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Rumour Has It / Cave Exploring
« on: February 04, 2016, 05:49:06 pm »
*Corky n Ry set up at Dalanthar and try talk'n up some interest in going cave diving for gold, guts and glory*//gona be at dalanthar around 9pm edt for a cave dive
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Leringard Arms Inn and Tavern / There Once Was A Lim'rick Committee...
« on: January 29, 2016, 11:16:37 pm »

There once was an inn in the city
Favored by a halfling so witty
At Layonara's behest
Put Ol' Blue in a dress
...Turns out Steel is really quite pretty...


Sunra, Decilar 22, A Leringard Arms Throwback:


Limerick Night!


Bring Your Favorite Chestnuts or Roast Fellow Attendees With Improvised Verse!

((February 7th, 12pm PST))

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Introduce Yourself / Lurking around
« on: January 22, 2016, 11:20:43 pm »
And planning on coming back! Probably won't play as much as I used to, but will definitly be playing. Let's hope I remember my credentials...
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Rumour Has It / Bloody Gate Extended Patrols
« on: January 22, 2016, 06:05:28 pm »
*Griff meets some other dwarves at one of the fire-pits within the walls of Bloody Gate.  Conversation and drinking is as would be.  The cold is piercing but the ale is stronger.  The discussion enters into topics of Milara and rumors.  Then another dwarf with different armor joins them by the fire.  They fill him in on what they speak of and offer him some ale.  Turns out this dwarf is the head of the perimiter patrols.  More ale is consumed and they take turns pulling meat off a deer that one of them through on the fire coals."Aye he's out der somewhere I wager.  Tings got messy after deh bassard tried mess'n wit deh moons n stars.  No tell'n what's go'in on past des walls.  Meh patrols beh limited n range.  Oi loike tah keep em close tah deh Gates."  Says the Perimiter Commander."Oi could go have a look for ye.  Push over some rocks or knock over some dead tree stumps...bassard holed up some place after he got his arse kicked n ran...prolly a piss trail his yellow arse left tah somewhere.  Oi gots friends n trackers...good folks Oi fought wit befer.  Weh can go on out past ye perimiter patrols n report back tah ye if ye loike."  Says Griff"Aye foine if ye want Major.  Ye know deh danger so Oi won't tell ye nut'n ye aint aware of, jus dat lota dem places ain't ben seen by dwarves in a long toime n no tell'n what foul magics he got in place.  Aye assemble ye party n report back tah meh; weh keep a fire burn'n n a keg a ale ready for ye return."  Says the Perimiter Commander."Call it done" Says Griff as he pats him on the back.*Griff then goes on his Warpony and places notice with those he knows to meet him at Bloody Gate for a patrol*//Gona set something up for this coming thursday at 6:00 pm edt to explore the areas around Bloody Gate and enter Milar's lands.  
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General Discussion / Christmas
« on: December 25, 2015, 11:33:03 am »
Merry Christmas to all.
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General Discussion / Master resigning as GM
« on: December 17, 2015, 12:49:01 pm »
I have taken a long look at this and have tried getting back into being a GM again but it is not in me any more. I have great respect for what everyone is doing here. I know me leaving is not going to be much of a streain on the team as I have not done much in over a year. The team knows the details about what has been going on with me but suffice to say I have had quite a few personal and work related issues that has kept me away.The biggest reason I threw myself into this game was because my son played. My son has not played here for years but I continued  because I needed to work on writting my thoughts down and I loved the people who played here. I do not need to work on my writting any more and prefer vocal interaction verses a text based game. I still love the team, the people who play here and the concept of  the Layo universe. It just does not meet my current needs in a game and will not for a while. When you find it a chore just to log on to play it is time to find another game. Even after a year of not playing I find it a chore to log on and play.If you want ot get ahold of me send me a PM as it is linked to my e-mail account and I will get a notification of the PM. I usually reply with in 24 hours of getting the PM.MJ
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General Discussion / Taking a Short Break
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:49:33 am »
I just wanted to touch bases with my Layo family... Due to some RL work and personal things I'm taking a short break until January 1st. I may still be in the forums between now and then, and will continue working through the current CDQ I have going, but in-game quests will have to resume in the new year. Thanks for your support and understanding guys and gals... I will be back. :-)-Rave
