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Layonara Server / Version 3.53 is online!
« on: March 08, 2015, 03:08:11 pm »

Version 3.53 is online!

Just a few tweaks and additions here and there.


  • Fixed Leringard Arms not having the onenter script defined

  • Fixed two of the Deep areas having the same tag

  • Fixed house key reporting as useless when they weren't really

  • Make sure the player list gets updated after dubbing and when new players login

  • Clean up the logic for when encounters are exhausted to hopefully help the issue where encounters would respawn soon after they were all defeated.



    Added a new furniture item Easel. The Easel can be written upon for signs for shops or notifications to players entering your home or perhaps innkeepers with notices. Deeds available at the furniture merchants. They're around 200 gold.[/li][/list]

Other updates:

  • Moved tracking of hunger/thirst and cold from the db to the gem of rememberance

  • Removed some more unused scripts related to an ox system from 2003

  • More DB improvements specifically related to merchant discounts and temple donations

  • Removed hard coded easel from Angels guild so they can use the furniture item.

  • Removed a quill warning which was no longer applicable since SetName was added by Bioware.



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Ask A Gamemaster / Shifter Rules
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:03:57 pm »
I've noticed that the shifter class seems to interfere with the Druid rules for two reasons. One is that many of the shapes have a metal weapon or armor. Are shifters just supposed to not use these forms? And the second one... Undead shape. If Druids are averted to undead, why would they shift into an undead creature?
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Here it goes! Character Name: Deverain Current Level: 20 Original Biography:           (Note: When I created the character, I swapped the ‘I’ and the ‘A’ in his name, so the approved name is Deverian, but in game he is                Deverain.)          Alignment Shift Submission:         CDT's -                                                Lifetime Achievements: Unfortunately, school makes my play hours fall in a strange slot where I always have to log in the middle of quests, so Deverain has been unable to get involved in any long-running quests. I realize this may be a roadblock to my World Leader Development Quest Application, but I’m hoping it can be worked around seeing as how it is real life’s fault not the character’s fault.           How I see Deverain becoming a World Leader: Definitely some sort of combat/military quest, but with role play roots. I’m not talking about some purely hack-n-bash quest, but if Deverain is going to become a World Leader, I think it is going to be on the grounds of slaying a dragon or something (Excuse my use of the stereotypical knight-in-shining-armor great deed, but that’s along the lines of what I see Dev doing). Of course, it needs a good chunk of role play and/or political tie-ins. But in general, I see Deverain doing something good and pro-Toran such as protecting a village or slaying an evil beast.           What sort of title do I envision for Deverain: I don’t think Dev is really the type for any official titles (Seeing as he’s Chaotic Good in a Lawful Good church). If he did get one it as a side effect of whatever he ends up doing, it would be a benefit, but I don’t think it would be something I’d be intentionally shooting for. I saw him maybe moving up in the church to some sort of place of respect, but definitely nothing official. I figure that if a warrior becomes a world leader, he stays a warrior!           Thanks for the consideration, and I understand if Deverain hasn’t been on enough quests to qualify. If that is the roadblock to this application, I understand and I can try to get involved in more quests  -Teo
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Rumour Has It / A visit to the Toranite Temple
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:54:08 am »
Deverain visits the temple in Fort Last with questions about undead sightings near the Silkwood forest, about nightmares of being undead, and about a spell that gave someone the appearance of being a zombie without taking away their mental abilities.
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Layonara Server / Bonus XP Week....ish
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:34:38 pm »
Do I have your attention?  *grins*

It's time again for one of our famous bonus XP events.  Here's the details:
  • Begins on Saturday, December 22, 2012 *
  • 50% more XP from combat
  • 100% more XP from GM-led quests/events, RP rewards and Auto XP
  • Ends on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 *
[SIZE=10]* Start and end times will depend on when I get to it[/SIZE]

Bear in mind it is the holidays, and GM availability will be subject to other obligations first, but I've gotten assurances from at least some of our GMs for scheduled and impromptu events and the like.  

