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General Discussion / Not in Kansas anymore
« on: August 29, 2013, 01:01:13 pm »
As some of you might have noticed Storold hasn't been around, probably ever since the forums vent offline really... The reason is that Storolds bottompusher is currently not at home, so he doesn't have access to a computer which will run nwn or time to play with all the amazing people at the moment. Right now I am on my change of research enviroment tour, which has taken me to Wako Sataima prefecture in Japan. For those who do not want to consult google/wikipeadia about the location of this place I can inform you that it is in what most westerners would probably just call Tokyo :P Although as I learned that is actually a rather geographically limited area compared to what I previous thought was Tokyo city. Hopefully I will be able to return to tell more stories from Storolds bench in november when I am back in Denmark. So everyone stay safe until then and don't do something that Storold wouldn't do :)
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General Discussion / Genetic Roulette
« on: October 12, 2012, 08:50:22 pm »
This documentary is free to view for the next week.

If you care about what you eat, what your kids eat and the future, I suggest you watch the whole thing.

Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives-English - YouTube
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General Discussion / Veteran's Day Tribute
« on: November 11, 2010, 08:01:40 am »
Thanks to all those who have served and continue to serve to protect our beautiful country. "Thank you"

YouTube - That Ragged Old Flag
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General Discussion / A Grove in Memory of Jonathan
« on: March 18, 2010, 10:27:22 am »
As I won't be able to attend the funeral myself and flowers die so quickly I searched and found a group that plant trees and groves in memory and celebration.

I have established a grove in memory of Jonathan and when this has been processed (next 5-10 days) then anyone around the world will be able to access his grove's webpage and leave tributes as well as purchase additional trees to be planted in his memory for the quite reasonable sum of £5.

I'll update this thread once I have the details of his grove's webpage but wanted to let people know I had done it now in case they too were considering sending flowers and would prefer to plant a tree instead.

I have also asked Jil if she will inform Jonathan's family of this.

This a link to the webpage of the group in question

Trees for Life
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General Discussion / Notice: A New Hope...
« on: September 29, 2008, 10:13:29 am »
... has a good chance of not happening this week due to the server issues. So, if the servers are up, it's likely a go, but if not, well, we just have to wait. For that reason, I'm not putting it on the calender just yet. I'll post in this thread if/when I find out for sure.
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General Discussion / Having joined the ranks of the net-less...
« on: August 14, 2008, 07:51:00 pm »
Hi. Anyone who noticed or cared that I have been largely absent, it may or may not end soon! I am 100% without NWN access on the weekdays now, and internet access to, you know, something like 90% without. Heh! I got a laptop I should have before the end of the month, which will have all my toys on it again. Until then, if there is anything I needed to do for you, please remind me so that I can try to fit it in on a weekend (if it is IG) or work it out/write it in PMs during the week.

In the meantime, for those that did not know, the treehouse at 158 Silverdell Grove (Whitehorn Forest) is always unlocked and has a free portal in the first room. If the room looks like it was cut in half, just keep walking - it's a tileset thing that is usually first-time-only and should fix itself.

You can read what books and newspapers are on the shelves so far, but I'm not done with the library yet.* If you do read them, please, please, put them back. I don't care if you play a CE assassin thief of Branderback, don't take the books! I'm not asking you to be nice IC - RP taking them and trying to set them on fire if you like, but for the sake of sanity acknowledge wards as well! It's not like the Great Library where they'll just re-appear on server reset. Plus, what are the odds that anyone even knows about it unless they read it here? So no excuses :P Maybe someday with a ridiculous hoard of gold there can be a scripted auto-return script, but for now, just leave them there, thanks - especially the real books, which I don't have replacements for. General Khain's journal and the book found in the Great Dungeon are the only ones at present, I think. I would rather just add a copy of them instead, to have an explaining note on them... but I digress!

