized upon to stike me, were I in its place.  Instead it spoke to me, and I make a record of its words now, so that I will have a true recollection of them.

"The Dark Lord bids you greetings, little human."

"I come with His proposal for you..."

I was burning with curiousity now, who truly was the master of this demonic shade, could it truly be the one known by many names other than this, but also most definitely "The Dark Lord".  Burning with curiousity, yet also ice cold with fear at the thought that this might be true.  Still, despite that fear, I told the shade to speak further.

"He wishes that you join His embrace. Be part of his circle and you shall have the power that which you seek."

"You need only shed blood in His name..."

"A sacrifice worthy of Him."

"Do what you want and use what you will. You will know when He is satisfied with your sacrifice."

My mind reeling, I stumbled back through the woods, headed for the docks, it is as we sail back for Vehl that I write these words down.  Is this offer truly what I believe it to be?

**A lesson learned well**

A month, perhaps more, I spent in the Northern Gloom Woods, close to the abandonned village, and the castle guarded by the unliving.  Here, if anywhere I thought that I should be able to find myself a subject for my new knowledge, one whom I could call upon to be servant and study at my whim.  Find one I did, in the upper reaches of the castle, the risen skeleton of a warrior of old, armed and armored, strong in it's hatred of those still living, lost in contemplation I tarried over long.  My concealing enchantment faded, as the warrior skeleton moved to attack I called upon all of the knowledge that was available to me, my shadow hound was dispatched with ease, my magical bolts whilst they injured did not prove enough, and the other enchantments I had to hand would have availed me little, after all how can a killing phantasm scare one of the unliving to death?  And should I call upon a ball of fire, well most likely the flames would have claimed me as well.  As I write these words I am still well able to recall the icey fire that burned as I fell to the cuts of the warriors greatsword, only to wake at the bindstone in the heart of Center.

It seems, that for all of my abilities with the Al'Noth, for all that I am master of the knowledge that I took from Veran's secret store, I was brushed aside, like a child by its elder.  Humiliated and hurting.  No more, no more I say, I will be the one who stands when all around me my enemies fall.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Görmungard's Goods
« on: October 21, 2011, 09:31:18 am »
I would be interested in one of the Mithril Helms.

~Alassir Vil'Drazzic~

Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Branderback Questions
« on: October 19, 2011, 09:09:16 pm »
This is a little reversal to the original thought behind it, but evil isn't stupid.  Would Branderback mind if you threw a healing potion or two over the Paladin to maintain your cover?  Probably not, using your divinely granted powers probably yes.  

Lets be honest nothing screams "I'm a worshipper of a dark power" quite like refusing to heal the Toranite Paladin, but a swiftly applied potion or heal kit can go a long way towards convincing people that you are a goody two shoes just like them.

**A Breakthrough**

Yes, finally and at last, I am on the cusp of it.  The last month or more I have spent, cloistered in Vehl for the most part, although that lends it a more scholarly note than the reality of my existence there, of the learning that I was able to carry off from Veran's store of knowledge one secret there was written such that I could not understand it, so I have bent all of my thought and time to deciphering its teaching.

Thus it is with some satisfaction that I feel I have at last broken through to what that secret is.  If my understanding of his writings that I transcribed is correct I now have the incantation with the power to summon an undead servant of my own.  My heart lept at this last night, as the words of the magic finally became clear in my mind, this is the realisation of many of my dreams, no longer will I need to skulk through haunted woods, dank ruins, and danger filled crypts to observe and study, I will be able to bring them to me, and they will obey my commands.  Power, yes power also will this bring, though I do not delude myself that my calls will be answered by any substantial shade, perhaps with time this will change, Verans writings seemed to indicate that this might be the case.  An area for further research I think, also I believe location and proximity to the remains of those more willing to serve may help, and so I intend to look for the sights of conflict, battles and the like, surely I shall be able to find materials there that I can work with.

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:06:46 pm »
Master Freki,

The spider silk has been added to your credit with our guild, to the amount of 2,000 trues.  Giving you a total of 3,780 trues credit with us.

~Lareth Vathach~

**Observations and Notes - Part 2**

I have spent much of my last few weeks exploring the northern reaches of the Gloom Woods, I must admit that it has proven to be an engaging and fruitful study for me.  A good way off the trade road there lies an abandoned town, and cliched though it might sound, at the center of this settlement there is a haunted castle.  The castle and town contain many different subjects for me to study, again something that I find myself forced to do whilst under the cloak of invisibility, for their hatred all those who still live is very powerful, and causes them to attack on sight any who trespass.  That said with my increasing mastery of the Al'Noth I have found myself well able to protect myself the few times that they have noticed my presence, I should still not like to be caught off guard by them, for they would surely overwhelm me.