Rewards for RP are rated higher than combat, so remember to make time for it.  There have been several new characters lately from new and old players alike, so hopefully there will be some good opportunities for all.  Old faces are always good as well, of course. Make something happen!
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Layonara Server / On difficulty, randomness and changes
« on: December 08, 2012, 11:21:46 am »

This post is born of a recent bug report thread which began to stray into a debate. The topics raised are something I seem to have to address on a regular basis, so here I go again.

For context, the debate that tried to start was over "random" spawns and apparently disproportionate, unexpected challenges.

There's really no such thing as a "random" spawn from a design  standpoint.  The closest thing we could have is where there are more  candidate creatures that could spawn than the maximum number of  creatures that could spawn (i.e. 10 choices but only 5 slots), but even  then the spawns follow a set of rules according to the parameters set in  the spawn trigger itself.  Those rules are set by NWN. We presently have no meaningful control over how they appear; we can only make suggestions.

Besides this fact, the world changes from time to time and there  won't always be warning or notice.  Deal with it.  The development and  GM teams will do their best to make sure that the new challenge is not  disproportionately overwhelming beyond the intended challenge, but we  are under no obligation to give anyone a detailed list of what changed.   We've never done that and we're not going to start now.  Unless an area  goes from relatively easy to ridiculously impossible, in which case we  probably would provide some sort of advisory, there may be no  warning when something changes, and there will almost never be any sort of detailed list of what changes.

Remember though, this is not a  casino; we don't have a vested interest in our players losing. People have mentioned how it's not "fair" when things change without telling people. It's  always assumed that the GMs/admins/developers here have it in for our players...that we're trying to kill them off or just make life difficult for them.  We are making things reasonably difficult for players, but only in the extent that we'd rather people not just walk right up to level 40 without breaking a sweat.  Otherwise, the notion that there's some plot to kill people's characters to the point of perming them is beyond ludicrous.

The intent for most things is that there is a reasonable chance of success provided that one falls within the intended level range of the challenge presented, and I would even suggest that PCs (as a group) have the advantage almost everywhere. Even when GMs make changes, this is the metric we recommend and strive to achieve.  Yes, mistakes are made, but they're exactly that: mistakes.  Despite how many times we try to communicate this to people, we still from time to time hear about "fairness" and things...or worse, it's the things we don't hear about from people making assumptions and gossiping. This is really unproductive and it doesn't help anyone.

As far as the bug report that started this, the poster did exactly the right thing.  He saw a possible issue or cause for concern and reported it.  Maybe it's as-intended, in which case, we'll say so.  Maybe it's not, in which case we'll review it and potentially make changes and other reasonable accommodations. Regardless, bringing it forward is the best way to find out the intent and get something adjusted.  

Hopefully, this puts some minds at rest and/or addresses some concerns that people began to voice in the bug report thread.  If not, there's space in this thread for questions.
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General Discussion / The time has come...
« on: November 11, 2012, 10:06:39 pm »
Greetings Layonara Community,
 It is with mixed feelings that I announce my retirement from the develoment of NWN-based Layonara after doing this for seven years and some change.  This is a move I have planned for some time (and almost did several times), and which has been needed for some time, but I am only just now making it a reality.  My development focus is now shifting completely to the MMO effort and Layonara's long-term future.
To keep NWN Layonara going in a development sense, I now officially pass the torch to the capable hands of Script Wrecked, who will now be responsible for all future fixes and updates.
 I know you've all heard this plenty of times, but...this is not a “good-bye” letter. I am still very committed to and invested in Layonara and its long-term future. I still like to play here even (when the stars align properly), GM here and participate in this community. I do not see these things changing.  My presence will remain, but my fingerprints will no longer be on the updates.
 There's not a lot more to say here, so join with me in congratulating Script Wrecked on his new position.
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Rumour Has It / As the dust settles... World update..
« on: November 02, 2012, 08:09:59 pm »
For many years now the realm of Belinara has been beset by enemies, an almost constant barrage of chaos and disharmony. But, as the dust settles from the latest engagements a relative calm appears. Perhaps it is more the case that the populations of those nations directly affected have had their full of uncertainty, of blood and of war, or perhaps its because there are few left willing to fight, or even simpler, the resources no longer remain and those nations need time to lick their wounds and recover.