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General Discussion / Computer Failure
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:51:44 am »
Hard drive seems to have imploded catastrophically.  New one is in the mail.  Hopefully that was the only problem.  May be out of commission for a bit!-Lonnarin/Brewmaster
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General Discussion / Haunting Quest Monday
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:30:18 pm »
Hey folks.  I'm pushing this one up to Monday the 26th, 8pm EST as my sleeping schedule is a bit wonky right now.  Will also try to have another similar spooky quest later on this week in honor of Halloween!
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Rumour Has It / Something Wicked This Way Comes...
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:05:16 am »
Deep beneath the hills of Taur'en, something is lurking.Her name is Tyrra Dragonheart.  Not that anyone was aware she was down there, apart from the two people she brought with her and the officials who sent her there.  But she wasn't the thing anyone had to worry about.  Something else was found down there, among the manticores and drakes and killer mushrooms.  Something new.  Something unique.  Something grotesque.And it had "Evil" written all over it.
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Rumour Has It / Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Near Vale
« on: September 29, 2015, 11:37:08 am »
Continued from  Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Falls ForestAs Lola paces the perimeter, she is sickened by the absences of her gift. She cannot sense anything. The irregular throbbing and pulsing of the anomaly quickens her heartbeat. Although she is pretty sure it is just her imagination, she feels as if there is some type of vacuum sucking the Al’Noth from everything. The nearby plant life even looks less vibrant, dull almost. As she walks around a tree and the anomaly is out of sight for a few seconds, things become… *Dramatic pause* interesting.There is a deafening crack of lightning and thunder, and as she peeks around the tree shards of wood fly in all directions as dozens of lightning bolts emit from the disturbance in all directions. Trees are ripped in half by the energy. A wave of salty water erupts from the core of the pulsating field accompanied by a strong gust of wind as it suddenly expands and winks out of existence with an abrupt sucking sound. Lola is nearly swept away by this sudden flash flood, but manages to grab a small sapling and haul herself partway up its shaking trunk. A few minutes later the waters have subsided and a large armored fish with sharp teeth, a species never before seen on Layonara flops helplessly on the now muddy forest floor. She can feel a rush of Al’Noth back into the void as her gift returns. She shakes her head in astonishment at the event and spits out some salt water. She thought she glimpsed a ropelike extension from the disturbance just as it disappeared. She cannot be sure though.
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Rumour Has It / Anomaly in the Al’Noth - Falls Forest
« on: September 28, 2015, 05:04:09 pm »
Reports begin to trickle into Bydel Castle. None have been confirmed as of yet, but several witnesses are being debriefed by authorities. Rumors indicate that some type of wild magic disturbance suddenly appeared in the Falls Forest, accompanied by a hurricane strength gust of wind and large chunks of ice falling out of the sky. After a few minutes it winked out of existence.
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Layonara Server / Plot News - September 26th 2015
« on: September 26, 2015, 03:47:44 pm »
Hello Everyone!The GM Team just wanted to touch base with you regarding Plot progressing and the like. While we are not completely done tying off the previous plot, we are already hard at work on the next one. We would like to see it started November sometime but at this time we do not have a schedule in place. We're mostly writing to let you know that something is in the works though, there are hints and shadows already happening IG.Holding the anticipation over your heads.....~GM Team~
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Rumour Has It / Wild Magic! A meeting of the minds
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:00:27 pm »
*A once in decade, century maybe? meeting of the greatest magical minds in Layonara is taking place at the Thorn River Wizard's Castle.  Strange magical anomolies and wild magic areas are the topic.  Those with information on such phenomena or special skills or experience in resolving them or not resolving them are urged to attend.  It is hoped through mutual sharing of information, knowledge, wisdom and experience a tactical group of brave souls may be assimilated to  address these matters.*//see calender for time and date
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We are not closed, however...


