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Here are a couple starting notes for the migration:

Migrating your Characters
If you have played on Layonara before and still have your old CD Key you will be able to migrate your characters from the servervault automatically. To do this you need to copy your old nwncdkey.ini file from NWN 1.69 and place it in the new NWN:EE folder (this is usually My Documents/Neverwinter Nights for Windows installs.) You will know it's the proper place for the file if you see a cdkey.ini file in that folder, as that's the key file for NWN:EE. Once that's done, you will also need to make sure your login name is the same as the one you used on the old Layonara. You will be prompted for this before you login. Remember it's case sensitive! if your login name before was orth don't enter Orth. If you do not have your old cd key and can prove you are the player who once played certain characters, please send me a PM. If you have access to your forum account this is usually sufficient evidence.

Automatic Content Downloading With NWSYNC
The first time you connect to the new version you will be presented with an automatic download dialog box. NWN:EE includes a fantastic new feature called nwsync that means players no longer need to download, extract and install haks. Whenever changes are made that would in the past require hak updates you will now just automatically download the content before connecting to the server. Note: there is no way to speed this process up for the first time even if you already have the old layonara haks. In addition while the download will be large the first time, future downloads will be much smaller.

New Features and Bug Fixes
The extent of the improvements made and bugs fixed in NWN:EE can be viewed in this log of updates at Steam. (some are still in the dev edition) I have also added some great new feature enhancements and fixed a lot of issues specific to Layonara. Over the coming while I will outline some of these features so they're used and passed along. To get you started please make sure to read the updated online help system using =c help
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If you happened to equip something with an item level restriction in the last few days that you were not able to before your character will now have problems logging in.

Please let me know in this thread and we'll get your character fixed.

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Layonara Server / Re: optional music
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:19:18 pm »
You can download the optional files at the old website..
Hope this helps :)
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Wild Surge Inn / Delivered to and Posted at Center - Seeking Information
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:58:54 pm »
Magic's blessing on friends of the Al'Noth. I seek information on a place or person known  as "Wallach" and am willing to part with a modest sum for knowledge. Krandor's inn can be found by courier or trained bird; I expect to remain there for some time. 