Whatever the reason, once the dragon wars are declared over Hilm begins the long and arduous task of rebuilding their shattered nation. In the north the lands ruined by Molvarens vast horde from the Cult invasion are slowly but surely reclaimed and resown, vast sections of the city outside Castle Hilm are slowly rebuilt, new trade lines re-opened.

Around Briardusk Hilm establishes an active training camp, the goal to show Molvaren across the border in Kuhl that the hilmites have not forgotten their original mandate, to oust Molvaren completely and restore Queen Langovale to the throne, a goal however that seems more fleeting with each passing day as Molvaren shuts Kuhl down almost completely to any outside influences while he slowly and quietly regains his strength. So to the Raelites remain on land given to them outside Briardusk, by the Hilmite authorities for their service during the war and in protecting Briardusk from Molvaren during the Dragon War. They slowly build a settlement and keep to themselves mainly but their presence, over five thousand of them also gives cause for Hilm and Molvaren to consider them carefully.

In the south, for years to come the Hilmite forces based in Sundance will be flushing out remnants of the Orsgaunt Horde from the civilised centres of the landscape and driving them back to the mountains or hunting them down. Their predations will cause the south to rebuild slowly and often face difficuties but, pending any further incidents they will recover and begin to work towards their former levels of conditions before Molvaren tore the nation apart.

In the Siphe Principality, tensions between Lord Alexander and the fledgling nation will remain a primary source of concern that may in time be eased with the relationship that seems to have developed between the former Kuhl General and now Sovereign Lord of the Siphe Principality, Jaedon Siphe and the Commander of the Toranite armies of Belinara and Chamion of Toran's Divine Will, Daniella Stormhaven. Many hope there can be a reconciling so that all can work towards a common goal, time will tell. Certainly the actions of Sir Lance Stargazer, Commander of Hilms Armies and Second in command of Hilm behind Lord Alexander have shown that he is more moderate in his tolerance of Sovereign Lord Siphe and is trying to bring both parties to an agreement of mutual tolerance as well.

And as the dust settles over the Roughlands, all evidence of Shadrixkayl's forces fade away but there are times when travellers, adventurers or hardy merchants are crossing regions of the landscape and an odd mist will arise threateningly and forebodingly before once again dissipating as if in warning of a time to come.

Above the Orsgaunt mountains to the north east of the Principality, the lands now claimed by the Dread Red Dragon Ractrafiorez there is nothing heard of the great dragon. It was not present for the final battles against Shadrixkayl, nor seen any time thereafter. Rumours began that the dragon, severely wounded after the battle in the Cult war against the Drach Ori occupiers of Briardusk had finally succumbed to the injury and returned to his lair high and deep within the Orsgaunt mountains to rest and recuperate. Certainly any seeking the dragons treasure were met with fierce fire giants, far more powerful and deadly that any previously known to inhabit the dangerous peaks. These giants called themselves Ractrafiorens, servants of Ractrafiorez.

Slowly, surely those soldiers of other nations stationed in Hilm following the end of the war with the Cult returned to their lands around the world to welcomes of varying degrees. The famine that had hit the world following the Cult wars had faded to some degree but not entirely gone away, many did not know if it was truly gone or simply held at bay for the moment.

Many nations around the world still had their own domestic troubles to deal with;

Boyer on Dreger is struggling to recover after infiltration by Pyrtechonite cultists and a deadly plague that decimated whole villages.

Taur'en on Alindor was struggling to come to terms with its own internal upheavals.

The Golden Alliance on Dreger was suffering badly from the predations of criminal elements undermining the safety and stability of the lose alliance of cities.

Sederra on Dreger continued to struggle to rebuild their shattered nation from the debris left over from the Cult wars.

