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General Discussion / Re: Hi
« on: December 18, 2021, 02:21:28 pm »
It still is!
Nice to hear from you :)
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"Look! Coming out of the craft hall, isn't that..."
"Yes, that's her to be sure. Stop staring, Mary!"
"Oh, I don't care. What's she going to do? Come and flatten me like a boy? Gawds! Look at the size of her. She looks like someone lopped off a fire giant's rear end and stuffed it in a suit of armour."
"Shhhh! She'll hear you. Here she comes."
"So what? She can't speak common anyway."
At this point, the strapping young dwarven woman in question strode past the two girls on her way towards Fort Wayfare, paying them absolutely no heed. They were long legs and long legs of no consequence at that. She had more important things to think about. Until now she had no purpose other than wandering in search of a fight. Now she had something to fight for.
"Hmmm." she thought to herself, "Bron said they were in need of timber and iron. I gave those gnolls a good knock, but I don't fancy trying my luck deeper in those Haven mines without some stout dwarves alongside me. The iron will need to wait. I can get oak easily enough though."
Presently, she came upon the still waters of Lake Palden and being in no particular hurry, she decided to take a stroll along its western edge.
"Oh I remember coming here with da when I was a girl." she thought to herself, sighing and staring out across the water. "Nevermind that." She said aloud. "You're in the Crimson Company now, and kin is kin."
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Character Submissions / Gordy Bluestar Character Submission
« on: May 18, 2021, 11:48:55 am »
Name: Gordy Bluestar
Age: 120
Class(es): Sorcerer
Race: Elf
Subrace (if applicable): Wild Elf
Alignment: TN
Deity (if devoted): Kithairien
Domains (if cleric): N/A
Biography and Description:

   Gordy has had a desire to leave his tribe for as long as he can remember. He feels so different then the other tribe members. For instance he loves to collect things that he finds while moving from place to place. The others think he is wasting his time and strength carrying his "useless" possessions when his tribe moves. But he could never bring himself to leave his family when they needed him so much.

   A few years ago Gordy started to manifest magical abilities. The elders of the tribe did not approve of his innate ability and discouraged him from using it. Instead he was trained to use spears and bows. He could not resist using his new abilities and has gotten very creative in finding excuses to go off and practice and refine his skills.

   It was during one such occasion that he left to practice and came back to find that his village had been attacked. Many lives were spared but the lives of others including his mother and father were not. Filled with rage he vowed to seek revenge for those tribe members that lost their lives. The remaining elders would not hear of his plans to seek out those who attacked them. The threat was small and there was enough of them left to move to a new land in order to avoid conflict.

   With nothing in the tribe to make him stay Gordy left to venture on his own and find those who killed his parents.
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General Discussion / Re: Current state of Layonara?
« on: March 09, 2021, 04:17:09 pm »
Nice to see all the familiar names again.  Hope you are all very well.

I'll start dreaming up a new character or three.