~Neema, Servant of the Stars' Mage

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General Discussion / Custom Voicepack Unlocker
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:37:42 pm »
By popular demand (well ok, Thoven PMing me to remind me to put this up) here's the file needed in your override directory to make a new character with a custom voice ala Grovel, Kurn, Gromak, Annie, etc.  Bear in mind you only get the main voice options and not a lot of the ones like exploration or tasks, etc.  Still fun to play with if you find one that fits your character concept pretty well!
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Layonara Server / Housing Sweep -- 2016 Edition
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:30:15 pm »
Better late than never, I suppose!Here goes my first pass. For tradition and fairness, I'm going to list these here and give people a chance to a) lay claim or b) get their stuff out before the house is emptied and put back on the market.104 -- Galathea Arnaduillae
112 -- Asher Hardrock
122-- Ni'haer Barrit'tar
124 -- Lareth Vathach
131 -- Galen Iraes
136 -- Argali Trueaxe
138 -- Log Lightrunner
140 -- Twixel
142 -- Riley Alexander
143 -- Hanta Deshaldi
149 -- Elgon In'Darsus
150 -- Gormungard Boulderanvil
154 -- Ender Sai
156 -- Iradril Arkenrahel
174 -- Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir
175 -- Klaugraquene Dragonbane
179 -- Nex Jinkai
181 -- Calylith Eluchil
185 -- Starr Saphire
196 -- Azk'a Thunderaxe
203 -- Unther Hardhammer
204 -- Xanya Enyafailm
205 -- Grohin Silveraxe
206 -- Fehriel Cailomel
210 -- Drachus Vachar
217 -- Sein Alinds
221 -- Boon Loom
230 -- Gunther N'diknik
241 -- Abiorn Rukrym
246 -- Durgen Stormbrow
260 -- Wren Thendor
 This is a preliminary list. None of these characters have been seen in over two (2) years.Houses numbered in the 100's are either on Mistone or Alindor. Houses numbered in the 200's are largely on Dregar, though there are exceptions.NOTE: Potentially defunct guild halls are not listed. If I have mistakenly added a guild hall to this list, I will remove it, though defunct guild halls will be handled in some way at some point. They may be returned to the market and priced like houses according to their physical size at some later date.You may wonder what constitutes a valid claim on one of these houses. Primarily, either there's some long-term residence involved or a significant relationship (i.e. marriage, parent/child, etc.). In the case one of these houses is the hall of an active guild, but the owner is absent, the property can be transferred to one of the current active guild members.As mentioned in a previous thread, an open portal in a strategic location is not sufficient reason to maintain an otherwise empty or un-used house.In order to lay claim, put in a grievance/request for the transfer. It is not a guarantee we'll grant the request, but we will investigate and see if it is appropriate.To keep the process moving, we will only entertain claims for a period of two (2) weeks, after which any unclaimed houses will be emptied and placed back on the market. Any existing keys to these houses will no longer work after that point.If there are any questions, please ask below.
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Rumour Has It / Heralds
« on: July 30, 2016, 09:20:44 pm »
Told by those who listen and watch for such things, by those whose jobs it is to see patterns in things, come disturbing rumors out of the Liwich Kingdom.On the same day at about the same time, in Hurm, Wymere, Redferns, Bitterridge and Liwich Castle, a lone stranger arrives. Each of these strangers is robed and hooded with the bearing of a person with strong beliefs and an unwavering conviction to them. Though largely human in appearance, reports differ as to the details. Some are said to wear pale grey-blue robes, carry a staves of pale sapphire with skin and eyes the tone of glacier ice, while others wear robes of earthen brown, carry staves of granite with skin and eyes colored like unfired clay. All seem to bear markings of some sort upon the skin that are visible. Whether the are scars, tattoos or some combination of both is unclear, and all seem lacking hair of any sort.In all reports, this figure comes into the center of town, plants its staff in the ground and speaks a prophecy of doom. Like so many false prophets, their words are initially vague except for one disturbing piece of information: Each of these heralds speak a specific date, exactly one fortnight plus one day from the first day they appeared, as the day of this doom. Once their words are spoken, they leave as they arrived, speaking to no one, answering no questions. This pattern repeats itself almost exactly for five days before anything changes. By this time, townspeople are either increasingly amused or apprehensive. Having already heard of the rumored and recent incursion into the lair of the Black which stirred the wrath of the great Wyrm, there is an undercurrent of anxiety throughout the kingdom. However, with no signs of anything resembling a dragon, even the elders who have memory of the last time begin to dismiss both rumors of retribution and the claims of the strange herald. Yet there is a gathering that grows by the day to hear the herald speak all the same. On the sixth day, the herald begins to tell a story, giving only a part of it each of the next five days. It speaks of the Five who trespassed into the lair of Dre'zlunkazhn, seeking plunder and death until at last they stood before