If a book is in another language that your character has the ear for, just take the book off the shelf, use a quill on it (no writing! :p ) and type ~~translate into your chat bar. This goes for any language that you read, for current and future books... (Oh. And if you use the bath transition, you RP that you jump/climb/crawl down the crate. Don't ask! [SIZE=10]Don't mind the haunted piano.[/SIZE])

It's pretty obviously opened up as a sort of rest stop waystation type treehouse now. It's open to everyone despite a framed aged notice near the doorway (...opening, thing) that says

[INDENT][SIZE=16]I have one furnished room available in the Whitehorn Forest for monthly rent for a trustworthy, considerate, respectful individual. There's adequate storage, comfortable bed, plenty of shelving, and a reliable teleporter. If interested in seeing more and discussing rates, look for me or the mephit here playing cards. -Aleister[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10]These individuals need not apply: orcs, ogres, dark elves, paladins, thieves, very angry people, people shorter than me by more than 2 feet, clerics, giants, bards, druids, barbaric people, people with nervous ticks, people that fall down a lot, blue haired people, people that don't like that old people smell, Turor, the inquisitive type, the type would would ask "whats the strange noise" then barge into my lab, people with very large cats, people with bears, people with all other animals, animal people, drunks, fanatics, busy bodies, people that stare, people that like pie too much, friends of Turor, hippies. Thank you. -Al[/SIZE][/INDENT][/FONT]

One might almost think that it was opened up as a forest waystation on purpose. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I should be seeing at least somebody soon. The lack of reliable computer access is killing me. Inbox is open as usual.

[SIZE=10]*For those interested with access, I made an index for me to update whenever I add something here.[/SIZE]
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Roleplaying / What It Means To Play A Drow
« on: July 03, 2008, 10:36:36 pm »

"Why Play A Drow If You're Only Going To Be A Dark Skinned Elf?"

(and I use the term "drow" deliberately)

The original drow, of course, was Drizzt Do'Urden,

[INDENT]"an atypical drow who has forsaken both the evil ways of his people and their home in the Underdark. He is one of few drow known to live on the surface."[/INDENT]

who has become the archetypal drow character, and whose story of escaping the Underdark and living on the surface forms the proforma for most drow character backgrounds (due in part to the neccessity of having to get from there to here to play).

It seems to me that an intrinsic part of the drow character storyline is the hated outsider living incognito amongst the traditional adversary.

That story then advances and the character develops as they eventually establish a relationship with some of the people they meet (other player characters), forming a tight circle of trusted friends, to whom they (probably) end up revealing themselves, either because they are good, and are proving their worth despite their dark lineage, or because they are evil and are really duping everyone.

However, it seems to me that the whole premise is undermined by players flaunting their character's drowness in public, as though drow are generally accepted.

Aside from this going against what is written about [LORE]Dark Elves[/LORE] in Lore, if drow are generally accepted, what's the point of being one? If everyone accepts you, aren't you just a dark-skinned elf?

In my opinion, being generally accepted breaks the uniqueness of the concept and the role-playing opportunity of being a drow has to offer.

Further, by flaunting a character's drowness, isn't the above premise being broken for the next person to play a drow?

There is no big reveal when the next character outs themselves (or is outted) as a drow, because everyone knows of[SIZE=10](1)[/SIZE] half-a-dozen other drow. "Oh, another dark elf. More above than below, they say. Yes, isn't one of them a waiter in the such-and-such pub?" In short, drow become mundane.

In a module, such actions would be fine, because the story is about you. In a persistent world, where you are one of many, isn't there is a certain responsibility to those who will come after you?


Script Wrecked.

[SIZE=10](1) as opposed to "knows".[/SIZE]
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General Discussion / Thanks and good wishes to Aragon
« on: February 25, 2008, 04:53:07 pm »
I'm not sure if Aragon made it a point of leaving in relative peace, but last night he came online to IRC to bid adieu to some of the team members until September as he ships out to serve his country.

If it were his intentions to simply fade away without any fanfare then I apologize to him, but I felt a showing of community support was deserved and could not let it pass.

Thank you very much for your efforts and hard work for the community and the future of Layonara Aragon and get back safely, we're going to be needing you again.

