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Introduce Yourself / And Again!
« on: November 21, 2020, 04:13:02 am »
Hail and well met!

My laptop died and with it my time in Layonara. Finally got a new laptop and have started playing NWN again. I've mostly been playing Diamond Edition but have purchased EE and I'd like to get back into Layonara too. There is a chance that my PC may have owed a coin or two here or there. My apologies and if you still have the IOU lying around I'll be happy to pay it. Now to figure out how to get back in. Also, how many years would a dwarf have aged in 5 RL years?

Kind Regards,
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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: Solicitation for some donations
« on: September 06, 2020, 02:12:33 pm »
Sorry to hear that Covid's been such a beast for you and many (my biz too). Happy to chip in a bit. Hopefully, I'll have windows to play soon! Thank you for all you do for the Layo community!!!
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General Discussion / Re: New Version of EE
« on: December 03, 2019, 02:46:42 am »
You can actually roll back versions on steam.
To do so, right click on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in your steam library. Select "Properties...". A new window opens where you have to switch to the "BETAS" tab. There you can select a build of your choice. GOG is still using Build 8186 (v1.78). Not sure about the builds in between as I am using the GOG version for Layo.

Hope this helps!
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Introduce Yourself / Hello! - Songsinger
« on: September 03, 2019, 02:49:57 am »
Hey there, nice to meet you all
Typically play Wizards or Spellsword-types as I gravitate toward magical melee combat.
Fan of Paladin/Blackguards normally as well.

Hope to enjoy playing with you all.
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Development Journals and Discussion / Letters home, from Jo
« on: September 01, 2019, 03:49:41 pm »
Dear Mom and Pop,

Hope the corn is coming in tall and strong and that you and the siblings are doing well. 

My first week on the road has been an eye opener.  The wagon master dropped me at a trading camp called Center.  I blew through my savings getting some gear.  I wished that I could have kept Uncle's sword, but the sergeant at the militia training post told me it was too thin to hold a good edge anymore.  I bought a new one, very similar, but thicker and heavier.  I miss Uncle's sword.  Hopefully I will get used to this new one.  I saw an even bigger sword, longer and heavier.  The merchant said it would take  professional training to learn to use it.  It is not just a larger version of Uncle's sword and it requires a specific technique.  I will see if I can find someone to train me.  Even if I find I don't like the bigger sword, learning new skills is worth the effort.

One thing is for certain, things are very expensive.  In addition to the sword, I bought a helmet and shield, and some stiff leathers.  I could not afford the metal armor.  I am saving for a set, but had other expenses.  And no, do not send any money; put anything you think you would send me back into the farm.  Or, send Jason to sage college, but tell him he needs to be able to do twenty chin-ups before he gets any gold.

Anyway, I did two jobs for folks here.  The money I received got invested into training.  For all the good it did me.  I tried to roast barley and nearly set the kitchen on fire.  I felt like an idiot.  The professional style ovens will take getting used to, just like the heavier sword. 

During the two jobs, I encountered some nasty bugs.  They had my number.  I had a hard time hitting them with my sword but they had no problems hitting me.  Their bites made me sick.  Spent a lot of time resting.  Frustrating.   I finally figured out how to use the shield to squish the bugs.   Allowed me to find the nest and complete the chore.

The revelation on the shield came while I worked the other task, which involved fighting mobile skeletons.  Those things were a lot easier to hit and break into fragments.  One of these skeletons used its shield like a weapon.  I tried the technique on those nasty bugs and it worked well. 

One of the merchants told me I could make a draught that would help with the type of sick that those bugs gave me.  That is the main reason I invested in training.  If the stories I hear at the inn are backed by any sort of reality, I may be able to make needed equipment easier than buying it.  It sounds like a good risk to take.  After all, you taught us that the closer a farm gets to self-sufficiency, the more successful the farm becomes.  I still want to get meal armor though. 

I will write again when I have time.  I plan to visit soon.   Stay safe, and don't let Jason eat my share of the cheesecake. 