the great Dragon Lord and that only because the Wyrm did will it to be. With the great Dragon, the Five did parlay, and a deal was struck, one that would allow the Five to keep their lives in exchange for a mere token from each and a tribute from One. Yet the One, the Foul, at the last moment cast aside this deal and struck at the Great Black, finding fortunate purchase with his weapon and dealing a mortal injury to the Dragon. “But the mighty Dre'zlunkazhn is not so easily destroyed,” says the herald. “and a Dragon's memory and wrath come unmatched.” And so, it is told on the last day, that five towns, one for each of the Five, will feel the touch of the Wasting.News of an impending plague grips the kingdom, adding fuel to previous rumors that the black dragon of the Moss Crypt sought revenge. Yet many elders in the visited towns, those whose memories are long enough to remember the last time someone dared to trespass on the beast, would say that retribution came much swifter and without warning. Those who did not panic and heeded the wisdom of the elders began to dismiss each herald's words as the propaganda of some new form of cult seeking to spread fear. Those who did panic left their homes behind in search of somewhere, anywhere, to be safe from the black dragon's vengeance.During this time, the townspeople showed growing disinterest in the herald, as the story goes on.. By the end of the tenth day, only a few bothered stop and listen and usually not to the whole of the herald's words.The next five days, and the final days before the predicted doom, the herald tells the tale again, but with one addition: The Five are given names. The tale is told again, naming each Daniel Poetr, “Knight Captain of the Great Gold”, Lana Poetr the Songstress and mate to Daniel, Farros Galdor the Loud of Arabel, Tori the Reluctant and lastly, Vrebel the Foul and he who brought this ruin upon all.On the last day, when the story ends with the treachery of Vrebel the Foul, the herald makes a final declaration, “Those who are worthy may yet survive. Those who are not shall fall and serve as warning to all others. Defile not the lair of Dre'zlunkazhn!”In a final act, the herald raises its staff and plants it forcefully into the ground one last time, only this time the staff and the herald disintegrates into vapor or dust, in the case of the “brown” heralds, that expands rapidly outward past all gathered and gets carried forth by the breeze until it seems to have entirely diffused and disappears from sight.For the rest of the day, nothing happens.
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Hail and well ta ye all. I have returnned after 10 or more years, and it seems that people re even more friendly than i remember. Durok is here ta hep ye. So remember if you see him say hail have a dwarven ale, relax then let's go killin. I love this game more than i remember. I surely and for true have missed it in my heart of hearts. Durok is still growing but he can and is ready to fight, and he is fearless which could be bad mmmk? But let's have fun life is only 1 time around am I right? Thank you to Everyone that helped me get on Rowana a special thank you to you, without you i would not be playing right now. And I thank you all in the game Durok has fought with and RP'd with you have helped Durok grow and become a better character. And to you all who were so generous to Durok he and I will NEVER forget it! Thank you....Now let's get in there and kick some Gobby booty!
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General Discussion / Master resigning as GM
« on: December 17, 2015, 12:49:01 pm »
I have taken a long look at this and have tried getting back into being a GM again but it is not in me any more. I have great respect for what everyone is doing here. I know me leaving is not going to be much of a streain on the team as I have not done much in over a year. The team knows the details about what has been going on with me but suffice to say I have had quite a few personal and work related issues that has kept me away.The biggest reason I threw myself into this game was because my son played. My son has not played here for years but I continued  because I needed to work on writting my thoughts down and I loved the people who played here. I do not need to work on my writting any more and prefer vocal interaction verses a text based game. I still love the team, the people who play here and the concept of  the Layo universe. It just does not meet my current needs in a game and will not for a while. When you find it a chore just to log on to play it is time to find another game. Even after a year of not playing I find it a chore to log on and play.If you want ot get ahold of me send me a PM as it is linked to my e-mail account and I will get a notification of the PM. I usually reply with in 24 hours of getting the PM.MJ
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General Discussion / Taking a Short Break
« on: November 24, 2015, 11:49:33 am »
I just wanted to touch bases with my Layo family... Due to some RL work and personal things I'm taking a short break until January 1st. I may still be in the forums between now and then, and will continue working through the current CDQ I have going, but in-game quests will have to resume in the new year. Thanks for your support and understanding guys and gals... I will be back. :-)-Rave
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Rumour Has It / Pimp Slap
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:44:10 pm »