There is I think some organization in how the risen dead patrol the ruins, and the darkened halls of the castle.  Again, given that I have not been able to find a priest of some dark god, or a powerful necromancer directing their actions, I am all the more convinced that they must have made these distinctions themselves, the weaker mindless walking dead, such as the zombies who patrol the town perimeter are I think given direction by those who are stronger.  This is reinforced by the heirarchical structure of inhabitation as viewed in the ruins of the castle, those who are weakest inhabiting the lower levels, the stonger ones are to be found higher up.  Now, this might be some residual memory of their lives, prior to becoming undead, maybe they just follow the paths they walked and the areas they frequented when still alive?  An interesting question to be sure, however I have tested their responses to my presence, and found them more than willing to persue me to areas of the castle and ruins that I had not observed them visit before.  Perhaps driven by their hatred for me?  Maybe so, but on my next visit I found an increased presence in these areas, additional guards they seemed, so there is definitely an intelligence at work in this aspect.

My next thoughts turn to how I can spend a longer time here, a safe area within the castle for now would serve me well - either that or I must find a way to gain mastery of the ruins, and the inhabitants.  The latter would be much more preferable, although I must admit I think this to be little more than a vain hope at this time, but time and knowledge will tell a different tale if I have anything to say in it.

Of the different subjects I was able to observe whilst exploring I noted some that I had not seen before, but going back to Veran's notes, and also based on the tales that I have been able to gather, I believe that they are as follows:

*Warrior Zombie - A stronger kind than usual, perhaps the risen remains of catle guards?  They share all of the abilities of their lesser kin, but are stronger, usually armed with a weapon of some sort, clubs and maces seem common, and some wear the remnants of armor, although how well it protects I cannot say.

*Alip - A ghostly spirit, from Veran's notes he seems to think that these are the souls of those who died at their own hands, returned driven by hatred of those who survive them, and forced them to kill themselves. From my own experience of their touch, it has the power to drain a little away from it's victim's souls, but this is only temporary, being restored by a good rest, or judicious use of the Al'Noth or an Alchemical preparation.

*Wight - Perhaps related most closely to the ghoul, a carrion eater driven by a burning hunger.  They seem powerful, and more capable of tactical combat, which suggests to me that more of their intelligence has stayed with them from when they had life.

*Wraith - I have only seen the one of these, a powerful risen spirit who's touch can drain with negative energy.  Intelligent, surely it must be, I wonder if perhaps this is part of the presence that directs the others?

*Master Zombie - Or should I call it the Zombie Lord?  Again I observed only one of these during my travels, is it a conceit of me to call it the master?  I am convinced of the intelligence that still burns within him, as evidence of this I saw him cast enchantments from the Al'Noth, which I think must have been motivated by observation and the correct reaction to it.  Initially he cast a physical protection, then upon seeing my mastery of the Al'Noth he cast a defensive barrier to the Al'Noth, one designed to absorb my offensive castings.

All in all I think that I have learned much from these explorations, and I mean to return there again soon until I have learned all that there is to be offered therein.

Development Journals and Discussion / Re: Tyr'riel - Twists of Fate
« on: August 27, 2011, 04:43:21 pm »
The sun had not yet risen, but Ty had been hard at work for over an hour, by this time he'd worked up quite a sweat, and was, though he would never had admitted it, completely exhausted.  The slim dark haired elf was working him hard.

"Come on master Ty'riel, another fifty strikes with each hand if you please.  Alternate hands if you will, and change your levels, don't fall into a pattern that becomes predicatable."

Ty, dutifully obeyed his fencing master, whilst he was tired from having been rousted out of bed early by Master Damon, he enjoyed the exercise, and besides he'd never give him the satisfaction of admitting that he needed a rest.

"Finished Master Damon!  Whats next?"  Ty said with a grin.

Damon smiled imperturbably as he approached, a long wooden case in his hands, which he carried with a care that bordered on reverence. Taking he practice foil which to this date Ty had been training with, he turned and clipped it into the rack on the wall of the exercise room. Running a hand along the top of the box, he flipped open the catches that held it closed and opened the box to reveal a simply forged and yet still elegant sword.  Near to the quillons that formed the guard, a flowing elvish script was etched into the blade.

"Tyr'Riel, it is time that we gave you a blade to use in your training, as there is a world of difference between the feel of a practice foil and a real blade.  So it is time for you to continue your lessons with me using a real sword.  This is 'Lealv eo Laemmeam' whilst this does not translate to well into your language the closest I can come is 'Song of Desolation'.  I hope that she serves you well as we learn."

With that he presented the blade and scabbard to Tyr'riel.

"Now, enough of your lollygagging young man!  Back to work with you."