Succession on Dreger has fallen into stagnation and the nations economy barely struggles to tick over. If not for the support from Rael there are fears the nation might dissolve into civil war in the not too distant future.

Rumours from the distant Elven nation of Voltrex indicate they are struggling with a dark elven incursion in their lands and the attacks of a heretofore unknown black dragon.

But it is not all doom and gloom, some nations have rebounded strongly after the Cult wars and while Belinara was still emrboiled in dragon trouble they had managed to slowly pull themselves together.

Erilyn continued to go from strength to strength, their power growing on Alindor.

The nations within Corsain and Tilmar have built in strength and power in their region.

The nations on Mistone have recovered well since the war and each nation is stable and growing again.

Liwich on Dreger, with the greatly diminished threat of the Silver Crescent has established strong trading ties to many nations and is once again becoming a hub of sea trade for the world.

And of course Rael continues to do what Rael does and slowly but surely tendrils of influence reach out touching other nations.

/// Please note this is not by any means a full and complete list of all goings on at present. But it is meant to give players an idea where varying places in the world are at currently.
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General Discussion / East Coast Storm
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:39:15 pm »
As most of you probably know, the east coast is under one of the most severe storms on record. I wanted to get some good prayers and thoughts going towards all who have had property and possessions ruined, and even more so to the families of those who have died in the storm. My prayers go out to them.
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General Discussion / Seeking A Group
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:58:02 pm »
looking for a lower level group to wander around Mistone and/or Alindor tonight about 6 or 7ish :)
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CNR Suggestions/Discussion / Wood & Metal CNR difficulty to aquire
« on: August 30, 2012, 04:17:46 pm »
Most of the wood CNR is in bunches and understandably "guarded". What about a random tree of Hickory and Oak, maybe even Mahogany (on the higher end continents) placed around Mistone, Dregar, Alindor, Belinara etc? Im talking 1 tree versus now where most places trees are in pairs, or groups. Places that are not hard to get to... but also not super close to the crafting halls.

The same could apply to Metal ore, & minerals. We have caves etc that are virtually empty of CNR aside from say some dead fleas & bat poo. LOL Why not stick 1 Iron node in cave "X" that has no CNR, a Silver node in another etc.

Giving us more options of places to go and gather... or... while we are out exploring we can say... hey look! An oak tree! let me gather a few branches, or down in a cave... say, this Iron deposit looks promising.... since we're here might as well pick away at it.

The most someone can get from one ore or wood node is 11 (I think) and the least they can get is 1. So I dont see a few extra CNR deposits placed alone in new places being a big deal. Besides we all already know the gear system is kinda broken when it comes to demand since stuff lasts forever... so let the small time people have their shot at material too. Just single nodes with little difficulty... versus now where its multiple nodes and you gotta earn it by beating the mobs.

Thanks for considering this.
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Layonara Server / Promotional Badges
« on: August 23, 2012, 08:12:27 pm »
Here are the first edition promotional badges.

When placed in a signature or in email they are active link to the  Layonara home page.  Many of you are active on other sites and you can  use them on those forums to show your Layo spirit

To use - copy the text as it appears into the signature section of the forums
On these forums it is My Account/Edit Signature

Layo Logo









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Layonara Server / Promotional Posters
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:41:12 pm »
These are two posters I have made to help promote the Layonara website and the game.  They can be downloaded from the downloads section as 300dpi 4800x6000 files that will print out fairly well at 16x20 or smaller.
(download section under optional downloads)
They are my contribution to helping to build the community.  I have printed out several and put them in the local comic book shops, game shops and one in the local library. I hope you will do the same.

Coming soon are web badges you can use to show your Layo spirit and perhaps generate some web traffic.



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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Ship captains more clear destinations
« on: August 15, 2012, 12:50:25 pm »
Could we put a simple addition to the dialogue of the ship captains.


Right now I can choose "Mariners Hold" from the Port Hempsted ship captain. Could we get it and others to change to be more like this.