A thin woman is thrown into the Vehl street through the open doorway of the “Sheets in the Wind” tavern. A burly half orc grins at her as he follows through the swinging doorway. “Youse wants to beez out on your ownz darling? You not lasted long withoutz the Fat Man’s good grazes.” He ownz youse.” As the sound of a child crying through an open upstairs window reaches them he grins and two broken tusks protrude over his lower lips and he chuckles dryly. “You wantz youse meat sack back? Then dooz youse job. Giveze the client lovez and getz the item…. or I be eating goodze. *He jerks his thumb towards the window suggestively and licks his lips. He draws closer, slaps her hard, and goes back into the tavern. The woman drags herself to a streetlamp in tears.//This will be going to calendar for in-game quest very soon. No forum work required. All investigation and roleplay will be in game for this one. If you are inclined to do so, you may post to set yourself up for the ingame session and extra quest reward will be granted for posting.

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Rumour Has It / In Vale
« on: October 25, 2015, 01:57:25 pm » getting this going. :)  Please rp here for Vale recovery started by Charm.
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Layonara Server / Coming Soon! Enhanced Mapping
« on: April 05, 2015, 09:23:35 pm »
Another fun feature coming to the next update includes some nice enhancements to the minimap system. 

Map Pins

Let's start off first with the map pins. All map pins will now be persistent, they will save over server resets and be there for you forever. Included with the map pins update is the ability to set, list, delete and rename the map pins via commands. This can save you some time if you want to custom macro a command like =c map set Path to Fort Miritix for example and then use that key many times as you travel. The commands associated with map pins are:
  • =c map set Pin Name - This will set a map pin at your current location with the name you designate.
  • =c map list - This will show a numerical list of map pins for the current area.
  • =c map delete # - This will delete the map pin with the number you define (as revealed in the =c map list)
  • =c map rename # Pin Name - This will rename the map pin for the numbered pin for that area (as revealed in =c map list)
  • =c map save - Saves all of your map pins.
Note: You will not see map pin updates until you re-enter the area when using the commands as opposed to using the regular NWN map pinning UI. A bit more on this later.The system automatically saves your map pins when you log out but if you wish to be entirely sure you can use the =c map save command as well.

Area Mapping

The second feature is an ability to map out an area which exposes the entire black area for good. To perform this, you purchase a Magical Map Book from the Magical Vendors. Proceed to use it, then travel around in the area and you'll be notified about your mapping progress. The length of time it takes to map the area takes many things into account such as your Intelligence, your Wisdom, your Lore, your Gather Information, your Ranger levels, the size of the area, the time of day, whether it's above ground and whether it's an interior area. The minimum time it will take is 3 minutes and the maximum is 10 minutes.Just because you may be able to run around the area quickly and expose all the "black" on the minimap won't expedite the procedure. Mapping progress pauses when you rest, engage in combat or if you remain in the same general vicinity. Mapping progress is cancelled if you die or change areas.Once you complete your mapping the entire map will be exposed. After a server reset if you wish for the areas you have mapped to automatically be revealed to you then use =c toggle automap and then when you enter an area you have had mapped the minimap will be exposed.If you prefer to not automatically have the maps revealed to you but would rather expose them on an area by area basis then use =c map reveal in an area where you wish the map to be revealed.

Map Sharing

Once you have an area mapped out you can share your information about the area with other players using =c map share Plen (use their dynamic name) for example. Map sharing reveals the entire area to the other player as well as copying your map pins over to the map for the person you are sharing with. The player must re-enter the area to see the updated map pins.Note: To facilitate some of the commands that I've been introducing that require you to re-enter an area I've created a command that will portal you to a very small area then back to the location you were standing. Use =c  refresharea if you wish to use this instead of manually leaving the area and coming back.This update should be out some time this week.-orth
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Ask A Gamemaster / Trade up chest idea
« on: March 29, 2015, 03:24:51 pm »
I've had this idea for a while now and wanted to ask if it would be okay to do this. The idea is a chest (either placed like in Center) or in a house/shop.Example: My character places an item in the chest with a value of 4 gp acording to Lens of Pricing. Player X comes along and decides he/she wants this item. But for them to take it they must place a new item in said chest that is greater than 4 gp (according to Lense of Pricing). The next person comes along and wants this new item... so they again must place another item of a higher value still. This goes on and upwards and hopefully some neat and fun trades come from it. A parchment will be placed inside explaining the rules of the trade as well.I realize placing a chest outdoors runs the risk of it and its contents being erased on a server crash/reset. So I figured the safest place to do one would be indoors using a furniture placeable chest.... but if the item you're trading in gets erased by a server reset whats the difference than if the next guy came along and traded it right?I wanted to run this past the GM team before hand to be sure something like this would be allowed. ThanksG-452 
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Layonara Server / Version 3.54 is online!
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:14:42 am »

Version 3.54 is online!

A lot of performance improvements under the hood that probably wouldn't excite you much and a few new goodies.


  • Complete reworking of rest logic. No more double messages, nicer coloured feedback. Interrupted rests now only require player level/5 minutes before another rest. So a Level 15 would only have to wait 3 minutes. Any interrupted rests now reset the player's HP to what it was before resting. DMs can now drop a safe rest tent anywhere with =c makeplc dm_safe_rest

  • Fixed the spell tracking system to be much more efficient. Also spells should cast a fractionally quicker time

  • If a player is bound to a no longer existing bindstone then set it to Center

  • North Point Craft Hall stairs should no longer get players stuck

  • Fixed an issue with the Wildflower Heaven token.

  • Crafting Top 10 now shows active players in last 90 days in the top 10 not just those that have recently crafted (and gained crafting XP).

  • Server status now keeps a better track of players logged in instead of a lag before they're off it should be fairly immediate (well within the 1 minute refresh)



    Updated Cave of the Snake on Dregar[/li][li]

    New Spellbook Saving/Restore System, type =c sb or read this.[/li][/list]

Other updates:

  • Significant reworking of the database. I'd get into the nitty gritty but I doubt many people would be interested.