"Slave driver!!!" Ty muttered under his breath..

"I heard that young sir" *Damon laughed* "If slave driver it is, then we shall see how I can live up to this for you.  Come follow me, lets make you really work."

Damon, with Ty in tow led him through a gruelling series of striking and movement exercises, which tested his fitness and coordination to the limit, especially with the added weight of his new sword.  Ty knew that this would only serve to strengthen his ability, still his lungs burned.  all the while the seemingly inexhaustable elf lectured him constantly.

"Eyes on your opponent at all times, watch them as they come in.  Your foe has fought before, often they are injured, take this knowledge and use it to your advantage.. can they only raise their arm to shoulder height, are they halt of a leg, do they favor one particular shield postion?  You must be able to tell this as they come in, and as you join combat with them.  Use this knowledge of how they fight, and exploit it, if they have a bad arm, attack it, a bad leg, go for the knee joint and take its use from them."

"Now, a respite for you.  100 more strikes at the dummy, with each hand please, again vary hands, levels  and strikes please.  I shall see you here tomorrow at the same time young sir."

A second meeting with Naster, this time with a companion who called himself "Sell", they claimed to be investigating the presence of Dark Elves within Silkwood, lets just say that they didn't do a good job of "selling" this to me, but then I do not think that was ever their intent, shall we just say that it was more to go through the motions.  It seems that my mysterious friend Naster likes to surround himself with skilled associates, this Sell was a skilled scout, able to move without making a sound, and able to blend in with his surrounds.. a hired killer by my reckoning, and doubtless a good one at that.

Our conversation was again interesting, very dark in nature, but it has given me a lot to think upon.  Madness, once more a theme of speech, I wonder if he was toying with me, perhaps in conjunction with the stranger from the crypt?  But, if this be the case, why?  I doubt that there will be tracks of this, but that will not prevent me from looking.  We spoke of the caves below, called Arindor's demise, a place with powerful unliving residing within, he tempted me to venture within.. I almost lost out to my curiousity, and ventured with him below.  However, while I am willing to risk much in persuit of my goals, there is a level of risk I will not take without a more certainty of reward.  I somehow doubt that the unliving would take kindly to my presence, and unlike the mindless creatures who dwell within the crypts of Vehl and Center I doubt that I would be able to prevail against them were I detected.  Still, now that I know, this will be a place I shall investigate further.. much to be learned I think, and knowledge is power.

Knowledge requires sacrifice he said, I wonder just what this sacrifice might be?  As we spoke, some of the mercenaries who dwell above the caves attacked, I acquitted myself well against these hardened killers, though my skills seemed feeble indeed next to those whom I stood with, but for all that my killing phantasm was able to strike down some of them.  Naster said that he often seeks useful individuals to assist him, a job offer?  Perhaps, although he seemed to be uncertain of my ability, or is that willingness to help him.  A test, I would have to pass a test he said, why does this seem so ominous to me?  I understand the need to test those who I would have help me, yet I think this would be more than any such simple test, and I wonder if this test is but the first step on a path from which there is no turning off?

General Discussion / Re: Happy birthday 'loooo
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:33:31 am »
Happy B'Day mate :)

A chance meeting?  Or was it?  I write these words sitting in the flea infested room that I have rented at the one eyed harpy in Vehl, and I do so quickly so that recollection does not fade, nor does my thought influence the conversation which took place between us.  Again, I must wonder at what made me approach the hooded figure whom I encountered in the crypts of Vehl?  Having gone there once more to observe, and to test myself against the walking dead who dwell within, Naster was right, these shells are weak, but for all of that, there is a strength which they possess, a willingness to follow their masters commands, even when clearly outmatched, where other beings would have fled, these still came on, as I knew they would.  A strength there I think, but I digress, having faced some few of the risen dead in the upper levels of the crypts I saw there a hooded figure, standing unmolested by the skeletons.  I should have run, everything that I have learned over the year or so since I struck out on my own told me to turn and run, yet I did not, I found myself drawn to find out more of this "man", how they were able to stand there.  Yes, this was something that I want to know.

I approached him with caution, the stranger beckoned me to join him in the light, his face was hidden by a hood drawn low, never once was it visible, something to consider perhaps, for those who know?  We moved a little further down into the crypts, away from the grounds that the walking dead would often patrol.  So I went, drawn by my curiousity, we stood and spoke, a strange conversation laced with much nuance it was, in recollection I was reminded of the time I spent speaking with Naster.  In fact if I do not miss my guess, my mysterious companion may have alluded to that talk, also he posed once more the same question to my mind, if truly a devotee of the one I think, would they truly be so open?  Our talk was guided by mention of many things, Madness, Death, Hate, Power and the achieving of it... A curious question, the stranger asked me if it mattered where power came from?  My answer was heartfelt, it matters not, power is power, it is the ends not the means that are important.  This seemed to please my host.  Much of what we spoke of, referred to a path to power, if I do not miss my guess is one I should fear to tread, but is it wrong that I find myself drawn toward it?  A moth to the flame?  Perhaps this may be the end of me, but not if I have anything to say in this, it is an opportunity, one which I would be a fool not to explore.