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New Bounty Available!
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Development Journals and Discussion / K'a Zhazo urwa k'a Thzialakazh
« on: November 24, 2020, 04:52:22 am »
'Rats! What an odd lot they were. Takin me under Centre t' kill rats. Who goes around killin rats other than small dogs an' hungry street urchins?
'Where's that bloody buckle got to? Oh, by the hells! I jes had it here in front o' me. Under here? No. Of course! Under that curious bug shell; there it is! I'll throw that bloody shell out.
'And bugs! By the hells! they were worse than the rats. Anyone'd think I were aimin t' make a pest queller out o' meself at this rate.
'Right, thread this leather through 'ere like so and... Oh bugger! Too short. I'll need t' get another length.
'Bugs and rats and then bloody ghouls and ghosts and walkin skeletons! If this is what provin me worth involves, I'm not sure it's worth it. Not that I didn't give em a good go, mind you! Heheheh...
'Right this time... Thread the leather through here and then... tie it through here... pull it tight... There, that should do. 'Hmmm, now to sharpen that new blade.
'O' course they weren't much help. Jes stood around mostly, yellin encouragement and watchin me get assaulted on all sides by vermin and bloody horrors from beyond the grave! They were nice fellas though. Didn't even want no loot. Never met nobody fool enough t' give away their share o' the loot before. Heheheh! Ceptin maybe Sirel. They musta realised I did all the heavy liftin. Now, what were their names? There was the knife obsessed one. He was Johnny. And the one with the outlandish, glowing eyes, "Jeeow" somethinorather I think. And the other fella with the wolf on his head. "Fuh", I think he was. What an odd lot. Friendly fellas though.
'Now, where's that blade got to?'
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Rumour Has It / gum in stort
« on: July 07, 2020, 08:55:31 pm »
Is it him!
Yep its that scum dwarf!  I'd recognize that beard and foul glare anywhere.  We told you never to come back!  Get Stort out of your stupid little brain *as he kicks the drunken dwarf*
Lets drag him over here where we can really beat his arse!
*Gum mumbles about wanting to get to Hilm for an emerald trip (//thur 1am est)
*they both laugh and poor their beers on him*
Go back to sleep *punches him* where you can keep dat dream goin.
After we're done we'll toss him out by one of the ravenloft boats...nobodys checked those for years.
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General Discussion / Returning player - UK time zone
« on: June 27, 2020, 07:38:52 pm »
Hi all,

I thought I would hop back online here after many, many years away (and spending some time on a NWN2 server in between) - with the current pandemic going on I find myself with a lot more time at home these days!

This is a message mainly to say hi and also to ask if there is a particular time/ day where the server has a few people logged in? I am in the UK and so timings have always been difficult, but as I said, lots of time on my hands so I'm able to be logged on into the small hours of the morning if that will help.

If anyone remembers Karn/ Deon/ Elzhabehl you might find them hanging around again now  ;D (particularly Karn who was always my favourite!). I'm looking forward to getting back into this community that I've never been quite able to forget even after all these years - see you soon!

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Character Development Quests (CDQ's) / Lilium (CDQ)
« on: April 08, 2020, 10:15:03 am »
 Lilium (CDQ)
Available for CDQs only at this point!!!

Rules and guidelines:
  • As I only run CDQs at the moment, I will limit the maximal number of participants to 3 (the requester is already included). Anything else will be considered as a GCDQ in my eyes.
  • The quest will be focused on the main character, meaning any other possible participants may aid your character, but should not overtake the quest.
  • While planning the quest, I will keep your character in my mind, meaning any of my quests can be done solo. Of course, the difficulty may increase the more participants are present.
  • During planning I may ask you for additional information regarding your character. If I request them, be assured that they are crucial for planning the quest and thus do not hesitate and give me proper and elaborate responses.
  • Running a quest does not automatically result in a successful completion. Depending on the choices made within it, it may result in a failure.
  • Remember, actions do have consequences, may they be good or bad.
  • Please come up with a good reason why you want me to run the quest. I am aware of the current quest situation, but I will refuse to run quests solely on the purpose just so that there is one around.
  • Once your apply for a CDQ here in this thread, I will get in touch with you via PM when I get to it.
  • Tailoring quests to the participant(s) does take time. Please respect this and give me proper time to come up with everything. No nagging. I will get to it, given my RL obligations. Failure to respect this may result in cancellation of said quest and you will have to reapply again. Seeing one of my player characters around online does not mean I am not focusing on the quests, but after a busy day I may just need some time off. I think we all have been there.