  • Move some variables from the database to the Gem of Rememberance

  • More performance improvements in many areas, crafting, death, logging in

Also thank Guardian-452 for the update area, hopefully more to come!


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Layonara Server / Coming Soon! Saved Spellbooks
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:22:16 pm »
Are you tired of constantly rearranging your spellbook depending on where you're heading or who you're with? Well I'm please to introduce a new system that saves your spellbooks to the db which you can restore at any time.Here's how it works:Get your spellbook all prepared and then use the =c sb save command and specify a name for your spellbook, for example =c sb save defaultNow say for example Plen is going to craft a bunch of raise dead scrolls so he replaces all his spells at Level 5 and Level 9 with Raise Dead (he uses Quickened Raise Dead spells so he can craft more at once). Once he's done he can restore his spellbook with =c sb restore default and all the spells he had set up before are replaced once again. Note: When using this system all spells are restored as used up, so it's best to do this right before resting.Now Plen realizes that it would make sense to actually set up a spellbook for crafting Raise Dead scrolls, so before I craft my scrolls I'll set up a spellbook for that with =c sb save craftraisedead that way before he crafts Raise Dead scrolls again he can just use =c sb restore craftraisedeadNext time Plen is out with a group of people he may want to save his spellbook once it's all set up, he may have many depending on how many people are with him or perhaps his planned role (healing/defensive/offensive). So he might do =c sb save partyof5 once he's all prepared, then he can restore that again later in the future when he's with close to or the same sized party.Other associated commands:
  • =c sb list will list all your spellbooks
  • =c sb describe bookname will show all the spells (and their metamagic if applicable) for each level in that book
  • =c sb delete bookname will remove a spellbook entry
  • =c sb replace bookname will overwrite the current entry for that book with your current spells
The system takes the first class that is a caster class with a spellbook (Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard) when using the =c sb save command. If you have more than one casting class with a spellbook then you must use one of the following commands:
  • =c sb savecleric
  • =c sb savedruid
  • =c sb savepaladin
  • =c sb saveranger
  • =c sb savewizard
So for example if you had a Wizard/Druid character (Wizard being your first class), if you used =c sb save default for example then it would save your wizard's spellbook under the name default. Then you would have to use =c sb savedruid defaultdruid for the druid's spellbook. Note, all spellbook names must be different per character, even if they're for different spellcasting classes.If for some reason you have more spells memorized in a spellbook then you have slots available for restoring (maybe you were wearing more modifying jewelry when you saved) then it will just fail to populate those missing slots but everything else will work.If you just type out =c sb[/b] you will be told all the available commands.I hope you enjoy this new feature, it should be coming with the next update which won't be too long away. I'm also working on a similar system for Quickbars too. Not sure if that will be ready in the same update or will be in one down the road. 
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Rumour Has It / Murder most foul
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:20:22 am »
Coming out of the Angels guild hall in Hempstead a few days ago, I heard a piercing scream. I ran into the craft hall to find Delia pointing to a severed head on the gemcraft table. Polished garnets glittered in the poor fellow's face in place of eyes, and a note was jammed into his open mouth. The neck separation was ragged, looking like the head had been hacked off with a gem chisel. Shaking, Delia declared that the head had belonged to Ash Ludwig, a relatively unskilled student of gemcraft. Asked about other persons seen in the hall, she said that a dark-haired halfling man wearing lots of jewelry had exited as she entered.  She thought that he had been gemcrafting, too. Upon further questioning, she remembered that he had winked with a garnet-colored glittering eye as he left whistling the tune to the gnomish song, "Her Many Facets." Although she couldn't be certain whether he was gnomish or halfling, she was able to give a good description, stating that the suspect had teeth that glittered in many colors, a fancy pinkish-purple shirt (like a bard's or noble's), and a hat with a red feather. Delia noted that the feather was missing when the fellow left. Celador then read the note, which appeared to have been written in blood: "So many flawed gems.. This one's clumsy meat hands do gemcraft a great heresy.  Well no, would-be crafter.. it is the gems that wear you. ~ G" Looking about, Cel found the rest of the body in a nearby furnace, and I noted footprints in the gemdust, roughly size seven. The rest of the craft hall was unremarkable. Jako went to inform Captain Trent and check the guild store, while Olmae followed a trail of garnet dust to the public part of the Angels guild hall. We found blood all over statues in the guild hall, wall decorations slashed, sixteen eyeballs floating in the fountain, and what looked like lich poison in the refreshments chest.  Worst of all, Daniel Poetr's statue had been defaced with a chisel and on the wall behind it was written "I'm coming for you, Danny Boy!" (The current Daniel Benjamin Poetr is the grandson of old Daniel.)  Strangely, Mercas's statue was unharmed, and on the wall behind it was written in blood: "Now there was an artist!" Upon hearing noises behind the stage curtain, Ferrit demanded that the intruder show himself. A small gem on the ground shook and grew into a huge diamond golem, which was dispatched by the party, leaving only a diamond heart and a bit of dust.  The remains and the bottle of suspected lich ichor were left in a labeled chest for our guild wizards' inspection.  The eyeballs were sealed into a container and put out behind the building. Jako said that Captain Trent thought the man might be assassin Garnet of the Silver Fist (a band of mercenaries broken up by the Angels), and Oly remembered that the guard said that Mortissar Bael, who employed the Fist, has a skeletal arm. As this was the second murder and defacing of our property, we all agreed that it was time to post that reward and gather to end this outrage. All Angels and all other interested parties are called to help end this scourge.  We will meet in Center one day hence (8pm-11pm EST 03/10/15). ~~Ferrit
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Layonara Server / Version 3.52 is online!
« on: March 05, 2015, 10:33:03 am »