Love, Jo
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General Discussion / Re: Blast from the Past
« on: August 23, 2019, 01:12:36 am »
I have also blasted from the past, 2011 was my last login, with my character created 2005. Looking to get back into it, look forward to meeting the new guys. Thergin
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Rangers and True Strike
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:25:59 pm »
There might be some other ranger spells with the same issue.  I cant recall which but i remember Gumbo having issues with other gems n scrolls.  Just sayn while your fixn.  Stoneskin might be one and maybe ultravision.
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General Discussion / Blast from the Past
« on: August 02, 2019, 07:48:18 pm »
I stumbled back to the Layonara website today just to see if there was any life still around on the website.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the community, although reduced, still alive.  I was looking at my registration date, almost 15 years ago.  Wow!  Perhaps one-day the Dark Priestess will walk the world of Layonara again.  Best wishes!
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General Discussion / New Notepad
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:15:27 pm »
I'm absolutely thrilled with the new notepad feature.  When I think of the hours I labored over scrolls for the store, trying to get everything just right.  With a notepad, most of the work is just copy/paste.  It's lovely!
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Introduce Yourself / Greetings folks, hope to see you in game :)
« on: June 24, 2019, 12:01:58 pm »
Hail one and all.

Im 32 year old guy from Finland. I was introduced to roleplaying at age of 10 and been in love with it ever since.
It started out with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game, and Dungeons and Dragons games. I did quick trips to
couple other fantasy settings and even to cyberpunk ones too. I was pretty casual player in a way that I didnt look
out for huge amount of lore to back my stories etc, though recently its been growing interest for me.

Roleplay that is interesting for me is mostly intriquing stories and goofy stuff. I do enjoy serious roleplay too but
often I try to cheer it up a bit. Bought Neverwinter Nights when it was released and been playing it ever since, taking couple year hiatus at one point though. My chars are usually weak mechanically. But I will try to make up for it with other stuff, eather with talkativeness or skill vice. My forte is playing evil characters though every aligment is possible.  Dont be afraid to treat my chars any way you want. I dont take stuff personally, ofcoarse it would be preferred that out of character
we could chat nice stuff if our characters are not getting along.

-Best regards JollyJumper
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Introduce Yourself / Hello old and new friends!!!
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:39:15 am »
After quite a few years and with the Gamespy snafu behind us, Kyle Pandorn is back. I'm almost a year in retirement and it is good to be back on Layonara. Kyle is semi-retired, but is still willing to put the armor on and get into trouble.  :)
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Hi Driggles is still up to no good!  All he sells is a pair of healing gloves (not really even that good) and healing supplies, and everything is way overpriced!  It's been that way for ever, but because all his stuff is known and way overprices he's kinda not used.  Maybe make him randomly sell stuff and at a fair or just above fair market price.  That would give characters a reason to go visit him and see what's new at his caravan!  Maybe throw in some surprise items once in a while or sales on stuff we'd actually use.
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Amidst the evening's rain and thunder, a cart rolls up to the Saddlebag door. Two young men in light armor unload a few crates and chests from the cart, carrying them into the shop.

Tinpin, the fastidious and well-groomed halfling shopkeeper, spoke to the guards, "The chests go in the room in the back, on the right. And put the crates of honey from Riven down here. Thank you."

Tinpin carefully begins to restock the Honey chest with...
28 Honey jars

After carefully washing his hands, Tinpin sits down to read the letter that had accompanied the chests and honey.

"My Dear Friend Tinpin, I hope the honey shipment finds you well! I've almost completed the arrangements to be able to visit the shop more than the once-per-month I've been doing to check the books. In fact, I'm thinking of prying myself away from home (and Maggie) for one or two weeks of the month. Maybe it's time I show my face and connect with the community. Afterall, I retreated from the adventurous life to have a family. And they are all grown and flown the nest.So give my bedroom at the shop a good dusting! I'll be coming to visit soon, and staying longer than my usual short ledger visits."