 What to expect and not to expect on my quests?
  • As the GM, I provide a framework for the quest. You have to actively get involved in the setting. I won’t drag the main character along and tell them what to do. That is up to the character. It is their quest.
  • Do not expect an easy pass on the goal. You have to work actively to achieve your set goals.
  • Expect that your actions have consequences. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t mind altering the whole planned out scenario to reflect the choices made during the early stages of the quest.
  • Expect quests that are mostly story-driven. Many of the quests I led in PnP settings did not rely on combat at all. I am not saying that there will be no combat at all, but depending on the setting and / or situation you may run into little or no encounters. The reason behind this is quite simple: I think this approach offers players a better approach and setting to actively develop their character character during the quest.
  • NWN is a limited and restrictive when it comes to its mechanics and which might not work well within the quest. Thus, do not rely too heavily on the mechanics. I expect you to keep this in mind while participating in one of my quests.

 How often and when do I run quests?
  • I live in Europe which means I will run quests within reasonable hours for myself, mainly during afternoon / evening (GMT+2). During weekends I may also be available in GMT mornings. Please keep in mind that due to RL obligations and family reasons I cannot be available for quests all the time.
  • Due to RL obligations I will only run around 2-3 CDQs during a year. Keep that in mind while applying. Depending on the backlog, you may have to wait for a longer period until I can focus on your quest.

 Even though I set some rules and boundaries, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the quests. I work hard to make the CDQs enjoyable for all participants.

Current CDQ:
In Planning:
1. Gilshem Ironstone - Thhakuk
2. Xiaobeibi – Martlet A Swift
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General Discussion / Returning Player
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:22:00 pm »
Hello All,

Its been a while. I'm looking to return and am hoping my characters are still here. I talked to my son Mateo and he said I needed to request that they be returned to my account? Can someone point me in the right direction!

Hope all is well with all of you. I see some familiar names on posts!

My Thanks.
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: December 26, 2019, 11:51:55 am »
A note from Eldoran,

Hello, I bought a beautiful amulet from your store.

Ruby Set in a Mithril Amulet

I left 58 000 trues as its listed price.

Thank you,

Eldoran Aseph
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Greetings and best wishes for the holiday season everyone.

First off as of now a bonus event is running with the Soul Mother being inactive, extra GP and extra XP! I am not going to set an ending date quite yet so just enjoy it while it lasts.

Secondly as most of you probably know, NWN has had a new release and Layonara is still on the old release. I've been preparing for the migration to the new release and It's all ready, just need to test it out a bit more and turn the switch. I'm just holding off until I know most of the community will be ready to move to this new edition. Some older computers may not be able run NWN:EE 8196+ as it's 64 bit and requires a bit more GPU than the previous edition. Either way, we're going to have to migrate sooner or later so I'll buy a bit more time by testing the new version.

All the best,
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Rumour Has It / Re: Minatour Hunt
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:54:57 am »
*Gumbo hands Colo a gigantic horn and turns to smile at Martlet, Jeb and Van*
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Introduce Yourself / Hello! - Songsinger
« on: September 03, 2019, 02:49:57 am »
Hey there, nice to meet you all
Typically play Wizards or Spellsword-types as I gravitate toward magical melee combat.
Fan of Paladin/Blackguards normally as well.

Hope to enjoy playing with you all.
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Introduce Yourself / Re: A Namechange appeared!
« on: August 25, 2019, 11:11:39 am »
Welcome, don't fret it we're all a good bunch!  :P
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Trade and Market Hall / Re: Angels Guild--Adventure Outfitters
« on: August 11, 2019, 04:19:31 pm »
The value of ginseng for barter is temporarily raised to 200 trues credit each.
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Diety related Hammer of God
« on: August 05, 2019, 03:22:29 am »
Would be nice to see a different color set and animation linked to the Cleric's deity, to give diversity to that spell. Example, Beryl could be a multi color prism crashing down on the ground with a blinding light. Vorax could be a Huge blood red Axe that swipes down (don't know if that's feasible) etc. I know there's different Animation available for GM's entrances, and they are customizable, maybe that system could be adapted for the Hammer of God spell?
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I have it on both PC and Mac, I'll test it!!!
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General Discussion / NWPAD Details! (New Players Look Here!)
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:06:03 pm »

Hello to the World!

Welcome to Layonara’s Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (NWPAD) event! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to check us out!