Version 3.52 is online!

Was going to do this tonight but the server was empty and despite not being able to get in game until later I've faith in my changes! (Read: everything's going to be broken) Couple of tweaks and bug fixes as the dust settles on the big update.


  • Fixed the player list showing Someone even after introduced

  • Delvers should not have been destroying weapons in the Mistone Deep

  • Fixed CNR skins not being created on occasion

  • Restored Pawn Shop to Fort Miritix

  • Added mangled titanium as a biproduct to failed arrowheads

  • Fixed a bug that was creating more RNQs than 6.



    If an RNQ NPC is awaiting a yes/no answer and the player says neither (or she doesn't understand) then re ask the question[/li][/list]


    Cleaned up a bit of the verbiage used for languages. [/li][li]

    Make sure GMs always see translated versions of language usage[/li][/list]

    Other updates:

    • More performance improvements, removed some unneeded scripts and reworked some persistent storage

    • No longer store the Layonara Date/Time on the db, instead we convert on the fly. 

    • Limit the storage log to only show the last 50 additions/removals. If more is needed for whatever reason let me know but it's a significant toll on the system.

    • The furniture system would loop through 40 times trying to add 5 new pieces of furniture, instead stop the loop at the count of furniture they have instead of the MAX 200. Bit of a performance increase.



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Layonara Server / Update on Number of Characters Per Person
« on: March 05, 2015, 07:56:38 pm »
Greetings Everyone!
I'm writing to share with you all that the number of character spots will be extended to eight (8) from it's previous limit of six (6). This topic has come up a number of times but the large concerns were always to the matters of character development and strain on the CA team. With regards to the latter, there clearly hasn't been as much so we are going to give this a try.It is very important to note that we wish character development and roleplay to be at the forefront of play here. Empty characters will net little regardless of their accumulated levels. However, the last few extensions of trust have worked fairly well and we are looking forward to seeing what new ideas the community will come up with.

Some important notes: 1) if we decide this isn't working out well we will restore the previous limit. If we do that however, we will not force deletions. You will only have to clear spots if you wish to start a new character at a later date.2) If the CA team gets pretty slammed with apps, please remember that we are running at a reduced capacity with a number of shared duties besides the duties of our RL. If people start bumping posts because their apps are in queue, we will move them to the bottom of the stack (which is what happens as we work from the bottom up as much as possible).3) Please respect the rules of the exotic/monstrous races. Submit only during the open time period(s).Thank you in advance for your patience and consideration. We hope everyone has a good time with this! ~row (and the CA team)
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Introduce Yourself / Thanks for the Warm Welcome
« on: January 03, 2015, 10:04:31 am »
Hi all,Some of you will have met my character (Liana) in game, but I thought it would be a nice idea to say hello to those who haven't too! I also want to thank everyone for the warm welcome; the people I have spoken to have been incredibly helpful and have made my experience so far incredibly enjoyable. Looking forward to meeting some of you again, and the rest of you for the first time!
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