If you wish to share your well wishes of a safe and speedy return and thoughts for him, please do so without turning this into any sort of political debate.

Get home safe Chuck!

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General Discussion / Strike Text Out!
« on: December 30, 2007, 10:40:09 pm »
This isn't anything special, just a quick fix for a missing BB Code tag. As you can plainly see, [strike]this text[/strike] has been crossed-out. To start crossing out your own text, see our forum's vB code page.

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General Discussion / Vendar's leave of abscence
« on: December 18, 2007, 12:02:44 am »
Hey GM team and players,
Just wanted to let everyone know I love the RP world here and would spend much more time in Layo if I possibly could. Trouble is, I received orders to deploy to Iraq for one year and will be leaving the beginning of January '08. I'll be taking my laptop (which has NWN and Layo haks of course!) overseas with me, but I have no idea if I'll be able to login and play during my time there.

So if you don't see Vendar following you around with his trusty quill and parchment, he is on an extended quest for Knowledge in unexplored lands and hopes to return next year. It's been great playing with you all.
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General Discussion / Did I Say the Final Stroke of V3 Before?
« on: December 12, 2007, 06:22:53 pm »

I again find pictures a good snare for you unfortunate readers.  Thanks to the work by numerous developers on the Layonara Team, there's another update coming soon.  So I suppose that last update was not the final stroke after all!

I'll leave it to Dorganath to give you the full update on what's new when the time comes.  Until then, a few screenshots to let you know what's coming.

See you in these regions soon enough.
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General Discussion / Dedicated to Lynn
« on: November 19, 2007, 09:16:30 am »
This is for you Lynn, and I hope his patrol moves quickly for you. I know during that time for me, the sweetest saddest smell was the boat smell. It was sad because I knew he would be going away, and sweet when I smelled it again because he was home.

When God Created the Military Wife

When the Lord was creating a military wife He ran into His sixth day of overtime. An angel appeared and said, "You're having a lot of trouble with this one. What's wrong with the standard model?"

The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? It has to be completely independent but must always be sponsored to get on a military installation. It must have the qualities of both mother and father during deployments, be a perfect host to 4 or 40, handle emergencies without an instruction manual, cope with flu and moves all around the world, have a kiss that cures anything from a child's bruised knee to a husband's weary days, have the patience of a saint when waiting for its mate to come home and, have six pairs of hands."

The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of hands? No way." The Lord answered, "Don't worry; we will make other military wives to help. Besides, it's not the hands that are causing the problem, it's the heart. It must swell with pride, sustain the ache of numerous separations while remaining true, beat soundly even when it feels too tired to do so, be large enough to say 'I understand' when it doesn't, and say 'I love you', regardless.

"Lord," said the angel, gently touching His sleeve. "Go to bed. You can finish it tomorrow." "I can't," said the Lord. "I'm so close to creating something quite unique. Already it can heal itself when sick, on a moment's notice it will willingly embrace and feed total strangers who have been stranded during a PCS move and it can wave goodbye to its husband understanding why he had to leave."

The angel circled the model of the military wife very slowly. "It's too soft," she sighed."But tough," the Lord said excitedly. "You cannot imagine what this being can do or endure.""Can it think?" asked the angel. "Can it think?! It can convert 1400 to 2 p.m.," replied the Lord.

Finally the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek. "There's a leak," she said. "I told you that you were trying to put too much into this model." It's not a leak," said the Lord. "It's a tear." "What's it for?" asked the angel. "It's for joy, sadness, pain, loneliness and pride." "You're a genius," said the angel.

Looking at her somberly, the Lord replied, "I didn't put it there."
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Just wanted to say, ROCK ON.

Yeah. TPK. We still kicked a lot of booty and explored like crazy and saw some really freakin' cool stuff and made fun of each other and squabbled, etc. Almost made it through, too. So close.

Thanks again, to everyone that made the adventure a great memory.
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General Discussion / Artwork of Plenarius
« on: September 04, 2007, 02:18:19 pm »
I had a commission done for Plen, I just thought I'd share the result with the community.