Mariners Hold - Alindor

Giving folks an idea of what continent they are about to sail to. It's something people would know, should know anyway right?  Unless they just like to pick destinations at random. LOL

I take this for granted since Ive known where the boats go for years now... but it really can be confusing for new players.

Thanks for considering this.

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Roleplaying / Mentoring
« on: August 14, 2012, 01:24:32 am »

If you stay for anytime in the Bullseye Tavern you are being watched.  Rumours have it that green adventurers are being recruited by a loosely nit group of experienced individuals for purposes unknown.  Its a shady group and not much is known about their leadership or motives.  

They watch and wait and when the time is right they appoach their target.  This group known as the Fletchers named after the Bulls Eye Tavern in which they recruit is elusive but not entirely hard to find.  They seek apprentices.  Some seek to mold young followers into their religious exploits, others to train them in the arts of war seeing their potential, others have more nefarious reasons to mentor the ones they chose, some mearly seek to make some trues or ask for favors in the form of a future a debt to be paid through blood or other means.

The Fletchers are heard to sometimes play a game of darts to see who gets the new blood and so the story goes the apprentices are called Darts.  The Fletcher and his Dart.  A bond.  A trust.  To some a contract.  Wait long enough in the Bulls Eye and if you have what it takes you too may be approached.  Choose wisely and you will be rewarded.

//The Fletchers is a mentoring group for new players to enter into an in game relationship with an established player to help you get familiar with Layonara's vast world.  By signing up to be a Fletcher the established player agrees to show the new player/character around the world of layonara, help him in game with quests, educate the new player regarding lore, help him to meet and rp with other characters in game.  Out of character (OOC) the established player agrees to answer tells, pms and other questions from the new player to help them adjust and learn how to get around Layonara.  New players are not required to join this mentoring program.  It is purely voluntary.  The mentoring relationship can begin at any level but will end upon the character reaching level 10 to allow the established player to take on a new recruit.  In game relationships ofcourse will endure for however long the players choose.

New players please see the below sign up sheet for established players willing to be Mentors.  New players please pm one mentor from the below sign up sheet of their choosing to initiate the mentoring process.  You can choose whomever you like if they have an opening.  The class, race, religion, alignment and gaming schedule should be considerations for whom you choose.  Once chosen the Fletcher and his dart should make their first in game meeting at the Bully Eye Inn in Center.  

The following Mentors offer their services below:

Forum Name:  Willhoff
Character name:  Vrebel
Level of Character:  40
Class:  Fighter, Weaponmaster, rogue
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Deity:  None
Race:  Human
Schedule:  Est times.  weeknights after 6p.m. Weekends available as well.
Recruit Status:  Vacant

Forum Name:  Willhoff
Character Name:  Zigruum Frostbeard
Level of Character:  29
Class:  Druid
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Deity:  Vorax
Race:  Dwarf
Schedule:  See above
Recruit Status:  Vacant
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Time for a change suggestion
« on: August 11, 2012, 10:33:06 pm »
I know this comes around every now and then, but I was talking to another player online not long ago about this and clarifying some ideas and came away thinking strongly enough about it to post for it.

Now I am not sure if the xp limiting factors are set in bioware code or can be altered by us so all this might be a moot point but I think the time has come for us to seriously consider changing the xp system for parties of multiple levels. I know there are issues with spawns as well and maybe we just have to wear that for the time being until we see that people arent going to abuse it.

I think we are limiting and reducing the enjoyment of Layo for our existing players by having the fact that if a level 20 char travels with a group of level 5's the level 5 chars are penalised in terms of the xp gained.

Before I go any further let me preface this by saying I KNOW! people might abuse it and powerlevel the low characters...but...we penalise those people doing that rather than penalise EVERYONE.

Here are several reasons why I would like to see this restriction removed if it is at all physically possible to do so:

Firstly; A lot of the WL's or players with high level chars I have spoken to that have gradually dwindled often complained they couldnt find anyone their level to play with to go to places they could get xp and they felt bad travelling with lower levels because it spoils their FUN and chances to earn some xp. We all know how hard it is on layo to get xp at times so any chance you get is welcomed.