All wood items must be picked up at the Angels Guild Hall in Port Hempstead. Please contact any Angel Guild member to make arrangements. We appreciate your continued patronage during this latest trouble.

People with information about the disturbance in Hempstead Fields are encouraged to find an Angels Guild representative. Adventuring types doubly so.


Thank you, 

The Angels Guild


//Visitors to the shop will note that most of the wood appears to be rotting or in bad repair, including the floors, doors, and walls. The wooden chests have been swept empty of instruments, bows, staves, arrows, books, and all other wood-based items; metal and cloth items are on metal racks. Expensive and magical items have been removed or relocated to solid metal chests. The rear entry and door to the back room are in the process of being replaced with metal, but as the surrounding framework is wood, it's a patchwork radiating protections to the magic-sensitive.

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General Discussion / Stepping Down
« on: September 03, 2015, 09:31:15 pm »
Hey there everyone,For personal reasons, I have decided to step down from GMing.  It's been a good ride, but it's time I focus on other things that have been occupying most of my time anyways.  I wish you all the best of luck.  Thank you for the good times and memories.~Alatriel/Diva
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General Discussion / Community Update - Ravemore
« on: September 01, 2015, 10:20:10 pm »
Just an FYI... We had a large windstorm in the Seattle area over the weekend and I'm swamped at work... so there may be some delay in responses, ongoing IRC RP, etc. I do not anticipate having to reschedule anything though. So, if you're waiting for a reply, I'll get to you as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.-Rave
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Ancients Legacy / Ancients Legacy -- Epilogue, Part III
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:43:15 pm »
Another two months pass before the Conduit is fully disassembled and prepared for relocation. Near the end of this, scouting parties have found what is believed to be a passage through the Deep that will lead to Mistone and eventually the Hall of Seven, however, it is not without its perils, and such a large group passing through with the added load of the Conduit pieces would surely draw unwanted attention. In the interest of expediency, it is ultimately decided to take the Conduit overland to Anger Bay and from there to sail for the subterranean docks of the Ulgrids with the aid and capacity of the Toranite troop ships, and eventually traverse into the Deep for the last part of the journey.The Conduit is moved in five main efforts, each conveying the parts for one fifth of the Conduit, based on the notion that should any section be lost, it could be recreated using their plans and the others as a template. A key piece of each section of the Conduit is taken and moved through another means. The gnomes refuse to answer questions about these pieces or how they are moved, referring to them only as “essence” or “heart”, though there seems to be some disagreement among them as to the correct way to translate the specific word.The transportation of the Conduit back to the Hall of Seven is every bit as painstaking as its disassembly, yet the challenges along the way remain well within the abilities of those serving as scouts, protection or both. Every consideration is given to the safety of the pieces. Reassembly within the Hall begins as soon as the pieces begin arriving. After the better part of a year from the discovery of the Conduit, all pieces arrive safely within the Hall. All those who aided in its transport and protection are thanked, offered provisions and a time to rest, but they are asked to depart as soon as possible. “Our work...” they are told. “for reasons given by the gods themselves, must remain secret. The Five will soon be reborn to disappear among the peoples of this world. Remember all you have learned. Respect what you were told. When the skies change next, you will know the meaning.”
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Introduce Yourself / Coming back again
« on: August 21, 2015, 02:28:34 am »
Came back for a look in 09 but RL got in the way. It was a little sad to see how empty the world was compared to 06. It looks like some players are coming back? I'm going to try to get a new character underway this weekend. Nothing beats Layonara RP.Regards,Eltalstro
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...their packs and bags stuffed with rough sapphire. After a long journey to Black Ice Isle, running battles with the local goblin tribe, and exposure to bitter cold, they returned victorious, pretty much in one piece, and a lot wealthier than when they left. 
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