I'm glad I'll always have this piece to remember where it all started, a big thank you to everyone who has shaped him along the way...

The artist is Carol Phillips, I discovered her work while I was doing research for the t-shirt web site and we have been working slowly over the last year to come up with something for Plen. I'm very happy with it :)


P.S. No he is not done yet ;)

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General Discussion / Enjoy Everyday
« on: June 22, 2007, 06:32:48 pm »
I write this with a heavy heart.

A good friend of mine died yesterday.  He was 40 years old, had three children 18, 7 and 3.  He was going through security to get on a flight to go and spend a weekend in Las Vegas and dropped dead from a brain anuerism in the security line.

I write this, well, to remind everyone that what you do everyday should be precious.  

Hug your children.  Kiss your wife or husband.  Tell your parents you love them.  Pet a dog.  Look at nature and revel in it's beauty.  Give a beggar a dollar.  Make the world a better place, somehow, even if it's just your small slice of it. And don't let petty   stuff overwhelm you. See the beauty in life, and contribute to it.

It seems to me that we never know when we have nine soul strands lost, and the next one is the last.

Spread Joy, Happiness, and Love,

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General Discussion / The Final Stroke of V3
« on: June 05, 2007, 12:00:53 am »
 [SIZE=16]I've always found pictures to be a good snare for you unfortunate readers.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I've been on three servers where they announced plans to at some point end their module progress. What I've found is a typical response from the playerbase, including myself. Interest in progression of your own character lessens, and the sudden reminder of the server mortality usually hits me for about a two week depression.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]There's a lot of major differences here however. First, the timeline put on NWN is of our own making. The new medium for Layonara is a massive effort very good people are working on. But it is going to take time since it is such a massive effort. And it's not two months, or six months... it's a long time. I hope the team working on it doesn't mind me saying that. NWN truly is in the hands of the players here. And this brings me to the second major difference. Layonara is continuing. The campaign and histories are continuing. The histories your characters are creating and helping to build are continuing. Characters of your own making are going into the very written history of Layonara. Look around. We *are* Layonara. This is not a plug pulled.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]What is going to keep us going is simply the continuation of motivation. Any way you slice it you're playing Layonara, be it this generation or the next. Had you found out that v3 would've been a character wipe, would you have fled? How many of us have started new characters since that discussion and found them in late stages of their life, engrained in the server, fulfilled. A lot of us I'd say. This is absolutely the same thing. I mean, Ketil is barely over a year old. I think of the time I've had playing him, and sure I want more, but that was a really really good year I've had with him. The same opportunity is in front of each of your characters right now. People just tend to get down when they see some finality to a character, it's something we don't like to admit as being possible. But we're talking about a *long* time here. Get over that sense of impending closure and realize it's not changing the game for you whatsoever.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]We play here for the community and that is what we must retain. Levels, progression, everything tangible to a single character ends up falling back on your interest in the community when it's said and done. When you've seen it all, when you have no more surprises around the corner, it is the surprise from a trusted and dynamic community that you will find your interest has been in this whole time.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I know what the pessimists will pick out of the big announcement post, as they like whispering it in my ear now and then. Timelines, character closure, last update... things of that nature. [/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]So let me shed some light on some realities on the update side of it that you haven't been able to see yet. For you players playing here in the years of 2004-2006, think of the updates you witnessed. The new scenery, it wasn't all that major. Mind you, a lot was going on, the game was being refined, scripting was allowing greater diversity and variation of gameplay, on the whole the NWN engine was being perfected for Layonara. Then came the V3 announcement. The initial update for V3 is what you have seen so far. It seemed like a significant change for some, the pessimists did their pessimism thing and probably complained about rangers or barbarians or bards *winks*. Some were blown away by the change in appearance. Most were merely excited about the newfound source of motivation.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I usually stick to that middle crowd, complaining. That said, this "final" update, this conclusion to the major push for V3 of NWN, it's been worked on for several months. Several months where wives, husbands, coworkers or bosses of those working on it narrowed their eyes at the bags under eyes or the far away looks. I know for a fact that my wife is plotting a detailed sabotage of the server machines, bioware, Leanthar's house, and the developer of our computer to top it off. It's a big update that took a lot of work.