Layonara has a long and rich history, as we have been up and going nearly since NWN went live! We are a quiet little community these days but we’re happy to have you here! If you are here to collect the token, you’ll find it not far from the spawn point for new characters. We do hope you’ll stay and check us out!

Some important details if you hang out with us:

First, we have our own set of custom HAKs. These can be downloaded here: ( There is also a custom TLK file available from the same page. This needs to be placed in the “tlk” folder within your NWN installation. Instructions on where to place these files are located on the same page.

Second, we will only be running our events until the 16th of July, at 7am Pacific/9am Central/10am Eastern/3pm BST/10pm China Standard Time/(July 17th)12amAEST.

Also, we are normally password-guarded to help keep our immersion intact, as we are a Roleplay server. We’ve suspended our usual level of immersion for the event, because there is A LOT of lore to read over and we’d rather you just jump in and hang out with us, to be completely honest! If you like us, do feel free to read up and stick around! What does our suspension mean? Here’s the breakdown:


  • We usually require character applications before you can play. However…

    • You don’t have to apply during the NWPAD period.

    • If you want to stay, we will ask that you create a forum account and notify us (or apply) within 30 days of the event’s closure that you intend to do so. Otherwise your character will be purged to help keep our data managed.

    • If you need any help our really awesome community is happy to help. Please just get in touch in one of the various ways to ask:

      • Post on the forums (you’ll have to register to do that, sorry!)

      • Pop in to our IRC server. You can jump in here, no registration needed, just a web browser. It may look empty but don’t worry! We have a bot that feeds your text into our Discord server.

      • You can get to us via Discord by request! Register with us on the forums and let us know your interest and we’ll drop you an invite!

  • Our usual RP standards are put on pause for this event. We still request that you have a character personality in mind (even if it’s just a mirror of your own!) and engage with everyone in character (IC). Some of you, we’re sure, are pros at this. Just in case of new folks or people unfamiliar with Roleplay, we’re ready to help out. Our forums have a wealth of information on RP but our players are happy to help as well. Just mark your messages in game with a // to let us know your messages are out of character (OOC). Regulars here might send you tells with helpful information on where to find stuff on our website as it’s pretty big. We’re just really excited for you to be here and would love for you to stick around and learn more.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY! Even though our RP and Character Applications are suspended for the duration of the event, we ask that you follow the other rules of our server. You can find them here. We have young children that play here from time to time and your language should reflect that at all times! No cussing and no adult content. We don’t want to be killjoys but we support our minors and their guardians who hang out here. (You might say we’re a little bit protective of them, as a lot of us here are parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.)

    • If YOU have any problems, please contact our GM staff ASAP. We are trying to guard against any troubles with our temporary password but we’ve had some crazy stuff sneak in before even with password protect.

    • If you need to contact us, you can ask for help by posting on the forums, via IRC, or certainly also our Discord Server. Additionally you can send Dorganath, myself(Rowana) or Acacea via private message (PM) if you need to reach someone privately for some reason. The three of us usually get a notification when we get a PM. If the issue is urgent, a PM including the three of us is best to make sure one of us can get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading all of this! Our temporary password for play is: nwpad

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!!

~The Team at Layonara

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Dragon Retribution / Rumor Mill - Location: Hurm
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:56:05 am »

Despite the seriousness of the tragedy, the bar is more packed than ever. Few people are drinking but most people are talking. The price of drink has gone up and not as many people are earning a wage of any kind. People still gather and the talk is grim.Many fret about family and loved ones. Some have an eye to the rest of what is going on.“Ey’ heard some grifters were sellin’ so-called-cures te Jonsey, or tryin te.”“Sellin’ te Jonsey? Rough… they get wha’was comin?”“Aye… Right an left. He ain’t let go of how his wee lass died off in th’ night wif a so-called-cure te help her on.”“*grunts lightly and shakes his head* Ye get what ye ask fer.”  

//part 1, but feel free to respond to this or other items.

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