Secondly; High level chars have a lot to offer low level chars, think about the rich RP situations these times stimulate. But! the low level players need to be willing to forgo any xp earning situation and focus solely on the RP which is fine sometimes and at times when you might rp for an hour and then leave and find another group heading off to do something...but now you are lucky to log in and find one other person around.

Thirdly; Our server is becoming full of individuals who never interact. if I log in on west and there is one other player on who is level 5 and I am level 27 there is no real incentive whatsoever for me to try and find that person and interract with them unless I know them well. if I join them I ruin their chance to make some xp, if they join me it would only be for the chance of RP which might be fine every now and then but sometimes you just want to do something! This situation can never support that. So what happens, both players go their own ways and do their own thing and gradually come on less and less because there is noone their level to help each other out and eventually they disappear.

Fourthly; What do PC's at the top of their game do? what incentive is there for a level 40 player to join a group of level 10's? They might enjoy some Rp but both parties know the situation is untenable if they want to get some xp or do something so invariably the level 40 leaves as they dont want to spoil the L10's fun.

Fifthly; The server community and indeed the world has changed in the last 7 years, people dont have a lot of time anymore to sit in a clearing outside Hlint and RP for 5 hours, nor really are there enough people to sustain such a RP event. These are the realities of the time.

Sixthly; I firmly believe if we remove this restriction we will see Higher level PC's interacting more with lower levels, bringing more information, more RP into the game. Imagine Vrebel with a few young low level fighters relating his experience in battles across layonara. it would be much the same as Lances and Daniella's Toranite recruits program and its success. But even now Daniella and lance can take out their recruits to RP with them and teach them in the field but the reality is they get nothing out of it beyond an RP experience because they dont earn any xp. Which is not essential! But is nice from time to time!

Seventh; I know this is an RP world, I get that, but we need to realise that people like to make some XP at times too and with a community a fraction of what it once was and the loss of many high level chars who just cant face ruining other peoples fun this may be a good bandaid solution to bring back more interaction and more RP.
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Introduce Yourself / Hello
« on: August 07, 2012, 07:50:54 pm »
Well, I thought I would drop in and introduce myself since I started playing yesterday.

My name is Nick. I am 42. I have played and GM'd RPG's since I was 10. I have played MMO's for over 10 years. The list of everything I have played is extensive.

I like the idea of a more RP world, and G-452 has been bugging me for a while (read years) to try out Layonara. I honestly don't have a good reason for avoiding it other than just other things were going on. I have known G-452 for longer than would like to remember, and now that he is my upstairs neighbor, I figured I would get him to stop whining.

Anyhow, hopefully I can have some fun here and contribute to the world.

If you want to know more about me, just ask.
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NWN Ideas, Suggestions, Requests / Drop Items
« on: August 01, 2012, 05:58:40 pm »
Since the classic adventurer is out for loot, maybe add some nice drops on overlords and such, maybe like the equipment that they would be wearing. For example, when you kill the Forest Giant leader on Dregar, you could take his flaming axe or his belt of strength or whatever.
EDIT: It just occured to me that this would make people want to farm the leaders to get the items for pawn or for friends, so maybe only once every two or three hours would there be a special item on the corpse.

Just an idea
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General Discussion / Dragging Monsters
« on: July 20, 2012, 02:12:41 pm »
Please don't drag monsters around boards. I understand that sometimes you don't notice they saw you, but please try to be aware. I recently lost 5000 and some odd going from center to wayfare, and was killed by a monster that really shouldn't have been in the town, it would have had to come across 2 boards to get to where it hit me. Just a friendly reminder.
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General Discussion / Worg Tribe
« on: July 16, 2012, 01:16:18 pm »
I haven't seen the Warg Tribe around lately. Maybe I'm just on at the wrong times, but it seems like a little Goblin Rampage Action might be in order?
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