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]This update is more substantial then what you're used to. It's quite likely the most substantial percentage change of material in NWN Layo to this point. And that's what I'm mostly going to be talking about here.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Updates come and go, and with version changes they hit surges. We didn't hit all the changes proposed for the V3 vision. That's clear to everyone. Kingdoms, farming, etc.... they never hit home. But updates also hit lulls. Lulls where there's not a ton to do. I can say with confidence that in the grand scheme of what V3 was realized as, this is the typical final stroke before the standard lull. We've made the important stuff hit home, we've made the core of V3 hit home. So to hit the stuff we should be concentrating on...[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=18]The Scope of the Final V3 Update[/SIZE][/U][/B]
 [SIZE=16]What's new, what's different, and why should I be excited? Well Leanthar detailed the percentage changes on the servers. Bear in mind that this is a massive amount when compared to other updates you've seen. I don't want to go into the unknowns and mysteries that are in there waiting, it ruins most of the fun, but I can detail what they mean for you as players.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Belinara and Dregar[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]These have been merged. I actually view this as a plus because communication and grouping will be on the rise. Green tells or not, being a server apart limits grouping, and I'm glad to see the merge. More importantly, you are looking at huge rebuilds and added material. The first time you travel to Arnax you are going to immediately be hit with the changes with some impressiveness. Travelling north, you will be lost. It's a good thing. Dregar has likewise seen some major changes, I'm not going to tell you much about them. I can just say that the adventure is going to be new, exciting, and if you thought the new Firesteep was something... you ain' seen anything yet.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Obviously new material is great, but a lot more has been done. Traffic has been funneled in ways that will pool people for roleplay and roleplay adventure. Thematic environments have been added, those places that naturally attract people for myriad reasons, and promote that magnet for roleplay.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]A few ambassadors for lore that we have all grown accustomed to listening to over the years have been made aware of the specific histories and themes of some of these grand new schemes on Dregar and Belinara. Look to them, you know who they are. Follow them to the new focal points for roleplay and adventure, prepare for the new adventures, and better yet the new campfires and places we'll come to know and love and gather at.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The New Balance[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]The balance of the world has not shifted in any wild manner. What has been done is the empowering of particular classes that until now have been left wondering why they are so unable to deal with the world around them. It's not a matter of changing a class, or limiting another. It's a matter of creating environments that foster certain character types that may have been limited before. Where and how? You'll figure that out quite fast I'm guessing. To what scale are we talking here? A massive scale. I'm fully aware of the woes of melees, the fact that a party of one class can do all while the party of all another class can do naught. You'll see role reversals in this regard, without taking anything away from a certain class. But it will be a new and dynamic set of environments that will let all characters have their shining moments instead of being left in the dark on all occasions. Additionally, a slight shift in magic level will be realized. It's not profound, since anything profound would be a true mistake. But some class characteristics have met with limitations given magic levels, and the bar has been slightly raised. Be patient, meet the adventure head on, and look forward to a big smile here and there. Even you rangers. I am very proud of what people have come together to achieve on this front, and all I can say is that I'll see you all at the crossroads.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Epic Themes and Adventures[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Creating themes for epic characters has always been a problem, everywhere in NWN, whatever roleplay-based server you might be on. There seem to be only two speeds in epic adventure and challenge: 1) Everyone in your group dies ultra fast, or 2) Everything you're fighting dies ultra fast. NWN is what it is and it's hard to combat the tempo of adventure in epic levels. Roleplay is limited due to the tempo of epic grouping. [/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]But there are themes, hidden themes here and there, that will bring new dynamic to epic adventure. Thought process, lore, decision making, the demands of what roleplay servers should be. It's the best possible that people can do with NWN and I'll say that in full confidence. Look forward to those massively epic adventures, and enjoy the new style of play. That said, good luck finding them.