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Introduce Yourself / *waves* Long time no see!
« on: May 22, 2019, 12:01:02 pm »
Hello, it's been a few years since I played! Looking forward to playing again when I have the chance! My main character is Riven (he started the Saddlebag Pawn Shop back in the day). I also play a dwarven berzerker and would-be miner and smith named Bron Skallagrimson. I have a couple other characters but may not bring them in...we'll see.
Looking forward to RP'ing with you all!
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Walking out of the forest, Eldoran comes back again in Hlint area.

He left his training school to his son and almost everything he possessed. He's getting old but he still in great shape and wants to see the world again.

He comes to Center and goes to the crafting house.

"Hmm ok now i have to make a new set of armor and sword or go get a good deal with some of the guild around here"..."let see..."
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Rumour Has It / Aeridin Priestess sighted
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:06:59 pm »
The small troublesome elf, dressed in yellow and white, fondly known by some as Elohanna Min A'Litae, has been sighted around Port Hempstead near the Angel's Guild and also near Mariner's Hold at the Silver Buckle Inn, Rumor has it that there is dust flying out of the Tower Academy and the Krandor Clinic at the Silver Buckle. Could the Rumors be true? Is she really back after being gone so long, and where could she have gone?

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Layonara Server / Re: Need a little help connecting
« on: April 30, 2019, 03:24:46 pm »
Think it's all sorted, Orth. Thank you very much! 

 Only oddity I noticed(might not be too. *shrug*) was Daniel's horse, Edward the Second, was staked by the fire in Center while I was on as Jo.  Realized you moved my original post on this to bugs..
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Introduce Yourself / Hey Peeps!
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:32:48 pm »
I'd like to introduce myself to everyone. A newcomer to DnD type RPG's. I've barely started getting through NWN campaigns for the sheer purpose of developing a character of my darkest nightmares. I'm not thinking Over Powered or being a Player Killer, but I want to be the villian in a lore and possibly even become a boss for others player want to defeat. That is my dream however. This is purely from my experience of anime and fantasy shows. Again, I plan on doing my best in being an "evil" player character in Layonara. It's my way of seeing how much of a "smooth criminal" I can be. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this everyone.
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Introduce Yourself / Greetings!
« on: April 17, 2019, 05:46:20 am »

I used to play here many many years ago and the impression this place made was so great, that I still check in every now and then.  When I heard that NWN was getting an Enhanced Edition, I wondered whether the team at Layo would be able to and have the desire to move.

I am happy that this looks like it's going to happen.  Few games I have played have been as engaging as Layonara.

I remember battling many a red light goblin, having many debates around the town bench in Hlint and going off on many (dangerous) expeditions.

I look forward to meeting you all

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Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Chakar's Will
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:07:52 pm »
Chakar was Glitch'nich's first teacher, and Glitch'nich learned a ton about fighting from him. After the formal training in the arena, Chakar and Glitch'nich traveled many places. In now what I know was Chakar's later life, they traveled the deep together. It was only about a week between their last trip to the deep and Chakar's demise.

On the OOC side of things, I asked Chakar's advice before taking any levels.

Glitch'nich doesn't need another house, but would have been honored if his mentor would have confered an heirloom to him after the way of tea.

Glitch'nich had a lot of respect and admiration for Chakar even though he was a human and was not aware that chakar was so close to death.
Glitch'nich was shocked (as was I) to see that Chakar died (because he'd never said anything about it) and very displeased. With his mentor gone glitch has shut a part of himself down. He travels less, and creates more.

At some point in Glitch's relationship with Chakar he was told that if Chakar died he would inherit Chakar's belongings as Chakar had no offspring to give them to and Glitch was his only apprentice.

I had to remind Chazzler 12 times to post about the will after Chakar's death... so it's no surprise that he didn't actually remember to write one before his death.
I don't think about such things myself, as it's a fantasy world and most people don't think about this sort of thing until after the fact.

If such things were allowed in character here, Glitch'nich would have gone through the house to find something to remember Chakar by after hearing of his death. However that would be viewed as stealing, a bannable here.

I am not sure what the bond from Chakar's side was for glitch, but glitch would always look for chakar, and wish for him when he wasn't around. (Now I understand why he wasn't around much, SS and all.)

What ever the decision is about the will, may it be fair to all.
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