So.. apparently according to a sword  swinging lout my castings of the Al'noth are "evil", "just plain wrong", and all because I used a couple of draining spells against an enemy, well allright I may have caught one of my companions too, but that said they had fair warning of my intentions, and to stay clear.  Muscle bound fool, what tell me is the difference between one of my enchantments and them using a blade to hack open a goblin?  Small minded idiot!  There is no difference, how dare they call what I do wrong, and somehow hold what they do blameless, innocent and pure?  There is no difference other than I was able to bring down my foes more easily then they.. I was able to stengthen myself at the expense of my foes, oh and I did not end up with bits of my enemy splattered over me.  I wonder had I cast a fireball at them, would they have thought of me any differently?  Such folly.. there is no difference, it is all an exercise of power, of strength, my will imposed upon my adversary.  What does it matter if I use Fire magics, a sword, or a spell wich drains and sustains such as the touch of the Vampire?  Fools all of them if they think it to be different, we were victorious, surely this is what is important?

So it is that I sit here thinking of what has transpired, all the more motivated that I shall not answer to their pointless ideas of honor, that somehow place the idea that hacking your opponent open using a sword or an axe is "nobler" than my art bringing about their fall, they are dead, there is no difference in the ends which we persue, so what matter the means?  Naster was right, I must focus my thought upon the bigger picture, and not be limited by these lesser things.  I look forward to our next meeting, for our first can surely not be our last.

A chance encounter, chance?  Perhaps, though it seems strange that so much potential might be tied to such a random aligning of seperate elements.  Perhaps, but then others might see in this the hand of the gods themselves at work, whatever it might be, such opportunities should be seized upon.  It is my hope that I have done so, but again much as yet may need to be done in order to fully gain from this.

The encounter itself, well given that it started when I was walking in the gloom woods outside of Vehl, my intentions were once more to go deep within, and observe the walking dead who dwell therein.  Something that I have taken to doing as often as I am able to get over that way, for my view is that much can be learned by my doing so.  Also, some remnants of broken, mongrel people dwell therein, whom I have found pose challenging, but also rewarding adversaries.  It was on this journey that I met a traveller, that I would later learn is known to most as Naster, though I will be suprised if this truly is the name he was given at his birth.  Cloaked and hooded, his face was mostly hidden from me, but on occasion his eyes shone red in the darkness, elven I took him to be by his build, as to his true heritage, well lets just say I have my suspicions.  Not that such concerns me over much.

Naster asked me where I was heading, after some initial pleasantries had been exchanged, which in my case was a feeling out process to determine if the dark clad, powerful figure before me merited a reaction of instant flight to avoid near certain death.  Rational judgement should have dictated that upon being asked this question, some fabricated tale, of gathering raw materials, or some such banal activity be fabricated, to mask my true intentions.. instead I told the truth, and led Naster on into the forest with me, to observe the risen dead, who roam the woods out past the traders stockade.  Our discussion was interesting, to say the least, and this Naster was confirmed to me as a most powerful wielder of the Al'Noth, with a level of mastery that I can only dream of attaining at this time.  My suspicions are that some of our talk was designed purposely to keep me off balance, he referred at times to the Mad God, to which my response that, it is unlikely that any follower of this god would truly reveal themselves to me as such.  A test perhaps?  If so, my hope is that I passed.  Oh but the power at this Naster's command, such a tantalizing glance of what lies ahead, I made myself a promise then and there, that one day it will be I holding such mastery.

Naster had a lesson for me, one which I was eager to learn, for as he spoke it, I knew the truth of it.  Too look beyond simple playthings, and to seek further knowledge, only through this will I likely gain the power I seek, to never have to bend a knee to those who think themselves my betters.   

You Destroy
You Create
You Obscure
You Unravel
You Steal
You Give
You Wrench
You Dominate

A new direction?  Not so, for all of these I know can be achieved through my current path of study of the Al'Noth.  Rather, to my thought this is a new method of applying this knowledge.  I will learn more of this..

Trade and Market Hall / Re: Auction of a few trinkets
« on: July 26, 2011, 12:52:41 pm »
30,000 for the Mithril Clothing


Layonara Server / Re: Annoucement: Please Welcome...
« on: July 25, 2011, 10:53:38 pm »
Congratulations to you all :)

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