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Oh, and additionally, the bar has been raised all you epics. Every CR abounds, finally. Have fun, and don't be hasty or the soul mother will steal your company from the rest of us.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]Leanthar's courtesy in informing the community of plans in motion that will not be seen by us for a long time I deem a gesture of faith in the playerbase here. Our server here is made by the motivation of the playerbase and the higher standard of gameplay that continues to grow. Realize that Layonara is here to continue, in two ways. In one, NWN will keep going for some time to come, Leanthar was just gracious enough to share the full picture of things. A long time! Don't get down because the doc just told you that people typically don't live past 100. Appreciate your time and the people you're sharing it with. And in the other way, Layonara persists. It has blown through the roof of being held by a single game engine, and the histories we have all come to be a part of look as though they will continue far beyond the lifespan of a single engine. And this is something we should all be grateful for.[/SIZE]
 [SIZE=16]I'll see you at the crossroads soon. There's a lot of new adventure for us to enjoy. Oh, that's right, and it's coming in the next few days.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=13] I am going to try and set the "standard" for the two starting locations so that we are all on the same page when it comes to RP'ing the cities and the citizens and tolerance levels in each of the cities.
 Port Hempstead:
 This town leans towards "good" and by that I mean the commoners, peasants, merchants, and nobles in this city accept what would be considered "normal" in day-to-day life. They would not knowingly accept (or tolerate) creatures (or shape shifted creatures) in their town such as large cats, bear, trolls, and all of those. They would chase these things out of town or quite possibly kill them and/or imprison the humanoid ones. The guards are firm in their conviction carrying out the law set down by the nobles and carried out by the law of keeping the day-to-day life of living "normal". They do not tolerate evil in the city and if one is known to be evil they will be arrested and/or chased out of the city. If one is caught doing an unlawful or evil act they will be sent to prison and will stand trial and face the consequences of their action(s). Keep in mind that there are some evil aligned (by race for instance) heroes that are indeed now known to be good and are treated as such and even treated as heroes in some cases.
 //Do not shape shift in this town unless you wish to pay the penalty, and that penality can and will change over time and due to circumstances. Do not bring in your wildlife pets in to this town. Do not come in to this town if you are evil or have performed evil acts that is documented and/or known, you will pay the price eventually.
 Fort Vehl:
 This town leans towards "evil" and by that I mean that the rules are relaxed when it comes to creatures in town, evil humanoids, shape shifting in to animals or even trolls and such. But they do have a limit, they will not tolerate abuse to citizens or defiling (in any way) the city or the nobles or law in charge and in some cases the merchants. Peasants do not rank high on their list but commoners have a slightly better standing. They allow a little more flexiability (within reason) of the evil races and in some cases evil acts within the city walls. The punishment put down by the law and nobles in this town is quite often brutal and in many cases the consequences are death or public spectacle plus a long prison term.
 //Evil characters, those that like to drag their pets in to towns, and shapeshifting sorts can travel this town but even the guards and nobles in this town have their patience and their tolerance levels so keep that in mind. If you want to perform your "evil" or shapeshift theatrics this is the town to do it in, but be prepared to face the consequence if it gets out of hand. I.E. use common sense and always remember that the nobility have a city (a large city) to run and they will only allow so much. Please don't whine if you go over the line and the guards come after you. And be aware that the penalties in this town are quite often brutal. In some cases the "good" may be chased out of this town though that is not overly likely, but I can see it happening from time to time so keep that in mind.
 Final Comment:
 These are the two starting cities folks. Make sure you are in the proper city when RP'ing. Do not get carried away, there is always a line that should not be crossed, that line is different for each town. The cities are large and the nobility will keep things under control, or at least under control in the way that they feel it should be. If you get crazy or do silly things be prepared to pay the consequences of your actions. Keep in mind that there are 10's of thousands of peasants, commoners, merchants, and nobles in each of the cities and you can not see them due to engine limitations, but they are there and the nobles and the law will protect them against anything and anybody (including "heroes").
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General Discussion / Zelda1, Some Clarity, Layonara Balance
« on: April 01, 2007, 05:35:57 am »
Okay this is a combination of quite a few things so bear with me here.  For some reason I decided to keep them all together though it's kind of three posts in one.

Many of you were left wondering just what the heck was going with regards to this thread:

I've been in communication with Zelda1 and she had a few things to say and a few confessions at the same time and has asked me to relay them.  First off, in regards to the mentioned thread, she insists she has no idea where that came from and was no part of it.  So we're still a bit up in the air on just where that all came from.

But Zelda1 does want to clear the air on some things anyway and has asked me to relay them.  She originally came to Layonara and was instructed to pretend she wasn't as young as she is. She, like many of us have had at times, got a little too caught up with her character, but also the persona she had taken up and decided to take a break. She returned again but due to some more conflicts left once more.  She returned in V3 and the new forums under a new username to set the record straight on her age and who she was but that never came to fruition before this event with the alleged coma took place.

She is upset and sorry for the grief she may have caused for this mistaken identity, she didn't realize how caught up one could get.  I have asked that she focus on her studies and keep in touch, but she will not be playing.  I believe also she has a few friends to contact to set the record straight.

Layonara is going to leave this episode to those who are very closely involved and step away from it.

Now onto a few of my thoughts...

I thought about some things and while my initial anger probably was a fuel for the harsh tone I had in my post that closed that thread, I think in retrospect I should have handled it better.  Obviously there were some people who would be feeling great emotion if they have been going through this thinking it's the full truth and for me to "slam" the door with terms such as "sick joke" might not have been the best.  I think a more calm "Something is not adding up here and I fear some people are not hearing the truth as the evidence of this story's fabrication piles up" might have been a bit more sensitive.  So to those who I may have offended in that regard, I'm sorry.

I also want everyone to know that we have a protective nature here as well and are looking out for the best interests of the community and we'll use all the information that is available to us to protect Layonara and it's community.  

Some of you may not know but when you connect to the forum you leave a trace of your internet connection. This sort of information is viewable to the Administrators of the forum who can be viewed on the User Groups Page.  

When you're in game you also leave this information and Dorganath, OneST8, Leanthar, Nibor21 and myself have access to that information via the database and Pankoki and EdTheKet through server logs.

One person asked me about Forum PMs. OneST8 and myself have access to this information only via the database though, there's no "Read this person's Private Messages" or anything like that.  It's on a database, it has to be stored somewhere... But that's the risk you take when you submit most information over the internet.  That is why you should always make sure your network admin gets cookies.  With that said, we're not going to read your PMs.  Unless a law enforcement agency asks us for them or we have an extremely strong suspicion that you may be guilty of something illegal or very detrimental to the Layonara community.

All poll voting is private but the information is stored on a database so once again OneST8 and I have access to that information.

No one can see tells in game.

No one can see private IRC communications.

I want everyone to understand that even though to some it may not seem so evident recently, we do really care for the players here.  Our number one goal is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself.  We want you also to meet new and interesting people in a family friendly environment where the magic of our fantasy world can help us feel young and creative and for us to be able to take out some of the real world woes on monsters.  Emotions can flow in every single direction when a group such as our playerbase joins up.  Many relationships have evolved from Layonara; great friendships, confidantes, mentors, coworkers and even love.  

Alas these emotions bring along other ones though.  There is indeed a Balance to the Layonara community too (oh no here comes the Plen!), and things go on tilt. Scores of differing opinions rise, rumours flow, relationships end, people fade, deception behind the computer, envy, frustration pile up then to add to that, there has been a lot of change recently to Layonara.  Very balance upsetting!  I've talked to a few people who are concerned about this and I find a rather large irony in the fact that these people approached me much like I think characters would approach Plen. I as a person can do for the community what Plen has tried to for the game.  Because like the cycle of Layonara's Nature, there is the one with the Layonara community and I intend to help keep that balance in whatever capacity I can :)

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